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    A brunette wearing a black mask over her eyes fucks herself with a rubber cock, then a long-haired, tatooed man wearing rubber gloves fist-fucks her pussy while shoving a big butt plug up her asshole, first with one hand and then with both hands at once.   He shoves his whole hand up her asshole and gives her a deep anal fisting, then pulls her asshole open with his fingers for a look inside.   Next, she fucks her pussy with an arm-sized rubber cock while shoving a butt plug up her ass, then she works most of her own hand up into her ass.   Followed by more scenes of pussy and asshole fisting, the man pulling her pussy wide open, fucking her in the ass with his big cock, blowjobs, fucking with massive dildos, two-handed fisting, cum shots, shoving a champagne and vodka bottle up her pussy wide-end first, and more.   Very good picture quality, and the woman is really into being fist-fucked.   All five volumes are definitely the best series of fisting videos available in the United States.
[ 130 min....$10.00 ]

AMERICAN FISTERS  VOL. 3:    In this edition, the same woman starts off by fucking herself with dildos and huge rubber cocks, then she sticks a large butt plug in her ass, spreads her pussy wide open with her fingers, and several clips clothespins on her tits.  The long-haired guy sucks her nipples, then she sucks his cock and licks his asshole and balls.   He puts on a rubber glove and gives her pussy a nice fist fucking, pulls her pussy open extra wide, and crams his whole fist up her ass.   In the next scene, a blonde woman fists the brunette wildly while licking her pussy.  At one point, she takes both the guy's fist and the blonde's hand in her pussy at once!   The women 69 and eat pussy, then the brunette gets her ass fist-fucked by her boyfriend while the blonde fist-fucks her pussy.   They ream her cunt with a huge dildo, then the blonde girl fists her ass while the guy fists her pussy, and they fuck her with big rubber cocks in both holes at once.  Followed by pussy eating, more anal fisting, and hot lesbian action.   Also includes a 10 minute clip from Volume 2.   Some truly amazing fisting scenes in this hot video.
[ 90 min....$10.00 ]

AMERICAN FISTERS  VOL. 4:    The masked woman fucks herself in both holes with huge inflatable black dildos, then the long-haired guy shoves his fist up her ass and she rides it hard.  Next, wearing a Santa hat, she masturbates with a plastic baseball bat, a Santa Claus statue, and big candy canes.  She sticks a shot glass, an outdoor thermometer, and finally a dozen candles up her ass at the same time!   Also includes blow jobs, fucking, close-ups of her gaping asshole, sticking a traffic cone up her ass, fisting, speculums, and more.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

AMERICAN FISTERS  VOL. 5:   Starts with the same woman giving herself numerous enemas and douches in the tub, then fucking herself with a shampoo bottle.  Outdoors, the long-haired guy fists her cunt vigorously and sticks his hand up her ass.   Also includes bondage, nipple clamps, and a bowling pin stuck in her cunt.   Indoors, she fucks her pussy and ass with enormous dildos, he sticks his foot up her cunt, fists her ass hard, and fucks her in both holes with big dildos while she hangs suspended.  Hot action!   [ 105 min....$10.00 ]

FISTING AND PISSING:    This American amateur video starts with hot blonde Brenda peeing and masturbating on the toilet, then she climbs onto the bathroom sink to fuck herself with a monster dildo, with a little help from Karen.  Then Karen lubricates her hand and gives Brenda a nice fist-fucking.  The two girls go to the bedroom, where they eat pussy, fist-fuck each other, and masturbate with big dildos.  Brenda also sticks a champagne bottle up her pussy, wide end first, and sticks dildos up her ass.   The last 45 minute segment features Karen flashing and pissing in various public places, including an outdoor cafe, a park, rest areas, and parking lots, and pissing through her panties indoors.   Video quality in the first part is fair to good, video quality in the second part is good, but with no sound.   [ 115 min....$10.00 ]

DEN VIDEO # 126:   A cute blonde gets it on with a brunette, oiling up her cunt and fisting her vigorously on a plaid sofa.  Then the blonde gets on her back and the brunette finger and fist fucks her slippery twat while the blonde slides a dildo up her own ass. The brunette straps on a big dildo and fucks the other girl, and then they trade places.  Good camera work; enthusiastic girls.  Next, the blonde from #126 and a nice brunette strip and get down to it on a plaid sofa. The blonde licks the brunette's pussy, then fucks her with her fingers, and eventually works up to a long fisting.  Then it's the blonde's turn -- she raises her ass and the brunette works her fingers and hand into her cunt.  They finish by riding the ends of a double dildo. Also features a brief but hot masturbation scene with a sexy, leggy blonde.   Picture quality is fair to good.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

DEN PREVIEW VIDEO:   Contains scenes from quite a few Den video titles, with lots of masturbation and fisting.  Though most of the videos involve female-to-female fisting, there's also a scene in which a brunette woman sticks her whole fist up a guy's ass.  Also plenty of dildos and insertion of egg beaters and other objects into women's pussies.
[ 90 min....$10.00 ]



  Two German women take huge dildos and veggies in their pussies and asses, followed by two-handed fisting in both holes.   The girl on the receiving end of most of it wears a mask and is a bit overweight, but her capacity is amazing!
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

ANAL FANTASIES:  The two gals from ANAL LADIES  in another video featuring pussies and assholes stretched to the max with fists and huge toys.   Things are more even this time, with both girls fucking monster dildos.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

SEX MACHINE:   A mechanical box with a dildo attached to a rod automatically fucks women.  There's also plenty of regular fucking & sucking, anal, dildos, and some nice fist-fucking of a short brunette.     [ 45 min...$6.00 ]

FIST FUCK TRIO INFERNALE:   A woman writing a book on fist-fucking flashes back to several memorable scenes, with some really nice lesbian fisting.  A man's voice introduces each segment and comments periodically throughout.  [ ~ 60 min....$8.00 ]

MAGMA SPEZIAL: "FIST":    A woman with three large rings in her pussy fists herself, then is joined by a guy for sucking, fucking, and anal.  The next scene features another couple in similar action, with the woman receiving a good fisting.  Includes two women fisting each other at the same time, and a four-way with more fisting and anal.  Attractive girls, good action and picture quality.
[ 80 min....$8.00 ]

DEEP HOLE:    German video starts with lesbian action between a blonde and a brunette, including a strap-on dildo, then moves on to a couple, outdoor sex, a woman fist-fucking another woman in both holes at the same time, douching with a shower nozzle, masturbation with dildos (including anal), and several more lesbian fisting scenes.
[ 84 min....$8.00 ]

MADE BY FIST:    Features sucking and fucking, fisting, a woman sticking two fists at once into another woman's cunt, then fisting her ass and pussy at the same time.  A woman sticks four fingers, kitchen utensils, and tongs up a guy's ass.  Also a milk enema, three-way action, and more.  Attractive performers, good action and picture quality.
[ 90 min....$8.00 ]

TORCH ACTION:    A black woman and a slim brunette get it on in the dressing room of a German lingerie store.  Includes fingering and dildos in pussy and ass.   A guy enters for sucking and fucking, then the black woman fucks his asshole with a strap-on dildo while the brunette sucks his cock.  Two more men arrive, and it turns into a five-way fuck-fest, with the black woman getting fist-fucked by one of the guys.   Excellent picture quality.
[ 89 min....$8.00 ]

EXTREME GEIL:    German video featuring group sex, a woman receiving an enema on an outdoor balcony and being fucked with a big rubber fist, oral cum, and more.
[ 75 min....$8.00 ]


MISTRESS DANIELLE AND NICOLE:   Dressed in their black latex dominatrix outfits, Mistress Danielle LaCourte (from the Toilet Servitude video) along with her friend Mistress Nicole, bring a heavyset male slave into their dungeon.  They make him lay on the floor, where they each piss into his mouth through separate funnels.  They whip him with riding crops and make him lick their high-heeled shoes, then Danielle squats over his face and shits soft turds in his mouth while Nicole pinches his cock with kitchen tongs.   Then Danielle makes him lick up and eat some of her shit that fell on the floor.   They piss in his mouth again through the funnels, sit on his face and cock, drive their high heels into his body and cock, stand on him (barefoot and in high heels), tie his wrists behind his back, put clamps on his nipples, tie his cock and balls with twine, and smash his cock on a stool with  their bare feet and shoes.   Picture quality is fair to good.
[ 48 min....$10.00 ]

   Mistresses Danielle and Nicole lead their hooded male slave into the dungeon, make him suck Danielle's strap-on dildo, and tie him up in a straight jacket.   They bend him over a wooden horse, finger his asshole, squeeze an enema into his ass, and make him expel it in the bathroom.   Next, they whip him, then Danielle fucks him in the ass with her strap-on and Nicole reams his asshole with another dildo, and they make him lick and suck both of the dildos clean.   He's tied to a post and they put clamps and weights on his cock and balls.   In the next scene, he's forced to lick Mistress Danielle's black leather boots and Nicole's high heel shows, then he sucks Nicole's bare feet and toes.   They stand and step on him with their bare feet, then they take turns pissing on his face.   Mistress Danielle squats over his head and shits soft, stringy turds in his open mouth and he eats it.   Finally, they piss in his mouth again and walk all over his body and arms with their bare feet.   Picture quality is fair to good.
[ 53 min....$10.00 ]
BLACK LATEX BLACK GODDESS REVUE:    Two videos on one DVD or tape!   In the first, a black mistress dressed in black latex dominates a masked white slave, whipping him, choking him with the whip, riding him like a horse, paddling his ass, and squeezing his balls.   In another scene, she plays the role of a teacher who makes her submissive male student lick her high heel shoes and suck her tits.   She ties him up with ropes and makes him eat pussy, whips and crushes his cock & balls, and sits on his face.    Dressed in a hot black latex dress, she plays a maid who turns on her employer, tying his hands behind his back, whipping him, and making him wear women's clothing.   The next leashed slave acts like a dog, fetching a bone and obeying her verbal commands.   She pisses in a bowl, and he eagerly laps it up.   Another slave endures whipping, nipple clamps, bondage, suspension, being put in a cage and in stocks, and more.      Black Goddess Revue  features several more scenes in which black women dominate white men.   First, a light-skinned, full-figured black dominatrix wearing a black corset puts a bag over her male slave's head, beats him with a riding crop, makes him bark like a dog, writes "Mutt" on his back, and paddles his bare ass.   A tall mistress ties up her slave's cock and balls with rope, makes him suck her big tits, steps on him, and spanks his ass.   Another hot black fem-dom suspends a slave from the ceiling, whips him, drips hot wax on his back, and steps on him wearing high heels.   A hot black woman plays boss to a submissive employee, caning and whipping his ass with a belt until he can't take any more.   Another slave gets his cock, balls and nipples pinched and squeezed by his mistress' bare hands.  She makes him wear panty hose and stuffs a ball gag in his mouth.    Picture quality is OK, though there's a slight crackle in the audio.
[ 116 min total....$12.00 ]

TOILET MISTRESS /  SHOCK THERAPY:   Two videos.   First, Mistress Danielle makes her hooded male slave lay under her portable potty, ties up his cock and balls with shoelaces, puts clamps on his nipples, drives her high heel into his cock, flicks her cigarette ashes in his mouth and grinds it out on his tongue, cuffs his wrists, and pisses into his mouth through a tube and funnel.   In another scene, she makes him drink piss from a champagne glass, then tells him to look the other way while she squats to shit on the floor.  He gets on his knees and sniffs the turds, then licks her ass clean.   She shits another small pile of soft shit on the floor, sticks her high heel and sole in the shit, and makes him lick it all off.   She also smears some shit on his chest and makes him lick poop off her gloved fingers, then forces him to lick up the last traces of shit from the floor.     The second video is European, and stars an attractive, curly haired brunette, who sucks a guys cock, then he attaches electrodes to her nipples and uses a remote dial to shock her tits.   She rides his cock, then he puts the electrode clamps on her pussy lips and shocks her as she cries in agony.   He puts a ball gag in her mouth, binds her wrists, then attaches a suction tube (powered by a pump) to her clit, followed by more painful pussy shocking.   He canes her ass, takes her to the bathroom, ties her up in the tub, canes her ass and tits, sprays her with the shower hose, and pisses in her mouth.   Picture quality is fair to good.
[ 64 min....$10.00 ]

MISTRESS CHRISTINA: "MUNCH":  Three separate segments featuring an attractive blonde mistress with a nice body -- first, wearing a black corset, she sits on a male slave's face, pisses in his mouth, and rides his cock while he's handcuffed.  Next, a slave has his legs tied to posts, and Christina pisses in his mouth, puts clothespins on his balls, and paddles them.  In the last segment, she pisses twice in a bowl and poops in a plastic tray, pees in the toilet, on a plate, and in a wine glass.
[ 115 min....$10.00 ]

MISTRESS  CHRISTINA: "WIPED OUT 2 & 3":   Wearing her dominatrix outfit, Mistress Christina pisses through a funnel into a jar, then into a blue bucket.   She pees in the jar again, empties it into the piss bucket, then shits in the bucket.  Other scenes include pissing in a pot in her basement, squatting on her kitchen table to piss in a jar, shitting on a paper plate in the living room, and putting a glass of piss in the freezer, then coming back later to drink it.  Outdoors, she pisses in the woods and next to the campfire.   Back in her garage, she shits on a paper plate and pisses in the blue bucket again.   In "Wiped Out 3", she pisses into a beer bottle through a funnel, pees on her dirty clothes in the laundry room, pours piss on a male slave's head, pisses on his face, and sits on a potty chair to shit two more times into a plastic basin.
[ 118 min....$10.00 ]

MISTRESS  CHRISTINA: "DOG SHIT":  Christina starts by pissing through a funnel into a jar, then she pours the piss into a large bucket.  In her office, she pisses into a bowl of snow.  She pees in a jar again, and pours it into the bucket of piss, then shits in the bucket and pisses another gusher.  A male slave crawls in with another bowl of snow, and she pisses in it.  In another scene, she ties up the slave's cock and balls, then burns his pubic hair with a cigarette and a lighter.  She pisses in the bucket again, then poops a big log into a snow-filled tray, and empties it into the bucket.  The slave crawls in, and she makes him step into the bucket, rub shit on his chest, and eat the pissed-in snow.  The last 40 minutes is an excerpt from Sperrgebiet #11, and features Veronica Moser and several other people engaged in group scat action outdoors, including smearing and eating.
[ 100 min....$10.00 ]

MISTRESS  CHRISTINA:  "CONSUMED":  In this edition, Christina pisses in a dog bowl, then wakes her caged male slave and makes him drink her piss.  She ties him to a rack and whips him, then shits on a paper plate, pisses on his cock, shits on him, and makes him eat some.  Next, she shits what might  be a sausage into his mouth and makes him eat it all.   In another segment, an older man lays under her potty chair and she pisses and shits on his mouth in several different scenes.  Another masked slave is shackled, and she pisses in his mouth, then shits on a hot dog bun and feeds it to him.   [ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

MISTRESS CHRISTINA  "TOO LATE":   In her basement dungeon, hot blonde dominatrix Mistress Christina makes her masked male slave pour her a beer, then she forces him onto all fours and uses him as a coffee table.    She ties his wrists and ankles to a horizontal wooden rack, then stands over his head and pisses in his open mouth, licks and squeezes his cock, and pees in his face again.   She squats on his face and makes him lick her asshole, pisses into an ice cube tray to make piss cubes for later use, puts on rubber gloves, and clamps his balls with a metal vice.   She wraps the slave in Saran wrap, stands over him to shit on his cock, then picks up pieces of her shit and stuffs them into his open mouth.
[ 58 min....$7.00 ]

MISTRESS CHRISTINA  "ALONE":   Mistress Christina chains a young, muscular, hairy-chested male slave to her dungeon wall, then puts a leather "gimp" mask over his head.   She plucks out his pubic hair with tweezers and puts some in his mouth, lights a gigarette and touches the lit end to his nipples, cock, and balls, shoots needles into his balls with a blowgun, ties up his scrotum, smacks his cock and balls with a ping pong paddle, squeezes them with metal and wooden vice clamps.   She makes him do jumping jacks with his cock clamped tight, then licks and jerks off his cock until he squirts cum onto a plate, then she makes him lick it all up.
[ 55 min....$7.00 ]

MISTRESS CHRISTINA  "NUTS VOL. 1 & 2":   A double feature!  On her living room sofa, Mistress Christina's male slave uses a metal device to put a tight band around his own scrotum.  Then he cuts off the band, and Christina puts a leather mask over his head, then leads him down to her dungeon and ties him to a sawhorse.   She attaches about a dozen clothespins to his ball sack, puts another band around his scrotum, drips hot candle wax on his balls, lights a cigarette and grinds it out on his balls, makes him drink a cup of another male slave's refrigerated cum, then sticks two big safety pins through his balls.   Next, in "NUTS VOL 2," the hairy-chested male slave is back for more!   He uses the same metal device to put a tight band around his balls, then Mistress Christina slaps his hard cock and balls, sticks safety pins through his nipples, and holds an open flame under his balls.   He lays on the floor and she handcuffs him, then squats over his head and pisses in his mouth.   She chains him to a saw horse and flogs his ass with a cat o' nine tails, forces him to suck his own cock, and gives him a blowjob gerself.   Finally, she heats a piece of metal over an open flame and brands an "M" on the slave's ass.
[ 90 min. total....$10.00 ]

MISTRESS CHRISTINA: "SEASON'S BEATINGS":   Dressed in her black lace corset and red Santa Claus hat, Mistress Christina stands over her male slave and lets loose with a stream of runny shit and wet farts all over his face and mouth.   She smears the mess on his face, saying "Eat my shit, slave!  Ho ho ho!  Merry Christmas!"   Next, she sticks five big safety pins through his ball sack (ouch!), and pisses all over him as he lays in the bathroom tub.   She sticks two more safety pins through his nipples, puts a hood over his head, binds him with ropes, then uses a candelabra holding four lit candles to drip hot wax on his back and ass.   Finally, she uses a cat o' nine tails to whip his ass cheeks until they're nice and red.
[ 52 min....$8.00 ]

MISTRESS CHRISTINA: "UNLEASHED":    Cruel Mistress Christina ties her naked male slave to a bench, facing down, and beats his bare ass with a belt and a bull whip, administering lots of hard lashes until he's whimpering and gasping for breath.    He's turned over, facing up, and she binds his cock and balls with twine, then attaches metal clamps and clothespins to his cock and scrotum.    She forces him to get on his knees and grovel before her, then she ties him to the bench again, sticks needles in his ass cheeks, and beats his ass with a cat 'o nine tails.
[ 54 min....$8.00 ]

MISTRESS DESTINY AND THE POOCH:   Sir Michael also appears briefly, but leaves to operate the camera, while Mistress Destiny subjects a young woman to a variety of brutal punishments and abuse, including slapping, pulling hair, paddling, caning and whipping, clamped, pulled, and twisted nipples and clit, darts from a blowgun shot into her ass, pissing in her mouth, dildos in her cunt and ass, and a hard fisting.  She is also threatened with a cattle prod several times.  Very intense, with a lot of screaming and begging, and it does get bloody.
[ 50 min....$8.00 ]

MASTER  KEITH & SLAVE GIRL:   Master Keith leads a nice brunette in on a leash, puts a big clamp on her tits, and small clamps on her nipples.  He sticks a needle with a candle attached into her tit, then lights the candle and smokes a cigarette.  He attaches weights to her pussy lips, sticks needles / lighted candles in her ass, suspends her from the ceiling, and shocks her pussy and ass many times with an electric prod.  He whips her, drapes her over a "horse", and gives her 101 licks on the ass with a belt, which she counts off.   He canes her ass hard, leaving welts, whips her pussy, fucks both her holes with a wooden stick, and makes her bark and fetch like a dog.
[ 58 min....$10.00 ]

FAT SLUT SLAVES:    American amateur video starts with a blindfolded brunette, her floppy tits tied up in chains, sucking the cock of her master, the cameraman.   On a couch, she fucks herself with a big rubber cock and sucks his cock again as he slaps her tits with a riding crop.   Another fat woman with big tits enters, and licks the pussy and ass of the blindfolded slave.   They both suck his cock, and he fucks one of the women's mouth nice and hard, then the second slave eats the blindfolded girl's pussy and asshole again.   In bed, she sucks his cock and he fucks her roughly, doggie style.   In the last scene, another plump, blindfolded woman is smacked with the riding crop, then he uses a flashlight to get a good look at her pussy and asshole, and fucks her with a vibrator.   Plenty of verbal degradation throughout, and good picture quality.
[ 70 min....$10.00 ]

YOU SAID A MOUTHFUL:    Master Wizard bends his brunette slave Diane over a wooden "horse", paddles and whips her ass hard, suspends her from the ceiling and whips her tits, tongues her asshole, sticks his finger up her ass and makes her lick shit off his finger, spits in her mouth, and forces her to suck his cock.  Then she bends over and shits three soft turds into his mouth, which he chews and eats, then he licks her shitty asshole clean.   He fucks her ass and mouth, slaps her tits, and eats her pussy, then he bends over the horse and instructs her to stick nearly her whole hand up his ass.  He pisses in her mouth, slaps her face hard several times, whips her, and sticks a riding crop in her pussy.  They put clothespins on each other's nipples, then she expels a messy enema on his face and sucks his cock again.   Picture quality is fair to good, with a few "blurbs"  towards the end, but the action is quite good.
[ 55 min....$10.00 ]

FAMILY FISTING:    A slim brunette masturbates, then a guy in a wheelchair slaps her pussy, pushes most of his hand up her cunt, and sticks a dildo and almost his whole hand in her ass.  Another trim brunette (who is supposedly the other woman's sister) enters for some pussy eating, asshole licking, dildo fucking and fisting.  Also blowjobs,  fucking, and more hot action.  This video is one of the "Lance" series, possibly Volume 7.  Picture quality is only fair.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

S&M  FAMILY STYLE:   The two brunette sisters from "Family Fisting" are back, in another one of Lance's productions.   With the help of Lance and another guy, the dominant sister ties the other girl down, sucks her tits, eats and fingers her pussy, fucks her with a riding crop, forces her to suck cock, puts clamps on her nipples, foot-fucks her, sticks a big dildo in her cunt, then gives her a rough fist-fucking in several different positions.  The slave loves every minute of it!  Filmed with two separate cameras, fair picture quality.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

UP HIS BUTT:    A shapely, dominant brunette wearing a mask on her eyes forces a man to get naked, forbidding him to get a hard-on.  When he does, she whips his ass with a cat o' nine tails and makes him eat her pussy.  She takes him to the bathroom and gives him enemas, which he expels onto the glass shower door.  She takes him back to bed and rides his cock, then pisses on his cock and balls, whips him again, fucks his ass with a big strap-on dildo, then puts on a rubber glove and crams her fist deep into his asshole, jerking him off at the same time until he cums.   The second half features an older couple -- the woman pisses on the man's cock, gives him blowjobs, and fucks his ass with a strap-on dildo.  He shoves ben-wa balls up her pussy, fucks her, and pisses on her pussy.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

BLACK  MASTER:    A masked female slave with a tattooed ass is suspended from the ceiling and forced to suck her black master's cock, then he reams her ass good with a rubber dildo.  He puts on rubber gloves, then fingers and fist-fucks her asshole as she moans with pleasure.  He fucks her in the ass with his big cock, opens her pussy with a speculum, and fist-fucks her cunt.  After untying her, he fucks her ass with dildos and his cock again.  After giving him another blowjob, she gets on all fours on the kitchen table to shoot a black butt plug out of her ass, then he uses dildos and his dick on her ass again.  The woman constantly gushes piss out of her pussy as she's being fucked and fisted.  Some shakiness in picture during the last half-hour or so.
[ 113 min....$10.00 ]

THE STRAP:    A brunette tied to a wooden sawhorse is beaten incessantly by two men with a leather strap as she growls and screams, leaving large red welts on her back.  She's also fucked from behind, forced to suck cock, and groped by another woman.   Afterwards, she is untied, and the two couples fuck and suck in the living room.  The last segment features a shapely brunette enduring bondage, forced cocksucking, nipple clamps, and whipping at the hands of her master.  Picture quality is only fair, but the whipping scenes in the first segment are intense!
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

MARK  &  MARGE:   In this American amateur video, a blindfolded brunette is tied to a wooden sawhorse while a guy fucks her from behind, whipping her with a riding crop.  She is also tied to a table and to the bedposts for more fucking.  With her arms chained to the ceiling, he whips her pussy and ass with a cat 'o nine tails and riding crop, then she's tied to the horse again for more whipping and fucking.  On her knees, she sucks his cock and he cums in her mouth.   The guy is only seen from the waist down, but the woman is quite vocal throughout.
[ 80 min...$10.00 ]

MASTER JIM'S PLAYHOUSE:    American amateur B&D video which includes a master forcing a blonde female slave to act like a dog, whipping and paddling her pussy and ass with a riding crop, and forcing her to suck cock.  A brunette slave is brought in and the two women service several different men, then fuck each other with dildos and vibrators.  Another slave is forced to be a human coffee table, and the blonde slave is tied to a saw horse, then paddled and whipped with several different tools.  Also includes lesbian action between the slaves, nipple clamps, tit paddling, a woman's arms and legs tied to the bedposts, and more.  Picture quality is fair.
[ 115 min...$10.00 ]

PATIO SLAVE: A red-headed woman is dominated by her husband on the back porch of their home.  Includes whipping, bondage, fucking, a long tube snaked up her ass, and a couple of big enemas which she spews off the porch, along with some chunks of shit.   Picture quality is fair to good.
[ 69 min....$10.00 ]

VIBRATOR CRAZY:   A blindfolded and rope-bound woman is tormented with dildos, a belt, hot candle wax, and a feather duster, but she really gets off when a man uses a big "Reach Easy" vibrator on her pussy, cumming loudly and gushing all over the vibrator again and again.  She's also made to suck cock and fuck, and is left suspended by ropes at the end.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

BIKER  S&M:    In a basement dungeon, four rough looking guys torment a blindfolded woman.   They bind her tits with ropes, tie her arms and legs to the ceiling, stick a big dildo and a string of large ben-wa balls up her pussy, pour hot wax, beer, and motor oil on her body, fuck her, put clothespins on her tits and underarms, force her to suck cock, and whip her.   With weird music playing in the background.   Picture quality is only fair.
[ 44 min....$7.00 ]

TALL GODDESS:    A beautiful, tall, blonde mistress with long legs smokes a cigarette while flicking her ashes in the mouth of her fully-clothed slave, then she makes him suck her spike heeled boots.   She makes him suck her toes, then puts on black latex thigh-high boots, drives her heel into his body, face and crotch, kicks him, puts a collar around his neck, makes him fetch her cane like a dog, drips hot wax on his face, and locks him in a cage.   She also makes him change her shoes several times and worship her feet.   No full nudity, but a hot, Nordic blonde mistress and sexy clothes.   English dialogue.   [ 70 min....$10.00 ]

DERANGED:    A collection of weird 8mm loops, including porn star Vanessa Del Rio sucking, fucking, and getting fist fucked by a bearded dwarf, a bondage loop featuring four people in black latex in bondage (with a female dominatrix), an old woman (about 60) fucking and sucking a black and a white guy, a dude with a big 1970's afro pulling a tampon out of a woman's pussy and chewing on it, a dominatrix slapping, caning, and whipping another woman and poking her body with a large needle,  and a guy with a huge cock (possibly John Holmes) fucking a woman at gunpoint.
[ 60 min....$7.00 ]



   A mistress wearing a black latex dress whips an overweight male slave, pours a drink on him, makes him worship her feet, flicks ashes in his mouth, pisses in his mouth, then squats between two chairs to shit a mess into his face and mouth.  He is made to smear the shit on his face and brush his teeth with a shit-covered toothbrush.  Then she give herself an enema and shits an even bigger mess on his face and in his mouth.  He smears it all over himself until he's completely brown from the waist up, then she scrapes the shit off his body with a knife, puts it in his hands, and makes him eat it, then lick shit off of the floor.  Very messy, excellent video quality.

[ 55 min....$10.00 ]

BLACK SCAT VOL. 2:    Features a slim, long-haired mistress with a businessman slave.   He removes his suit and she pulls his hair, slaps his face repeatedly, kicks him, ties his hands behind his back with ropes, squeezes and drives her high heels into his cock and balls, ties his feet to a chair, smashes his tongue with her thumb, twists his nipples hard, squats over his face, and pisses in his mouth.   She spits chewed-up food and beer in his mouth, then squats with one foot on a chair and the other on a table, and shits on his face.   He takes her shit in his hands and smears it around like clay, then she spits on it to make it messier and he smears it all over his face and body while she spits on him.   He sucks shit off his fingers, then she stands over him and sprays an enema and more shit on his body, then pisses on him again.   Excellent picture quality.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

BLACK SCAT VOL. 3:    A chubby Japanese mistress whips a male slave and makes him kiss her shoes.  She sticks a dildo up his ass and pisses in his face.  But the tables are turned when two other men enter and make her the slave -- She's whipped and made to shit on the other slave's face and body, then given enemas, and the men take turns pissing in her mouth.  She scoops up her own shit and covers her face, arms and legs with it, then one of the men vomits on her head.  She pukes several times herself, scoops up the mess, pours it in her hair, wallows in it, and gets pissed on again.   Video quality is fair to good.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

QUEEN OF PAIN  VOL.  126 & 127:   Both videos feature a Japanese female dominatrix with a male slave.  Includes whipping, cock and ball torture, the man's asshole opened with a speculum and hot wax poured inside, wax dripped on his body, needles through his nipples, a large wooden cock shoved up his ass, toe sucking and foot worship, face-sitting, pissing in his mouth, verbal degradation, driving her high heels into his cheek and side, and more.  The second volume features similar action, also ass-fucking of the male slave with a strap-on dildo.  Excellent picture quality.
[ 100 min....$15.00 ]

EXTREME GIRL:    A long-haired woman changes from a plaid dress to a black latex skirt, then sucks her own toes seductively while wearing a device on her head that pulls her nostrils back with hooks.   A man fucks her with a dildo, then she stands up and pisses into a bowl.   Next, with a ball gag in her mouth, the man fingers her pussy as she drools through the gag.   She sucks his cock and he pisses in her open mouth, then she sucks his toes.  He cums in her mouth, and she spits it into a champagne glass, then pours it on her face.  Standing up, she pulls her ass cheeks apart and shits on the floor, then rides his cock.   Quite a bit of drooling scenes for those who enjoy it, also plenty of foot worship.   Good picture quality.
[ 55 min....$10.00 ]

SHIMA PRIVATE S&M:    A man uses a cigarette to burn holes in a woman's panties, then he rips them off and leads her outside, where she pisses on the deck and receives a golden shower from him.   Followed by several scenes in which the woman is tied up in various positions, and undergoes punishment including hard whipping with a cat o' nine tails, being fucked with dildos, forced cocksucking, having her nostrils pulled back with hooks, and electrodes attached to her nipples.   He sticks several needles in her ass, and blows more darts into her ass with a blowgun, then takes her to the bathroom, bound and gagged, and gives her enemas, which she expels messily along with chunks of shit.   Then he sprays her down with a hose.  Very good picture quality.
[ 50 min....$10.00 ]

IMMORAL SISTERS:    An S&M and enema double feature -- in the first video, a girl watches from a chair as a man and woman fuck and suck in various positions, then they turn their attention on her, tying her hands behind her back and gagging her.   The man fucks her in both holes with dildos while the woman videotapes.  In the bathroom, they blindfold her and give her enemas, which she expels on the floor.   The man gives her more enemas with milk and fucks her from behind while the woman masturbates with a dildo on the floor.    He gives both women milk enemas and they spew geysers of milk and shit out of their asses simultaneously, then lay in the mess.   With previews of other S&M movies.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

SECRETARY'S  REVENGE:   A man ties up his female office co-worker, gags her, fingers her ass, and makes her sniff and lick his finger.   He gives her enemas and pumps air into her ass, and she expels brown water into a bowl.   In the bedroom, she expels some more and drools into the bowl, then he fucks her ass with dildos, gives her more enemas, and she expels water and chunks of sloppy shit into the bowl while farting and drooling.   He gives her yet another enema, and she expels it on the bedsheets while he fucks her.   In the office, he gives her milk enemas, which she expels messily in a bowl and rubs on herself.   Good picture quality.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

SLAVE REPORT #6:    A short-haired woman is interviewed, then she puts on a blue swimsuit and a black mask and gets strapped to a chair with her legs spread, while a man uses a vibrating egg on her pussy and asshole.   In another scene, naked and without the mask, she lays on the floor and he fucks her pussy and ass with a variety of different dildos and vibrators.  He puts clothespins on her nipples and drips hot wax all over her body.   Bound and suspended from the ceiling in an awkward position, she receives bulb enemas and expels in a bucket, then he fucks her ass with another weird dildo.   He injects milk enemas into her asshole and she expels on the floor, then he gives her some sort of chocolate enema and fucks her with a vibrator, and she expels again.   With previews of other S&M and enema videos.   Good picture quality.
[ 80 min....$10.00 ]

ABNORMAL ANAL LESBIAN:    A woman on her knees with her hands tied behind her back has her panties and hose cut away by a man with scissors.  He fingers her asshole, fucks her ass with dildos, then gives her injection enemas, and she expels brown water into a bowl.   He leads her on a leash to another room, where a woman is waiting on a couch, makes her eat the woman's pussy, and fucks her with a dildo.   The women ride both ends of a big dildo ass-to-ass, then they bend over the couch and he opens their assholes with speculums, pumps water into one girl's ass, and milk into the other girl's.   The women both expel into bowls at the same time, then they kiss, suck tits, eat  pussy, and fuck each other's ass with dildos.
[ 52 min....$10.00 ]

ENEMA RACE QUEEN:    A woman squats over an Asian-style toilet, squeezes enemas into her ass, then strains, expels into the toilet, and wipes her ass.   She goes to an adult store and buys a dildo, then gets naked and fucks herself in the seat of a car and beside the road.   On a balcony, a man ties her arms to her spread legs, cuts through her leotards with scissors, and fucks her with a vibrator.   He injects milk enemas into her ass with a big syringe, then unties her, and she sucks his cock.   He gives her more enemas and fucks her from behind, then she expels the enemas on the balcony.   He fucks her with a dildo and she continues to expel milk and shit.   Next, wearing a black leather mask and leg shackles, she takes more milk enemas outside by the car.   Then he leads her around on a chain and fucks her with a dildo while she expels the milk.   In an old warehouse, she is tied up with ropes, and he drips hot wax on her ass, reams her with dildos, forces her to suck cock, fucks her, gives her more enemas, and sprays her off with a hose.   Good  picture quality throughout.
[ 90 min...$10.00 ]

JAPANESE FIST & RAPE:   This video features a very cute Japanese woman with nice tits inside a chicken wire fence with three guys.   She sucks cock, 69's, gets fucked with dicks and big dildos, and eats cum.  One of the men fist-fucks her wildly, picking her up and heaving her over his shoulder with his fist inside her as she kicks and screams.  A mistress arrives and hangs the woman upside down from the ceiling, then one of the men fists her again, drips hot wax on her tits and pussy, then shoves a thick, lit candle and an aluminum baseball bat up her cunt.   She's whipped by the mistress, then taken down and forced to walk around with the baseball bat still in her pussy.   The mistress and the men drip lots more hot wax all over her body and in her open mouth, then she squats and pisses in one of the men's mouth.   Lots of begging and loud screaming by the pretty victim, and great action in this uncensored video.
[ 59 min....$10.00 ]

CINEMAGIC NOIR /  ART VIDEO S&M COLLECTION:    A woman in a sexy pink dress is attacked by two men, taken to a dungeon, tied up with her hands above her head, gagged, and whipped hard on her ass, tits, and back.   Next, a woman has clothespins put on her lips, tongue, and nose, gets tied up, then a guy drips hot candle wax all over her body and tongue.  A bound woman gets molested by two men, who fuck her with a black vibrator.   Also features a woman suspended upside down from the ceiling, a pregnant woman in bondage, lesbian, blowjobs, fucking, and more.  The Art Video S&M compilation features whipping, gagging, hot wax, suspension, enemas, lit cigarettes shoved up a girl's nostrils, blowjobs, oral cum, nostril and mouth stretching with hooks, pissing, electrodes attached to women's cunts, and more.   Excellent picture quality, very professionally filmed.
[ 115 min....$10.00 ]

CINEMAGIC NOIR S&M COLLECTION  VOL. 2:    Features highlights from several different Japanese S&M videos with submissive females and dominant males.   Includes heavy rope bondage, whipping, paddling, gagging, hot candle wax, enemas with water, milk, orange juice and Coca-Cola, clothes pins clipped to women's tits and pussy,  fucking, three-way action, and more.
[ 60 min....$7.00 ]

MASO GIRL STORY VOL. 3:    This video tells the story of a man who keep a nice looking young woman as his personal slave.   While she talks on the phone, he feels up her tits and pussy and uses a vibrator on her crotch,  then he strips her naked, ties her up with ropes, blindfolds her, and puts puts her in a large cardboard box with a hole cut in the side so he can reach in and feel her up.   He puts her in a van and takes her to the side of the road, where he puts her in another box with a larger hole in the side so her ass can poke out.   Another man pulls up and fingers her ass through the hole while the woman's "owner" watches from his van.    Later, she's dressed in sexy, tight white slacks.   He cuts a hole in the seat of her pants, gives her enemas, then forces her to walk along the busy city sidewalks, where she finally leans against a railing and expels a shitty mess on the ground through the hole in her slacks, while people walk by.   Very good picture quality.
[ 58 min....$8.00 ]

   A 22 year old woman is bound and suspended from the ceiling and a man gives her enemas, then fingers her pussy.   He puts a bowl on the floor and she expels into it, then he gives her more enemas with milk and she expels forcefully into a bowl.   In another scene, she's naked on her hands and knees, and he gives her enemas, then she squats on a bench to expel a watery brown mess into a bowl.    In the bathroom, he crams handfuls of different foods into her mouth and makes her eat it, then he sticks his fingers down her throat and makes her vomit on the floor.   He gives her enemas and she expels a pile of sloppy shit into a bowl, then she pours the mess over her head and smears the shit all over herself, gasping for air.   In another scene, a woman squats backwards on a gynecologist chair and shits into a bowl while several men watch, then they give her enemas and she expels into a bowl, along with a stream of piss.   They give her more enemas while she sucks cock, then one of the guys fucks her while she expels the enema into a bowl.   Very good picture quality.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

S&M /  ENEMA TRILOGY:   This tape contains two Japanese videos and one American video.  First, a Japanese woman is followed home by a man, who ties her up, drips hot wax on her body, shaves her pussy, and sticks dildos in her ass.  He gives her milk enemas, then stuffs about ten marbles in her asshole, and she expels the milk and marbles into a bowl.  He ties her up again, whips her, and reams her with a dildo.   Next, an American woman gets clothespins attached to her tits and ass, then she is hung upside down from a tree outdoors.  Two men give her enemas, and she expels them while twirling upside down from the tree.   In the last segment, a Japanese woman painted entirely in bronze is given milk enemas by a man.  He sticks a lit candle up her ass, then she expels the milk into a bowl.  She is tied to a table, whipped, gets hot wax dripped all over her body, has clothespins attached to her pussy, and gets fucked with a candle.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

JAPANESE  S&M  VOL. 1:  Two separate videos.   First,  Japanese girl slips on a rubber glove and begins putting her hand up another girl's ass.  Cuts to a guy who hits a girl with his car.   He takes her home, cuts off her dress with a knife, fingers her ass, cuts her pubic hair with scissors, and binds her with her own panty hose, and fucks her with a dildo.   Another girl is forced to strip at knife point, is given an enema, and expels a shitty mess into a bowl.  Her asshole is also opened with a dilator.   Finally, we go back to the first scene, where the girl inserts her entire hand into the other girl's ass.   In the second (uncensored) video, a woman is forced to suck the cock of a masked man, who ties her to a table and drips hot wax all over her body.   He shoves a rubber dildo in her pussy and a vibrator up her ass at the same time, then fucks her.   [ 90 min....$10.00 ]

JAPANESE  S&M  VOL.  2:  Two separate videos.   First, a salesman shows a beautiful girl his dildo collection, then binds her with ropes and forces her to suck his toes and his cock.   He drips hot wax on her, sticks the lit candle up her pussy, and fucks her with a bottle.   Then another guy takes over, ties her arms and legs to the bed, and inserts vibrators and a zucchini into her pussy.   Next, a girl's boyfriend is forced to watch while a guy wearing sunglasses binds her in ropes.  He uses vibrators, dildos, and clamps with little bells are attached to her nipples. He eats her pussy, fucks her with a big sausage, and makes the boyfriend take the sausage in his mouth and fuck her with it.   The abuse continues the next morning, with hot wax, a rubber-gloved fisting, suspended fucking, and a cum facial.   She "stabs" him in the end.
[ 90 min....$10.00 ]

LACTATING GIRL S&M:    Unique bondage video starring a young woman with big, milk-filled tits.   First, a ball gag is stuffed in her mouth, then she's bound with ropes and tied to a post with her leg hiked up in the air.   A man uses nostril hooks to manipulate her nose, then he stuffs a vibrator in her crotch between her nylons and panties, pinches her nipples, kneads her tits until streams of milk begin to squirt out, and licks some of the milk from her nipples.   In another scene, she's kneeling in bed with her arms tied above her head while he flogs her with a whip.    He cuts a hole in the seat of her panties and fucks her with a dildo, then she sucks his cock and gets fucked while another man squeezes milk from her tits all over her belly and chest.    In the bathroom, he mixes some of her breast milk with regular milk, then uses it to give her enemas, which she expels on the floor.   Back in bed, he reams her pussy with a dildo, drips hot candle wax on her tits, fucks her, cums on her face, and squeezes more jets of milk from her tits.   Very good picture quality.
[ 59 min....$10.00 ]

   A cute woman is collared and chained by her master, who makes her piss in a bowl, then slurp up the piss on her hands and knees, until she vomits repeatedly into the bowl.   Then he forces her to slurp up the piss-puke mixture, rams his cock down her throat, pisses into her open mouth and makes her swallow, crams his fingers down her throat, fingers her asshole and pussy, pinches her tits, fucks her mouth and pussy in several positions, pulls her hair, and cums in her mouth.   Then she stands up and pisses all over the bed.   Next, a woman with big tits, wearing a sexy black latex outfit, is bound with ropes by a man, who pinches her nipples, drips hot wax on her tits, fingers her pussy, and kisses her mouth.   She's suspended from the ceiling by ropes and forced to suck cock while another man drips lots more hot wax all over her body and ass.   He fucks her and cums in her mouth, then they hang her from the ceiling again and spray her off with a strong jet of water from a hose.   Good picture quality.
[ 61 min....$10.00 ]

HEELS OF QUEEN:    Japanese FemDom video, in which a woman makes a guy lick and suck her feet, kicks water in his face alongside a pool, pushes him in the water, leads him through the pool on a leash, whips his ass, sits on him, and spits in his mouth.   Indoors, she leads him around on ropes, fucks his ass with a dildo, drips hot wax on his body, attaches clamps to his body and weights to his cock, and sticks lots of needles in his nipples and ass.   Mosaic censoring.
[ 39 min....$8.00 ]

ULTIMATE  FANTASY  OF  RAPE:   Japanese video,  in which a guy drugs a man and a woman, then molests the woman while she's unconscious.   Also includes scenes where he rapes her in the woods, ripping her clothes off as she screams and kicks, fucking her, and cumming on her face.   He also fucks her while she's unconscious and cums on her belly.   Obviously acted out, but the rape scene in the woods looks quite realistic.
[ 47 min....$7.00 ]

SUPER RAPE & ENEMA:    Starts with some weird previews that include people fucking underwater in the ocean while wearing scuba gear, then in the main feature a frizzy haired young woman is interviewed before being groped and molested by an old man with white hair.   Three younger guys attack both of them and force them to suck cock, then they take turns fucking the girl.    She gets dressed, but they rip off her clothes and gang bang her again, cumming on her face.    They tie her up with ropes and give her enemas while she cries, then she expels the enema into a bowl and pisses on one guy's mouth.    They spit water on her, then use scissors and shears to cut off almost all of her hair, then one of the guys pisses all over her face and what's left of her hair.   With some more previews at the end.
[ 60 min....$8.00 ]

UNDERGROUND S&M:   Home-made Japanese S&M video made by a couple, filmed mainly with a stationary camera.   Includes dildos, hot wax, bondage with ropes, enemas and expulsions, fucking, and anal sex.   Also a long scene where the woman soaps up and washes her body in the bathroom.  Picture quality is only fair, but this is a true amateur video, and uncensored.
[ 61 min....$10.00 ]

SDDL - 211:    This S&M video features a woman wearing a black leather dress who is bound with ropes by two men, who put clothespins on her tongue, stretch her nostrils with nose hooks, strip her, tie her up with more ropes and suspend her from the ceiling, upside down and in a variety of other bizarre positions.   They eat her pussy and force her to suck cock while suspended, drip hot wax on her body, and cum in her mouth.   Also includes 40 minutes of previews of other wild videos, including oral cum, S&M, golden showers, enemas, big tits, lesbian, ,gang bangs schoolgirl themes, and more.   Excellent picture quality.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

SDDL - 222:    After an interview, a woman is bound with lots of ropes by a man, who uses pulleys to pull her legs into awkward positions and suspend her from the ceiling.   He gropes her tits and ties thin strings around her nipples, then pulls them taut for some tit torture.  With her hands tied behind her back, he forces her to suck his cock while he fingers her pussy.   Next, he ties her arms to a horizontal pole in the "crucified" position and lashes her with a cat o' nine tails, then uses nose hooks to stretch her nostrils upwards, and makes her look at herself in a mirror.   He suspend her from the ceiling again and uses the pulleys to force her legs spread-eagle, then releases her from the bondage.   Finally, she's bound tightly with ropes, and he drips hot candle wax all over her body, then fucks her and cums on her face.   With over 40 minutes of previews, featuring lesbian themes, pissing, bondage, rape, bukkake, female boxing, enemas, FemDom, group sex, role-playing, and more.   Excellent picture quality.
[ 2 hrs.....$10.00 ]

SADISTIC BUNNY 2:   A woman is raped by three businessmen in an office.  She is also shown with each man separately, and is bound with ropes, made to crawl around on a leash, blindfolded, and fucked. Mosaic censoring.  Good picture quality.
[ 50 min....$10.00 ]

BONDAGE NIGHTMARE 3:  A man ties up and rapes a woman in her home office.   Includes gagging, a collar and leash, spanking, nose pinching and nostril stretching using hooks, whipping, blindfolding, and 3-way sex with two men.  Mosaic censoring.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]



   A slim hispanic mistress makes her male slave worship her feet and suck her toes, then she pisses in his mouth numerous times, pisses on his cock, sits on his face, and makes him lick her asshole and pussy.   She shits a big thick turd in his mouth, smears shit on his cock with her feet, makes him lick shit off her toes, shits again on his cock, and spits in his mouth.   He jerks off and cums on her feet, then she rubs them on his cock.   Next, she puts on a pair of spike-heeled, open toed shoes and another man arrives to worship her feet and suck her toes.   She gets naked, fingers her pussy and ass, then puts on a pair of white nylons.   She pisses through the panty hose onto the floor, then shits in them, pulls them down, and the guy fingers her shitty asshole.   Next, she pisses in a male slave's mouth, shits and pisses on a plate, and shoves his face in the mess.   She puts turds in his mouth, then they rub shit on each other.   In the next segment, she visits with another beautiful dominatrix, then the new mistress leads a male slave around on a leash, rides him, ties up his cock and balls, makes him lick her assshole, ties his hands behind his back, and pisses in his open mouth.
[ 100 min....$10.00 ]

EXTREME TORTURE:    A short-haired redhead comes home to find an intruder in her house.   At gunpoint, he rips her clothes off, ties her to the stair railing, gropes her, slaps her tits and ass, and fucks her.   Another woman arrives, and he drags her to the living room, pulls off her clothes, attaches electric wires to her pussy, and whips her with a belt.   He brings in the redhead, whips both women, puts about 20 tacks on a coffee table and makes the redhead sit on them. spits water on the women, sticks a lit candle in one woman's pussy, threatens the other with a hot iron, pisses in her face, and fucks her.   Then he nails her pussy lips to the table with a hammer!   Lots of screaming from both women, and the redhead has hairy armpits.
[ 55 min....$10.00 ]

ANAL S&M:    A masked man attacks a screaming woman in a blue dress, gags her, ties her up, canes her bare ass, whips her, pumps air into her asshole, forces her to suck his big cock, cums in her mouth, and sticks several different dildos up her ass, including an inflatable butt-plug.  He fucks her roughly in both holes, then she pisses in a bucket before getting another mouthful of cum.  Good close-ups and great action throughout.
[ 60 min....$10.00]

CACA BOUDIN S&M:    A slim brunette is abducted by an older man who ties her up and fucks her with a dildo, then he and another man take her to a house where they have another fat female slave.  The girl pisses in the fat woman's mouth, then receives a champagne enema and douche.  The fat woman pisses in the brunette's mouth, the men fuck her ass and cunt with big dildos, whip her, put clothespins on her tits and pussy, drip hot wax all over her body, and press her tits and ass into a pile of thumb tacks, which stick in her skin.   They crucify her on a cross, put mouse traps on her tits, and whip her.   The fat woman is led in on a leash and whipped, then both women are forced to crawl to a barn, where the fat woman expels an enema in the brunette's mouth.   One of the guys expels an enema on the fat woman, pisses on her, and shovels piles of horse shit onto her naked body.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

CAGED SLAVE:    A brunette mistress receives a small cage with a female slave inside.   The mistress squeezes the girl's tits, makes her lick her boot, whips her, puts clamps on her nipples, ties her to the cage, whips her with a thorny branch, shocks her tits and pussy with electrodes, forces her to drink piss from a bowl, fucks her from behind with a strap-on dildo, and finally brands a small "W" on her ass with a piece of hot metal.
[ 56 min....$10.00 ]

TIT  TORTURE:    A guy kneads, slaps, pinches, canes and whips the tits of a bound woman, then another woman gets needles stuck in her tits, and clamps and weights are attached to her nipples.   A pregnant woman gets her tits tied up with rope and slapped until they're purple, followed by more scenes of tit slapping, whipping, clamps, weights, etc.
[ 56 min....$10.00 ]

FRENCH  PAIN:   A bald black man and a light skinned black woman use a piercing gun to pierce the clit of a woman's shaved pussy, then insert a ring attached to a chain, and tug on it.   The two women trade places, and the black woman gets her nipple and pussy pierced, then the black guy uses the chain to link their pussies together, and he slaps their asses with a leather strap.   In another room, the black man and another guy give both women enemas, then a cute young brunette enters and the women expel their enemas and shit on her.   They eat and finger each other's pussy, expel more runny shit on the floor, then the black woman and young brunette wallow around in the mess on the floor.   Next, the first two women are bound and shackled, and the men whip them, clip clothespins and weights to their tits and pussy, and make them suck each other's tits.   Also includes a scene starring another light skinned black women, who shits on the floor and smears the shit on her mouth and lips.
[ 61 min....$10.00 ]

SLAVE SEX VOL. 1 & 2:    In the first video, a bearded man uses ropes and pulleys to suspend Anita Feller in a variety of positions.   He hangs a basket from her pierced pussy lips, whips her as she hangs upside-down from the ceiling, and attaches weights to her tits and pussy lips.   He hangs her from the ceiling by her arms and legs, and a masked woman comes in to sit on Anita like a swing.  After some more whipping, she sucks the guy's cock while hanging upside down.   Not extremely rough, but lots of unusual suspension positions.   In Vol. 2, the same man abuses Anita and the masked brunette.   The brunette is put in stocks and whipped with a riding crop, then Anita eats her pussy.   He takes her out of the stocks and straps her to a table with her legs in the air, then attaches about twenty clothespins to her pussy lips.  He paddles, whips and canes her ass, leaving welts.   Finally, he ties up her tits with ropes and suspends her from the ceiling by her tits.   With previews of Slave Sex Vol. 3.   Picture quality is fair.
[ 113 min....$10.00 ]

SLAVE SEX #7:   Dominant male with two females.  Includes suspension every which way, fucking, dildos and butt plugs, lots of whipping and caning, tit and nipple torture and stretching, piercing, enemas, and piss through a tube into one girl's ass.   Picture quality is fair.
[ 51 min....$10.00 ]

SLAVE SEX #22:    In this German video,  Anita Feller and the familiar bearded guy dominate a plump redhead with big tits.   Her arms are tied above her head from the ceiling and they paddle her, then a submissive male  enters to eat her pussy  while Anita whips her tits and ass.   She sucks the male slave's cock, then Anita sits on her face and makes her lick pussy and asshole.   She pisses on the redhead, then  both women get in the 69 position to eat each other out.   The man pulls the woman's hair and slaps her around, then she sucks his cock while Anita canes her ass.   She's tied up again and he slaps her tits, puts suction cups on her nipples, and ties up her tits with ropes until they're pink.   He sticks about ten needles in her tits, then pulls them out, and blood trickles down her tits.   Finally, he sticks a big needle in her clit.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

SLAVE SEX #24:   Cruel masked mistress makes a submissive girl fuck her own fist, then whips her ass and fucks her with big dildos.  She stuffs huge cucumbers up the girl's cunt and ass, canes her severely, then forces her hand up the girl's ass and smears shit on her tits and face.  The mistress puts clamps on the girl's nipples and shaved pussy, whips her cunt, and beats her welted ass until she faints.  Finally, the girl has needles put through her pussy lips and hot wax dripped on her tits. Good picture quality, intense action!
[ 55 min....$10.00 ]

AMATEUR  FRENCH  S&M:   A tiny-titted, curly-haired woman with her wrists bound to her ankles is fucked by a man.   He sticks lit candles in her pussy, asshole, and mouth, fucks her doggy-style, hangs chains from her pierced pussy lips, pours beer into her asshole through a funnel and tube, then sticks the tube in her mouth.   She expels the beer enema into a bowl while sucking his cock.   In another scene, her arms are chained to the ceiling and he whips her with a rope until she's in tears.   Next, the same man whips another woman with bigger tits, fucks her, ties ropes tightly around her tits, and whips her.   She rides his cock on the couch while he slaps and squeezes her tits, then he whips her with a rope  Filmed by the man with a camcorder and tripod.  [ 85 min. ] Also includes two 15-minute amateur American B&D videos -- a brunette sucks her master's cock while she's chained in a doorway, and another blindfolded and bound woman sucks the cocks of two men, who cum sloppily in her mouth.
[ 118 min....$10.00 ]

LATEX MISTRESS:    Stars two mistresses with two male slaves wearing black latex masks.   The first curly-haired brunette mistress, wearing a tight black corset, makes one of the slaves remove her tight rubber skirt and lick her asshole, then she spits in his mouth, wipes her ass with her panties, stuffs them in his mouth, and pulls them over his head.   She makes him crawl to another room and fetch a silver tray with his teeth,  then she promptly shits on the tray and makes him eat it.     She pisses on the chest of another rubber-clad male slave and makes him eat her ass, then a second mistress (also dressed in rubber) pees on him too.   The slaves are forced to slurp piss from the floor, pissed on again, and forced to jerk off while their mistresses step on them with high-heels and sit on their faces   [ 27 min. ].   Also includes seven additional scenes from other German scat videos, featuring women shitting on men, making them eat it, and smearing it on their bodies and faces.   One dark-skinned girl smears her shit on a guy, then shoves her fingers down his throat and makes him vomit all over himself repeatedly  [ 38 min. ].
[ 65 min....$10.00 ]

 LA  DAME DE SADE:    Stars a somewhat plump brunette mistress who makes a male slave eat her pussy and asshole from the front and from behind.    A female slave is forced to lick the mistresses thigh-high latex boots.   Next is a scene where the mistress herself is fist-fucked by a women while a guy fingers her asshole.    The mistress whips a woman's ass and pisses on her, then she sits in a swing while a man lays underneath to worship her pussy and ass.    She gives a girl enemas and the girl expels a shitty mess all over a submissive male's chest, then the mistress smears shit all over the guy with her boots.   Also includes scenes that appear to be taken from other German videos, including a woman expelling a shitty enema into a guy's mouth and then smearing shit all over his body, clamps and weights attached to a woman's pussy lips, piss drinking and shit smearing with Veronica Moser & Dagmar, and more.     This DVD also features a separate video called Die Caca Madame ,  starring a brunette who strips out of a military uniform, sits in a chair draped with a sheet, pisses, then takes a big, long shit that slides down the sheet and onto the floor.   She wipes herself with a maxi pad, then gives herself lots of enemas and expels messily onto the floor.    In another scene, she climbs onto the kitchen table to piss and shit in a bowl.   Finally, she pisses through her white panties onto the floor, takes them off, and pisses some more.    The second video has a slightly shaky picture, but is watchable.
[ 2 hrs. total....$8.00 ]

TRANSANAL:    A masked guy chained to the wall gets sucked off by Anita Feller, then he fucks her ass.  A transsexual comes in and receives a blow job, and he/she sucks another guy's cock.   Anita pisses in the transsexual's mouth and on her own face as she sucks the guy's cock.  The man pisses in Anita's mouth, then she spits it into the transsexual's mouth.   Followed by anal sex with a strap-on dildo.   Then Anita receives champagne enemas and expels into the transsexual's mouth.  She expels a beer enema and piss into a glass and they all drink it, then another woman reams her own ass with a huge dildo.   Fair to good picture quality.
[ 80 min....$10.00 ]

FESSLE  MICH:     A redhead and a black guy fuck and suck on a couch, then he ties her arms behind her back, reams her pussy with a dildo, and attaches weights to her pussy lips.   Another couple arrives, and the submissive brunette gets weights hung from her labia, gets her asshole spread open with a speculum, then the guy fist-fucks her pussy and chains her pussy lips to her ankles, followed by another deep fisting.   The redhead is subjected to tit bondage, whipping, and fist-fucking.   The last segment features a dominatrix with a male slave -- she ties up his cock and balls, attaches weights, and whips him.
[ 90 min....$10.00 ]

PARIS  S&M:   A hunter attack a woman in the woods, and rapes her on the hood of her car.  Cuts to a scene where four transvestites are puking all over a woman's stomach.   Next, a man has forced sex with several different women in a bathroom and a kitchen, smearing food on one woman's pussy and tying her up with ropes.   Followed by more fucking and sucking, bondage, three-way, and dildo action.   [ 53 min....$10.00 ]

ASS  WHIPPING:    Outdoors, a German man chains a woman's arms to two trees, gags her, pisses, and makes her suck his cock.   Then he takes her to a room and attaches weights to her pussy lips, fucks her with a vibrator, paddles her ass red with a big paddle and a wooden spoon, and whips her with a belt and a cat o' nine tails.   Then he puts electrodes on her nipples, shocks her tits, chains her arms to the ceiling, whips her ass again, canes her ass, and drips hot wax on her.
[ 53 min....$10.00 ]

PREGNANT ANAL:    A guy wearing panty hose over his head breaks into a very pregnant woman's house, followed by sucking and fucking.   Then he fucks her asshole with a huge dildo, pulls her asshole open with his fingers, shoves a big bottle up her ass (wide end first), then fucks her in the ass.  Good picture quality.
[ 55 min....$10.00 ]



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