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SDDM - 147: "MR. SEMEN":
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   The star of this tape is a little brunette with a clean-shaven pussy and perky B-cup titties.  She has no sexual limits as you’ll see in this video.  It starts out with a big-muscle guy who puts the lolita on her knees and shackles hers wrists to 2 poles.  Then he forces a nice rough blowjob before fucking her hard from behind.  Then 8 men join to give her a cum-covered face.  Afterwards she lies on her back and gets fucked hard again!  The scene ends with her smiling.  Another scene has her tied up on the floor as a group of men piss and shoot cum on her!  Then she gets up on all fours for some fucking while one guy pisses directly in her mouth.  After a few more scenes it’s the big finale.  Betty joins in and supervises the cum-swallowing.  For 15 minutes guys shoot their loads on our star and her friend’s face as Betty wipes, scoops and catches the cum in a bowl.  Occasionally she smacks the girls too!  Over 35 cumshots are collected in this scene alone!  This video includes: cum facials, gangbangs, cum in a bowl, slapping, deep throat, golden showers / piss drinking, bondage, small tits, bukkake, ass-licking, cum in eyes & up nose, and more!  Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG videos.   German title is Lolita Im Sperma & Pisswahn , GGG Vol. 28003.   Very good picture quality.
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EVERYTHING FOR ME:   One of the newest GGG videos starts off with Betty performing some great sloppy deep throat on a big cock before getting fucked hard.  Two men piss into Betty’s black top hat and then she flips it up onto her head. Now she’s drenched in pee!   Then 4 men all piss in Betty’s face at the same time.  It’s a powerful blast that makes her gag and cough.  On her back she then gets about 10 loads of cum while getting fucked.  Lots of gargling before she swallows it all down!  Next up is Betty and an older GGG girl having some lez fun: eating pussy, sucking tit, dildos.  They both suck cock and get banged before 5 loads are spent on the other girl’s face.  In the next scene it’s a GGG first: Betty gets one cock in her pussy and another up her ass.  Then lying on her back a huge cock fucks her asshole hard until she's screaming.  Then the place turns into an orgy with guys & girls fucking away.  Betty takes 7 cumshots, gargles & plays, then spits it into a big bowl before gulping the mess.  Then 5 more shots and one good piss rains down on her (more playing, spitting & eating).  It ends with Betty forcing an orgy girl to suck her piss-soaked t-shirt!   The orgy girls take more cum facials and kiss. This video includes: golden showers, cum facials, gangbangs, lesbians, cum-kissing,  rough sex, piss-gargling, double penetration, coughing, forced oral, bukkake, deep throat, dildos, piss drinking, anal sex and more!  Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG videos.  German title is Alles Fur Mich , GGG Vol 28011.   Very good picture quality.
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SPERM COWGIRL:    Here’s another title from the new GGG line.  The main difference between this new line and the old GGG films is that the action takes place on sets (bedrooms, kitchens, etc) instead of the GGG club.  Plus there are lots of new girls that show up to get fucked too.  The star has red hair, huge Double-D titties and a cowboy hat.  She dykes out with 7 other girls on a kitchen set - they lick pussy, suck tit and kiss.  Then it’s just the star lying on a table fucking and sucking cocks.  After the gangbang she kneels down with a black plate under her chin to receive loads. When the men finish she gulps it down off the plate gagging a little. Next up another big-titted girl dances around then gets fucked rough by 3 men. She also kneels and sucks off a line of dicks sitting on a bench.  Finally the men all blow loads on her face and a cute brunette comes in to lick up leftovers.  Next scene has a different brunette with a tight body who gets fucked really hard on all fours.  At the same time she sucks off a guy in front of her whose dick is half the size of her head!  She then lays on her back for a good old fashioned gangbang by a group of men.  They all fuck her then shoot on her face.  Finally, the covergirl comes back for a short interview (in German of course) then heads right into an orgy with 5 girls and numerous men.  Our star lays on her back and takes cumshots.  She gags a little, and her mascara runs down her face because of all the sperm.  This video includes: cum facials, gangbangs, gagging,  cum-kissing, rough sex, huge double-D tits, lesbians, bukkake, cum on a plate and more!   Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG videos.  German title is Sperma WG , GGG Vol. 60001.   Very good picture quality.
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BLONDE & COVERED IN SPERM:    Here’s one from the brand new GGG line.  The star of this video is a hottie with Long blonde hair, a skinny body, beautiful face and huge tits.  She kicks things off with a little dancing and masturbating.  Then she stares into the camera while sucking a big cock and getting fucked hard!   Three guys take turns sticking their dicks in her mouth and pussy.  She finally takes 12 thick loads on her face and in her mouth. You can see her mouth fill up with the white sludge.  She swallows all of it down then dances a little more as jizz runs down her chest.  Next up an average girl does some fucking & sucking as a group of guys gang bang her.  They shoot loads on her face and pussy.   There is some more gang bang cum-eating action before the final scene.  The last part has our star blondie back for more.  She is joined by the star of L0LITA IN ENDLESS PISS & SPERM .   Both girls lie on a bed and get fucked really rough by a couple of German cock-meisters.  At one point her friend is getting fucked hard on all-fours while deep throating and ass-licking the stud in front of her!  The movie ends with our covergirl kneeling down for a respectable 15 loads of sperm to her mouth, face and tits.  Her slut pal licks the cum off her chest.  This video includes: gang bangs, big tits, cum eating, ass licking, masturbating, rough sex, orgies, bukkake, cum kissing, huge cocks, wet facials and more!  Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG videos.  German title is Blond und Vollgespritzt , GGG Vol. 60000.  Very good picture quality.
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SPERM  PLAYING:    The star of this one is a real skinny bitch, with small A-Cup tits.  She kicks things off with a little dancing and masturbating.  Then it’s down to business as she sucks a very large cock - she gets face-fucked and even manages to deep throat it!  More guys join and it’s suck-n-fuck time for her (including more deep throat).  Finally she gets about 10 cumshots to her face - smiling and coughing as she is splattered.  She spits it all into a glass, plays with it, then eats it up.  Next scene has our star giving a nice long blowjob, getting a little rough sex and taking 6 loads.  Later a different girl has a nice suck-n-fuck of her own.  Then the covergirl shows up wearing a little skirt, pink t-shirt and pigtails.  She joins in and sucks the cock when it’s pulled out of her friend’s pussy.  As the bottom girl gets fucked the star sits on her face and is soon sucking 1 then 2 cocks of her own - she is able to deep throat these pricks as well !   The star kneels on the floor and gets cumshots from a gang of guys each time they finish fucking her friend.  She spits some of the jizz in the other girl’s mouth and some on her pussy (which she then licks off).  By the end of this scene 32 cumshots are slurped, spit and swallowed.  This video includes: cum facials, A-cup titties, gangbangs, cum-kissing, rough sex, spitting, deep throat, cum in a glass, bukkake, and more!  Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles. German title is Spermaspiele .  Very good picture quality.
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ALREADY AGAIN, SO MUCH SPERM?:    The covergirl in this one is odd-looking but really cute.  This one starts off with our young A-cup hottie sucking on a huge cock that’s almost bigger than her head! And she looks great trying to fit it in her mouth!  She takes 8 thick loads on her face at the end of this suck & fuck session.  Next up, a skinny, long-haired, brunette girl gets fucked by 2 guys (including a little throat-fucking).   She ends up with 4 loads sprayed on her.   The covergirl returns for the next scene: she fucks a guy, does 69 with a girl, then it turns into an orgy.  Betty joins in and supervises the 15 cumshots that land on our little star’s face.  Betty makes sure this slut gets all the juice including some cum-kissing and spitting.   Later, a brunette blows one guy while another tries to fist her pussy - she then takes 9 loads fast & hard on her face.  You can see it all collect in her mouth in a little pool before she swallows it down.  The last scene has the covergirl getting fucked really hard by some tall blonde Aryan guy.  Then more men join in and leave her with over a dozen loads to swallow and rub on her tits.  This video includes: cum-spitting, gangbangs, cum-kissing,  rough sex, throat-fucking, A-Cup titties, bukkake and more!   Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.  German title is Schon Wieder So Viel Sperma? .   Very good picture quality.
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IN THE SPELL OF SPERM:    This new GGG title stars a hot blonde with short hair and a killer body.  The video starts off with a little fetish-wear as the blonde is seen getting pounded in different positions while she wears a ball gag and a chain around her neck.  Soon another blonde joins in along with a group of men.  The men all shoot their loads on the girl’s faces and they end up cum-kissing.  Next is a short scene of a girl in a tub receiving first cumshots then piss on her pretty little face.  Then it’s orgy time with the blonde and her friends (both male & female).  Plenty of gang banging and cum-eating to go around.  Lots of cumshots here.  Plus one girl is held down by someone dressed head-to-toe in rubber fetishwear while one woman and then two men piss hard onto her face and mouth.  The great finale has almost 20 men cum onto blondie and in a bowl.  A brunette girl holds the half full bowl of jizz and slowly pours it in her mouth and face.  She swallows some, gags on some and the rest runs down her body.  Great stuff!   This video includes: fetish wear, cum facials, bondage, gangbangs, cum in a bowl, slapping, golden showers / piss drinking, bondage, rough sex, bukkake, small tits, cum-kissing and more!  Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG videos.   German title is Im Banne Des Spermas , GGG Vol. 28000.  Very good picture quality.
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DO YOU SPRAY NOW?:    The covergirl starts things off with a little sucking & fucking. Then she takes 5 cumshots to the face - it goes in her mouth, eyes, up her nose and down her cheeks!  Next, two girls get fucked before a cute new brunette chick takes five loads and the girls cum-kiss.  Later a blonde gets assfucked while another girl licks her pussy.  The girls get into a 69 position with the blonde on top.  The men fuck the blonde and pull out to cum on the bottom girl’s face.  They end up shooting a nice 23 loads on her and the bottom girl licks pussy and ass with her cum-covered face.  Next up is a really hot new GGG girl with huge tits.  She fucks the covergirl with a dildo, sits on her face and makes her tits bounce up & down.  Then a few guys join and fuck them.  The new girl looks great getting pounded on all fours as her big boobs swing around.  The two girls kneel to receive and share 5 cumshots.  The last scene is a big orgy with seven girls (including Betty) sucking off a roomful of guys.   They all get fucked and it ends with the covergirl, Betty and a cute brunette taking 23 thick loads to their faces & mouths.  They all cum-kiss and swap too.  Twice Betty spits a huge mouthful of jizz into the girl’s mouths.  This video includes: face sitting, cum-kissing, rough sex, ass licking, spitting, cum up the nose, gang bangs, cum swapping, huge tits, bukkake, dildos, wet facials, and more!   Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG videos.  German title is Spritz Du Jetz Ab? , GGG Vol. 20061.   Very good picture quality.
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SWALLOW MY GIRL, SWALLOW!:    The cute little girl from Lolita In Endless Sperm & Piss returns to star in another classic.  The first scene has the two covergirls dancing and eating pussy.  Then the men join them for some sucking, fucking and ass-licking.  The lolita girl has a sheet placed over her head, duct tape wrapped around her neck, and a hole cut for her mouth.  Then the men piss into a funnel /  tube into her mouth.  She swallows half and gargles & spits the rest!  Then the sheet is ripped off so about a dozen more can piss and cum on her.  She catches leftovers in a bowl and drinks them down!  Next, the other covergirl has a chance to suck and fuck some men.  She ends up with 9 loads of cum.  She cum-kisses with another girl and does a little 69 action.  The third scene has a group of girls getting fucked in the background - when the guys are ready to cum they all go to our cute hottie who takes an astounding 34 cumshots.  She uses a bowl and occasionally spits a mouthful in - then swallows it down.  She takes the last bowlful and pours it into the mouth of a blonde orgy girl - she gulps it all.  Then lolita pulls the girl to the edge of the bed (lying on her back) - almost immediately the men begin pissing on poor girl’s face.  She starts coughing and choking and must come up for air.  The men continue to piss on her, filling her mouth and drenching her hair! Meanwhile the hottie is spitting  mouthfulsof piss in the blonde’s face.  Both girls lay on the club floor and get more piss rained down on their bodies and heads.  The finale has our lolita girl with Betty, who stands above her and pisses into a funnel /  tube that goes to her mouth.  Then the guys show up.  Betty uses the funnel and a large bowl to catch piss, all the while gargling and spitting piss on the girl.   The men spray an amazing 26 belly-fulls of golden piss on the two girls!   It finally ends with lolita pissing into Betty’s mouth!   This video includes: spitting, cum facials, gangbangs, piss bowls, cum-kissing, golden showers, slapping, piss funnels, coughing & gagging, bukkake, forced piss-drinking, ass licking and more!   Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG videos.   German title is Schluck Meine Tochter, Schluck , GGG Vol. 28009.  Very good picture quality.
[ 100 min...$10.00 ]

   Stars an 18-year old hottie with long reddish hair, a freckle-face and dirty little smile. This tape actually has a number of scenes with different girls. but the 18 year old is featured in most of them.   It starts out with her wearing a collar and chain – she sucks off a group of men while a brunette pushes her head up and down on the big cocks.  Then she stares into the camera as the cumshots splatter her face.   Later, a brunette gets banged and takes 8 shots of cum on her face and then scoops them up into her mouth to swallow.   There’s a few more orgy scenes and then the finale with our star and the brunette kneeling cheek-to-cheek catching 13 cumshots and then cum-kissing.    This video includes: cum facials & swallowing, gang bangs, lesbians, eye contact with camera, big cocks, cum-kissing, masturbation, groups of faceless men, fetish wear, rough sex , small tits, bukkake and more!  Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.  German title is Susse 18 Und Alles Runtergeschluckt , GGG Vol. 20054.  Very good quality.    [ 100 min....$10.00 ]

INNOCENT, DEGRADED, FILTHY:   Here’s a great rough GGG video.   It starts off with a bang as Betty gets fucked hard, does deep throat, gets her face shoved into a sweaty ass and is made to lick a boot!   Next up a blonde woman is on her knees – arms handcuffed above her head – getting 2 cocks shoved in her mouth. They cock-slap her, rip her clothes and cut them off with scissors. Later the cute young girl from Sperm Sadism gets 14 cumshots to her face as Betty holds her mouth wide.   She cum-kisses, smears the jizz and spits on our little star – during this scene the young girl really looks like she’s about to start crying – but Betty doesn’t care.   Another scene has 2 buxom blondes kneeling face to face.  They get 18+ cumshots to their faces (lots of cum-kissing and spitting).  The tape ends with a large orgy. The young girl returns for more cum along with a few other sluts including a really hot brunette (she takes 8 loads).   This tape features: gang-bangs, deep throat, cum-swallowing, near-crying, ass licking, bondage, cum-kissing, orgies, big cocks, face slapping, eye contact with camera, cum-spitting, lesbians, rough sex, faceless guys, anal sex, forced oral, bukkake and more!  Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.  German title is Unschuldig, Erniedrigt, Vollgesaut , GGG Vol.  20027.  Very good quality.
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COME ON!  PISS NOW!:  This is a great GGG title featuring everyone’s favorite slut, Betty!   First, three men in a bathroom piss directly into Betty’s mouth as she kneels between two urinals.  She smiles, gargles, spits and swallows most of the piss.   Then she goes directly to a large room (the GGG gang bang room) and lies on the floor.  A large clear plastic bowl is placed over her head, with numerous tubes connected to funnels.  The men crowd around and begin pissing in the funnels - which of course go into the giant bowl and then right into Betty’s mouth.  She drinks down most of it!   Then the men begin shooting cum on her while others still piss on her face and body.   She swallows it, and rubs it on her face.    Other highlights include Betty pissing into a clear bowl, spitting multiple loads of cum into the bowl and then drinking it with a long plastic tube!   Betty taking over a dozen cumshots by a group of men who surround her, catching it on a plate and eating it.  This tape is absolutely packed with piss swallowing, cum eating and facial cumshots too numerous to count.    This video includes: cum facials, bathroom piss facials, gang bangs, big cocks, gargling, hard ass-fucking, deep throat, golden showers, piss drinking, rough sex, tubes, funnels & bowls for piss & cum, spitting, large groups of faceless men, and more!   Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.  German title is Los Piss! Ab! , GGG Vol. 28001.   Very good quality.
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TITS LOVE PISS & SPERM:   Finally, a GGG gangbang video for big tit lovers. The star of this tape starts out tied-up, fucking and sucking her way to a cum-covered face!  Next, a young girl gets 3 streams of piss at the same time in her mouth and face.  Then a guy holds her mouth open for more!   She coughs and gags as her little mouth overflows.   A different scene has our star getting fucked hard as her big boobs bounce up & down.  The men treat her tits roughly before blowing 13 thick loads – some cum-kissing here too.  The big ending has the busty star back for some black tape bondage on her eyes and body.  The men fuck her hard - squeezing & slapping her tits.   She ends up blindfolded taking almost 10 shots while a girl holds a plate under her chin.  She wipes the jizz-covered plate on the star’s face before sitting on it.   This video includes: tit-slapping, cum facials, bondage, gang bangs, cum-kissing, big cocks, golden showers, piss drinking, rough sex, cum on a plate, coughing & gagging, blindfolds, bukkake, huge tits, faceless guys, forced cum-eating, facesitting and more!  Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.  German title is  Titten Lieben Pisse & Sperma , GGG Vol. 28005.
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BETTY - WORLD SWALLOW CHAMP:    This video starts off with some nice deep throat action and hard fucking before some shots are delivered to Betty’s mouth.   Later in the GGG club, Betty gets a rapid session of 15 cumshots in her mouth – she then spits the whole mess through clear plastic tube into her cunt!   She squats over a glass bowl and it oozes out – she pours it in her mouth, gargles and plays with it before finally swallowing.   Another scene has Betty taking multiple shots and catching stray jizz in an open DVD case which she of course gulps down!  In the sickest segment Betty has some kind of cream lubed in her ass – then 6 men fuck her ass and cum inside. The whole glob drips into a big glass bowl so Betty can play and eat it.  The finale has more hard fucking and Betty taking almost 30 shots to the face and mouth: she gargles, plays with it, eats it with a spoon, licks it from the plastic sheets, spits, etc.   All the while 7 girls surround her getting fucked standing up.  Wild stuff!  This video includes: cum-gargling, anal sex, gang bangs, deep throat, glass bowls filled with cum, rough sex, cum in the eyes, bondage, spoon-fed cum, spitting, orgies, eye contact with the camera , bukkake and more!  Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.  German title is Betty: Die Schluck Weltmeisterin , GGG Vol.  20060.  Very good quality.
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1, 2, 3 SPRAY DOWN:    In the first segment, a very hot girl sucks & fucks 2 guys, then Betty sits behind her and holds her mouth open wide for 10 cumshots!  Betty slowly wipes and shoves the sperm in the star’s mouth.  Then Betty performs some intense deep throat action, gagging and ass licking.  Later, a new girl gets worked over by some GGG guys – she sucks and fucks before getting 10 shots to the face which she eats up!   Another scene has the young redhead (the star of Sweet 18 & Everything Swallowed ) getting pounded hard before taking shot after shot on her little face (Betty helps out here too).  The great finale has our covergirl back for over 30 Loads!  Betty supervises yet again (some cum-spitting here).  She even catches jizz on a plate to feed to the covergirl.  Afterwards Betty sits on the poor girl’s face!  Great hot stuff.  This video includes: cum facials, gang bangs, eye contact w/ the camera, cum on a plate, big cocks, deep throat, rough sex, ass-licking, coughing, bukkake, faceless guys, cum in a tube, spitting and more!   Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.  German title is 1 2 3 Abspritzen , GGG Vol.  20079.   Very good quality.  
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This video is one of the best new GGG tapes!  The first scenes starts the ball rolling as the cover girl is fucked and cum on.  Then a group of men piss on her using a speculum, funnel & tube and finally a cardboard box held over her head that fills with the golden liquid.  The star ends up lying in a huge pool of piss on a plastic sheet -- she slurps it up and spits it from the bed.  Then one guy fucks her wet body while 12 others shoot loads on her face!  Next, a different girl is bound with tape and fucked hard. Her face is sat on and she is forced to lick ass.  Lying with her head off the sofa men cum and piss on her face. It ends up with her licking piss off the scummy club floor.  Next, the cover girl returns for a great sloppy deep throat session and more cumshots.  Later an older punky-looking blonde holds a bowl under her chin while numerous men piss in her face.  She sucks up leftovers from the floor, spits it in the bowl and swallows it down!  Last is the star again sucking and fucking then taking alternate shots of piss and cum to her face!   This video includes: cum facials, gang bangs, cum & piss in a bowl, big cocks, deep throat, golden showers / piss drinking, hard fucking, bondage, ass licking, dildos, piss funnel, eye contact w/ camera, faceless guys and more!    Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.  Very good picture quality.  German title is Ich Schluck Alles,  GGG Vol. 28006.
[ 90 min....$10.00 ]

BETTY EXTREME:   The biggest GGG star, Betty, is out of her mind for sex, cum and piss!  This video starts off with Betty getting fucked hard, sucking cock, licking ass, getting slapped, spit on and spanked. An orgy of men & women goes on in the background.  She catches 8 cumshots in her mouth but doesn’t swallow.  Then she gargles and lets it froth up before spitting it into a bowl. 4 more cocks are drained in her mouth and she spits those in the bowl! Then she slowly pours the whole glob into her mouth and gargles some more before spitting the entire mess onto an unsuspecting orgy girl.  Other highlights include Betty pissing down into the mouth of a girl as she chokes and coughs on golden the fluid.  Betty in a cage getting pissed on by numerous men and catching some piss in a bowl to drink with a spoon.  Four men and one woman piss in Betty’s mouth using a large clear funnel. Over a dozen men piss and shoot  loads on Betty - the majority of which is swallowed down!  In another scene, Betty has her hands and feet shackled inside a cage on her back. About 10 piss loads rain down on her body and in her mouth.  The finale is more orgy fun -- at one point Betty is on her back getting fist-fucked as piss and cum is splattered across her abused body.   This video includes: spitting, cum facials, spanking, gang bangs, anal sex, cum in a bowl, slapping, coughing, golden showers / piss drinking, bondage, lesbianism, ass-licking, cum gargling, a piss funnel and more!   Also includes 15-20 minutes of wild previews for other GGG titles.   Very good quality.   GGG Vol. 20038.
[ 90 min....$10.00 ]

BETTY -- SHE SWALLOWS:   Anyone who has seen the video Betty Extreme will know the kind of games that Betty likes to play.   The tape starts with Betty chained up and blindfolded getting fucked hard.  Then she’s getting fucked on all fours and deep-throating another cock.  Soon she collects 10 loads on a plate and rubs a black dildo in the mess while licking, slurping and pouring the cum before swallowing it all.  In another scene, Betty is on her back fucking and sucking.  Some men cum in her mouth while others cum on her pussy and ass - she scoops up the jizz from her holes and eats it.  Another segment shows Betty giving great deep throat then catching multiple cum loads in her mouth as she stares into the camera.  Then she spits all the cum through a clear plastic tube into a coffee cup. She pours it in her mouth, plays with it, gargles and of course swallows it.  The finale has more bondage, hard fucking and cum eating.  Amazing!  This video includes: anal sex, cum eating, bondage, faceless guys, deep throat, cum-gargling, masturbating, gang bangs, fetish wear, ass-licking, play rape, eye contact with the camera, dildos and more.  Very good picture quality.  German title is Sie Schluck Und Schluck,  GGG Vol. 20072.
[ 108 min....$10.00 ]

PISS & SPERMAKNAST:    This great GGG bukkake & piss video is unique because it stars a good looking black girl with braided hair and nice tits.   Chained to the wall, she takes mouthfuls of piss from a couple of guys, then she lays on a bed while several more men piss in her mouth and on her face and body.  When they're done, she licks and slurps up piss from the plastic sheets.   She sucks cock through the bars of a jail cell and takes multiple loads of sloppy cum on her mouth, tongue, and face, and slurps up the cum that fell on the floor.   In the next scene, a hot blonde with nice tits and a brunette get fucked in pussy and ass by several men with big cocks.   One guy cums on the blonde's asshole, then the brunette sucks his cock and licks the girl's cummy asshole.   She stands over the blonde and holds her head while numerous men blast cum on her face.    The black girl returns in the next scene, laying on the floor while several men piss in her mouth at once.  A hot brunette sits on the black girl's face and pisses in her mouth, too.   Next, a blonde is surrounded by several men who all piss on her at once.   She gulps piss from a bowl and takes a load of cum on her face before being pissed on again, until her hair and body are soaking wet.   She ends up wallowing in a huge puddle of piss on the floor.   Then the black girl returns to take lots more piss in her open mouth before the men shoot load after load of cum on her face.   She slurps piss from the floor, spits it into a bowl, and drinks it.   With previews.   This video is GGG Vol. 28015.
[ 88 min....$10.00 ]

   The star of Lolita in Endless Sperm & Piss and Swallow My Girl   is really trying hard to be the next Betty.   This video starts of with our star tied between two poles and a guy pisses for a long time in her gaping mouth.  Then 3 more piss on her at once (and then 3 more!).  She holds a bowl under her chin and 3 more piss on her!   She swallows about half and the rest goes in the bowl.  Finally, 5 more sprays of yellow liquid are dumped on her - she drinks from the bowl, licks it from the club floor and plays with a urine-soaked dildo.  Then 9 guys shoot cum on her.  Some jizz ends up in her long hair and the director makes her clean it with her tongue!  Next scene has our hottie back again tied between two poles.  This time one guy stands in front getting his huge cock sucked and another guy grabs her head & face forcing her to suck & deep throat the cock!   They cut her loose and she gets fucked very hard & rough, then it’s back on her knees for more golden showers.  Altogether she gets 20 loads of piss.  Last scene has our star in a suck & fuck session with a gang of guys.  She takes a cumshot, spits it in a bowl and eats it.  Then she grabs some blonde whore, sits on her face then lets loose with a bladder full of piss on the poor girl.  Still squatting over her, she gets 8 loads of piss on her face - it runs off her body and onto the blonde.   After 5 cumshots, the two girls lick piss from the floor, spit in a bowl, and swallow it down.  The video ends with our star wringing out a piss-soaked sheet that was laying on the floor into the blonde’s mouth!   This video includes: piss drinking / golden showers, cock slapping, gangbangs, cum-kissing, coughing, bondage, rough sex, cum facials, forced oral, piss bowls, gargling, bukkake, and more!  Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.  German title is Spritz Im Mir Dun Mund ,  GGG Vol. 28012.   Very good picture quality.
[ approx. 90 min....$10.00 ]

I SWIM IN PISS & SPERM:   A nice looking brunette is interviewed, then she lays on a bed while two men piss in her mouth through funnels and hoses, then several more men piss directly in her open mouth and face -- at least six men shower her with piss at once! She gulps down mouthfuls of piss, then slurps up more from the piss-soaked sheets.   The men take turns cumming in her open mouth and all over her face, then she wallows in a big puddle of piss on the floor.   Next, a plump, curly haired woman with huge tits fucks herself with a dildo, then two guys arrive to fuck her and make her suck cock.   A group of men piss into her open mouth through funnel while others shower her big tits with piss and cum on her face.   Next, a hottie with reddish blonde hair and two fine brunettes (one Asian) fuck and suck and take about 15 loads of cum on their faces.    One girl licks cum off the other's face, then three guys all piss in her mouth at once, while other men continue to cum on her face.   She sucks piss off the floor through a straw, then wallows in the puddle.   With previews of other bukkake and golden shower videos.   German title is Ich Schwimm In Piss & Sperma ,  GGG Vol. 28014.   Good picture quality.
[ 87 min....$10.00 ]

DIE SPERMA  PRAKTIKANTIN:   A big-titted brunette with pierced nipples and clit eats another woman's pussy, then a man enters to fuck both women.   A group of men arrive to jerk off and cum in the star's open mouth.   In a jail cell, she's joined by three other girls for pussy licking, tit sucking, and fucking with dildos.  A man fucks the girl with big tits while another guy shoves his cock in her mouth.   She gets on her knees, and a long line of men step up to jerk off and blast cum in her mouth.   Back in the jail cell, she is chained to poles while a masked guy fucks her roughly from behind.  Another brunette with small tits is also on hand, and between them the two girls take about 20 cum shots on their faces and in their mouths.   With previews of other bukkake videos.   GGG Vol. 20105.
[ 88 min.....$10.00 ]

SPERM DINNER  (aka Sperma-Brotzeit ):   The cover girl Eva is a real cutie.  She looks pretty young, has big natural tits and a little babyface (and baby fat) too!     After a quick interview, she does a little fucking and sucking. Her pals Annette (from Piss & Sperm Reeling) and Kathy (from Lolita in Piss & Sperm) join in for some fucking & sucking of their own. Annette does some nice sloppy deep-throating.  She lets her drool drip on a glass table (so she can suck it back up).   Eva kneels down, face sweaty, to take a few cumshots on her big tongue.  Annette & Kathy kneel on either side of her.  The 2 girls take almost all of the jizz loads.  Then they spit their rewards into the Eva’s open mouth. Some loads are collected in a bowl.  Then Annette grabs a half eaten salami sandwich (with lettuce) and pours the huge white mess on it!  She then proceeds to eat it all!   Then it’s more cumshots, spitting, swapping and cum-kissing.  Over 20 loads are shared by these sluts.  The next scene is shorter and has our star, another brunette and a black girl sucking & fucking and taking cumshots on their faces and pussies.  The final scene has Eva getting pounded a little before hopping down on her knees.   Annette & Kathy show up again, and again they all kneel side by side.  Only this time Eva takes all the cumshots.  About 10 shots spray down on her while the other two supervise.  They swap cum, spit and lick it off of her big tits and pussy.  This video includes: Swapping, Cum Facials, Deep Throat, Coughing, Spitting, Orgies, Cum-Kissing, , Rough Sex,  Bukkake,  and more!    Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.
[ approx. 90 min....$10.00 ]

CONDEMNED TO SWALLOW  (aka Zum Schlucken Verdammt):   Most of the GGG girls act as if they would die without their daily dose of sperm but the chicks in this tape are a little different.  They obviously love sex and being gang banged.  In fact these girls turn up in other GGG tapes too!  However, unlike Betty for example, these girls don't really seem to enjoy the facial cumshots.  Watch as these girls gag, cringe and make awful faces, but they stay in there and take their punishment. Shot after shot streams across their faces, into their mouths and on their tits.  The tape starts off with our star, a cute exotic-looking brunette, who takes 8 cumshots to her face. All the while coughing, gagging and looking like she just might puke!  Next up is an orgy with a different brunette getting over a dozen shots to the face.  Another girl helps lick it off!  Other highlights include: another orgy, cum-kissing and the first brunette girl getting in a 69 with another girl --  then the men fuck the girl on top pulling out just in time to spray the girl on the bottom.   The great finale has the star joined by another cute girl and “sex thing”.  “Sex Thing” is someone (probably Betty) dressed head to toe in black and red vinyl.  The “Thing” sits behind the girls while the men shoot their loads, holds their mouths open wide, slaps them and scoops up cum to shove down their throats and on their faces!   This video includes: Forced Cum Facials, Intense Close-ups, Dick-Slapping, Fetish-Wear, Gang Bangs, Cum Eating, Coughing & Gagging, Face-Slapping, Hard Fucking, Cum-Kissing, Ass-Licking, Bukkake, Orgies and more!    Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.
[ approx. 90 min....$10.00 ]

SPERM FOR CHANTEL  (aka Sperm Fur Chantel ):   This one starts of with a little all-girl orgy session. Chantel, Maria, Angie and Lucia lick each other's pussies and tits.  Then the guys show up so they can get fucked and suck some cock.  Chantel kneels down and takes a fast 10 cumshots.  She gags & coughs a little too.  Lucia & Maria lick the leftovers off her face and swap with each other. Then Maria swaps jizz with Chantel.  Next scene has 3 girls (including Maria) in an orgy with some guys.  One girl gets some throat-fucking done on her. Maria hops on the floor for cumshots. As always, Maria loves to play with her sperm.  She holds her mouth open for the camera, sucks cum through a tube and drinks it from a glass.  The last scene has cutie Annette with another girl as they service a group of cocks.  At one point Annette gets slammed by one guy while performing amazing deep throat on another!  The other girl takes about 4 cumshots.  Then Annette kneels down with Maria behind her to supervise and hold her head still.  A very nice 16 loads are shot down in Annette’s face and mouth.  She swallows most of it, and some gets collected in a blue cup.  Then Annette swaps with Maria.   Finally the last 6 loads or so are spit into the new girl's face and mouth!  This video includes: Cum Facials, Swapping, Coughing, Orgies, Cum-Kissing, Big Cocks, Rough Sex,  Bukkake, and more!    Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.
[ approx. 90 min....$10.00 ]

PISS & SPERM REELING  (aka Piss & Sperm Spulung):    Our covergirl Annette (everyone's favorite new GGG slut who starred in Sperm Sling) now goes to new heights in this brand new GGG / 666 film.  After eating countless loads of jizz in previous films she now takes the plunge into piss drinking!  That's right -- little 18 year old Annette has finally lost her piss virginity!   The first scene has the cute blonde Annette dancing around and then giving a sloppy blowjob including deep throat.  She catches the drool in her hand and plays with it.   After licking some man-ass she gets fucked hard. Including getting fucked while having her face sat on.   Holding a clear glass plate she sucks more cock lets the drool collect up.  Then the cumshots start. 10 fast ones that she catches in her mouth and on the plate to slurp up and swallow.  Then the guys move in to piss on her. Occasionally coughing and choking, he is clearly overwhelmed by this new experience.   Next scene has Annette back with Lucia (from Lucia's Piss & Sperm Torture).  The women kneel side by side and take their piss medicine.  At least 20 (!) bellyfuls of piss spray down on them.  The girls spit the mouthfuls of piss at each other!  Then they lay down and get fucked while the cumshots start.  Lucia gets all the jizz (about 10 loads) and then very slowly spits it all into Annette’s waiting mouth, after which she gulps it down.  Then both girls take more shots before the scene ends.   Next scene is Annette with a big-titted black girl.  They kneel down and take a dozen piss loads --  there's lots of spitting, swapping and gargling here!  Then the girls share some cumshots and Annette licks the cum off those big black jugs.  It ends with Annette sucking piss from a sheet on the floor and spitting it into her friend's face.  The last scene shows Annette with a new brunette slut.  The girls get fucked, take piss loads and cum loads. Again, it ends with Annette sucking up piss leftovers and spitting them at the new girl.   This video includes: Piss Drinking / Golden Showers, Cum Facials, Coughing, Piss Spitting, Cum-Kissing, Big Cocks, Rough Sex, Drooling,  Bukkake, Cum-Gargling,  and more!   Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.  
[ 102 min....
$10.00 ]
SPERM FALLS  (aka Spermafalle):   Here we have the lovely covergirl Annette (star of SPERM SLING and Piss & Sperm Reeling) in what was her first starring role.  Only 18 years old with her short blonde hair and “do-anything” attitude you just knew she would be a star.  First scene has Annette and a brunette girl sucking and fucking a few guys.  Annette sucks a cock after it’s pulled out of her friend's snatch too.  Then it’s on her knees for cumshots.  Kathy shows up to supervise and make sure the 10 loads get in Annette’s mouth as she scoops them off her face.  Next up is a scene with Maria (from Spermplaying) and 2 other girls.  They suck & fuck, then a brunette girl takes 4 cumshots and spits them into a new girl's mouth and eye.  Then the guys shoot about 5 more on this new chick. The brunette saves up 6 slimy shots in her mouth.  Then she cum-kisses with Kathy and they let it drool down on the new girl's face!   Next scene is a bunch of girls including Annette, Maria, Chantel and Kathy.  All the girls get fucked good and rough, especially Annette, who gets some of the largest dicks slammed in her little pussy.  Then she kneels down for 8 cumshots supervised by Kathy who makes sure Annette doesn't miss any leftovers.  (If you'd like to see little Annette drinking tons of piss, check out Piss & Sperm Reeling).  This video includes: Swapping, Cum Facials, Coughing, Orgies, Cum-Kissing, Rough Sex, Faceless Guys, Bukkake, and more!    Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.   These previews are like a “Best Of” collection of clips and will leave you wanting to see them all.
[ approx. 90 min....$10.00 ]

LUCIA'S PISS & SPERM TORTURE  (aka Lucia's Piss & Sperm Folter):   Now is your chance to see the star of SPERM COWGIRL getting seriously pissed on!  Starts off with our star getting pissed on by Kathy (everyone’s favorite slut from Lolita in Piss & Sperm).  Then 8 men piss on her as she lies on the floor - it makes her cough and gag! In only minutes she is completely soaked with piss. She gets up on her knees in the puddle and takes over 15 cumshots and piss sprays.  Still coughing, gagging and making weird faces.  Then Kathy joins in to suck piss off the floor, take a few cumshots, 69 with the star and finally swap a little cum back and forth.  Great stuff!  Next, a tall brunette lies on a table and gets gang banged.  As the guys fuck her non-stop the other men piss and shoot cum on her. Sometimes she is overwhelmed and starts coughing.  By the end of the scene her lipstick is all smeared and her eyes are totally bloodshot from the piss & cum that got in them! Next scene has the star of Pissed On & Swallowed  sucking off a line of men.  Then she lies on the floor and gets 10 piss loads rained down on her. Up on her knees she gets more piss in her mouth and a cup.  She sucks leftovers off the floor, spits them in the cup and drinks it.  Finally she picks up the piss-soaked sheet from the floor and wrings it out in her mouth to swallow!  She does all this like is was nothing!  Last scene has Lucia back with 3 girls who dance and then dyke out.   The men join in and they all suck cock and get fucked rough.  A girl with sunglasses takes 5 cumshots and then cum-kisses with Lucia.  For the big ending Lucia and another girl kneel together and take a nice 22 cumshots which they cum-kiss, spit and swap with each other.  Don't miss this one if you like seeing girls in heavy piss action who sometimes cant handle it!  This video includes: Piss Drinking / Golden Showers, Double D Tits, Cum Facials, Coughing, GangBangs, Cum-Kissing, Big Cocks, Bowls of Piss, Spitting, Smeared Make-Up, Bukkake, and more!    Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.
[106 min....
$10.00 ]

SPERM SLING   (aka Sperma Schleuer):   The punky little 18-year old star of this film is named Annette and she is in fact 18 years old.  In this video her hair is sometimes blonde and sometimes multi-colored.  She is pretty amazing taking those bukkake-style cumshots like a pro. It starts off with Annette, Lucia and Maria (from Cute, Sweet & Cum Covered) - they all suck cock.  Little Annette can even deep throat their big meat. She kneels down for 8 cumshots and the camera zooms in for great close-ups of her messy face and mouth. Maria joins in and holds her held still for the flying cum.  The girls cum-kiss and swap too.  Then Maria kneels for a mouthful of cumshots and both girls go and spit their mouthfuls into Lucia's mouth! More cum-kissing follows.  Next scene Annette does a little dance followed by more great deep throat action and some fucking. Then down on her knees she holds a black plate under her chin as the men shoot cumshots in her mouth. Finally she spits it all on the plate then gulps it back down.  In the finale, Annette has red / purple hair.  The scene starts off with some nice anal-fucking in her little ass.  Then a little orgy breaks out with more men & women. When Annette performs her deep throat this time she catches all the drool from her mouth in a bowl. Then a few men add cum to the bowl. She pours it in her mouth and then spits it in the bowl again.  A girl with short red hair and little A-cup titties has the bowl poured right in her mouth by Annette.  More cumshots and cum-kissing follows.  This video includes: Cum Facials, Coughing,  GangBangs, Cum-Kissing, Big Cocks, Drool, , Bukkake, and more!  Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.  
[ 102 min....
$10.00 ]

AM I TOO YOUNG?  (aka Bin Ich Zu Jung?):    Too young to be covered in sticky German jizz from those pervs at GGG?  Of course not!   First scene has the cute covergirl along with 8 others sluts who all dyke out and lick pussy.  Then the guys join in and our star gets the biggest cock of all. She can barely get this monster in her mouth.  All the girls get pounded good as the star bounces up & down on the big cock.   After the fucking she kneels down for almost 10 cumshots.  Next scene has Maria (from Cute, Sweet & Cum Covered).  She dances around then gets some hard fucking and sucking from two guys.  She takes a few cumshots and swaps the white blob with Kathy. More fucking and cumshots follow.  Next up is more lesbo action with the covergirl and an older woman. The men soon join for sucking & fucking and an orgy breaks out.  Our star kneels down with a blue glass under her chin.  She takes some shots and eats them, then she gets yanked out and a blonde takes over for 10 more cumshots.  A brunette helps to hold her head still so she doesn't miss anything.  Some of the girls cum-kiss and then Lucia takes a few shots.  More cum-kissing too. This video includes:  Cum Facials, Coughing, GangBangs, Cum-Kissing, Lesbians,  Cum-Swapping, Bukkake, and more!   Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.
[ approx. 90 min....$10.00 ]

CUTE, SWEET & CUM-COVERED  (aka Niedlich, Suss & Vollgespritzt):   The star of Spermplaying, covergirl Maria, is back for more bukakke fun!  It starts off with some nice deep throat cocksucking by Maria.  One of the dicks is huge!  An orgy starts up with more guys & girls.  Maria gets down on her knees and takes 10 cumshots on her face, mouth and in a blue drinking glass.  It gets in her eyes too!  She pours the glass in her mouth and some runs out.  She licks it up off of a pillow.  With her cum-covered mouth she pulls a cock out of another girl's pussy and deep throats it.  She spits cum in some sluts mouth, takes more cumshots and does more spitting. It ends with Maria supervising 6 cumshots on a light-skinned black girl who coughs and gags on the spunk.  Next scene has a pale redhead sucking off three men and getting 3 cumshots.  Maria joins in and they both do some sucking & fucking.  At one point the girls are both bent over getting fucked, kissing and getting cumshots on their faces!  Some great camera shots as Maria lays back for more cum in her gaping mouth - laughing and giggling the whole time!  A quick new scene has Maria dancing in pigtails and a short blue dress to some merengue-type music!  She has a nice suck-n-fuck with two guys who shoot cum on her.  Last scene is Maria and Angie (star of Drowning in Piss & Sperm). They dyke out.  A redhead takes about 12 shots, cum-kisses and gags a little.  Maria ends with a nice 18 cumshots!   She spits it all in a cup and drinks it - she is totally covered in cum by the end of this.  This video includes: Cum Facials, Coughing, Skinny Lolitas, GangBangs, Cum-Kissing, Big Cocks,  Cum in Eyes, Cum-Spitting,  and more!   Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles. Over 90 minutes long.
[ approx. 90 min....$10.00 ]

PISSED ON & SWALLOWED  (aka Reingepisst & Runterschluckt):    This great new video starts off with her on the floor wearing a miner's type headlamp on her head.  Then the men surround and start to piss on her.  She takes 6 piss-loads to start - then 4 more - then up on her knees for more!   One guy pisses solo in her mouth for a really long time.  She keeps swallowing mouthful after mouthful - at least 10 times!   She holds a bowl under her chin and more piss (and cum) is sprayed.  A large clear tube is placed inside like a straw.  She drinks half the bowl and then starts coughing and gagging (she might even puke a little here).  She drinks more, and licks a few man-asses too.  Then back for more piss and cum -- this time she holds it all in her mouth for the camera to see before gulping down.  At least 15 piss loads in this scene!   Next up, a brunette sucks and fucks a bunch of guys.  She spits cum in a bowl and swallows it.  Then the covergirl is back for more fucking, piss drinking and cum-eating in the third scene.  The final scene has Kathy (from Lolita in Piss & Sperm), Maria (from Sperm Playing), Annette (from Sperm Sling) plus two other girls.  They are all in an orgy with sucking fucking and even some deep throat.  One girl gets on her knees and takes 6 shots - she makes some weird faces and coughs like she might puke.  More cum starts flying and girls spit, swap and play with it.  Lots of cum-swapping in this last scene.  Recommended.  This video includes: Piss Drinking / Golden Showers, Cum Facials, Coughing & Gagging, GangBangs, Cum-Kissing, Big Cocks, Bowls of Piss, Piss Tube, Bukkake, Spitting,  and more!   Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.
[ approx. 90 min....$10.00 ]
BETTY: TRIP TO SPERMLAND  (aka Betty: Die Reise Nach Spermanien ):    Betty has never looked cuter than she was in this film.  It starts with a short interview, then Betty (in a Bettie Page haircut) masturbates on a bed, first with fingers then a black dildo.  Cut to the GGG club where she is handcuffed on her back to a pole.  A guy fucks her hard.   It’s a good rough scene with fingers shoved in her mouth and lots of face slapping.   She takes a nice 6 loads and shows them to the camera - slowly rolling the white blob around in her mouth and gargling.  Then she takes 6 more and does the same.   Next up is a short scene with Betty dyking out with a black woman who has big double D tits in the back of a van.  Next, Betty fucks & sucks indoors, takes cumshots and swallows them down.  Then we cut back to the van with Betty sucking more black tit and pussy too.  The finale has Betty and a gothic girl tied back to back in a club.  A double dildo is used on both their mouths (shoved in hard).  The girls do a little fucking & sucking.  When the cumshots start Betty takes them all - then spits them into the other girl's mouth.  This video includes: Cum Facials, Slapping, Cum-Kissing, Big Cocks, Rough Sex, Sperm Gargling, Black Lesbian,  Bukkake,  and more!  Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.  
[ 98 min....
$10.00 ]

PISS & SPERM DUET  (aka Piss & Sperma Duett):  Another piss-soaked winner from GGG/ 666!  It starts off with Lucia (from Lucia's Piss & Sperm Torture) joined by a busty black girl.  They do a little fucking & sucking before taking a whopping 17 loads of piss!  Both girls (especially Lucia) gag, cough and choke as the piss is sprayed in their mouths and faces.  They swap and spit the piss at each other too.  Next up is cute Annette (the star of Sperm Sling).  She gives a drooling blowjob and lets the spit fall down on a plexiglass table to suck up later.  Lucia joins in and both sluts get fucked.  At one point Lucia is leaning on the clear table getting fucked and her big double D titties are squashed flat.  The camera shoots from below so you can see it!  The girls kneel next to each other and take about 15 cumshots, most of which ends up on Annette.  She slowly spits mouthfuls of jizz onto a black plate, plays with it & eats it. More cumshots are sprayed and gobbled up.  Altogether almost 30 loads in this scene alone.  Next scene has Lucia masturbating a little then sucking & fucking.  She lays on her back for some piss.  After 3 men piss on her she chokes, gags and looks like she's in pain.  Some onscreen text says it was too much for her to handle so they call in little 18-year old Annette!  Wearing sneakers and jeans it looks like they grabbed her on her day off!  Annette lies on the floor and the fun begins.  The men piss single and in groups on this little cutie. Her face and body are soaked good. Plenty goes down the hatch as well.  By the end 19 piss loads and 4 cum loads are showered on her! In the last scene Lucia returns to redeem herself and take her piss punishment. She still coughs and gags a little but not as much. A very respectable 11 piss loads and 11 cumshots are dumped on her head.  The men alternate between the piss and cum so it has a chance to collect nicely on her face.  She finishes up by licking the fluids from her big tits. This video includes: ~ Piss Drinking / Golden Showers, Cum Facials, Coughing & Gagging, Piss Spitting, Cum-Kissing,  Cum Plate, Bukkake, and more!   Also includes 15-20 minutes of previews for other GGG titles.  These previews are like a “Best Of” collection of clips and will leave you wanting to see them all.
[ approx. 90 min....$10.00 ]

PISS & SPERM BEASTS:   The always reliable Cathy kneels in front of a group of guys with a small sheet over her head, which has holes cut out for her eyes and mouth.  Sixteen men rain piss showers on her, and she drinks & gargles the fluids like a pro!   Another girl joins in and they share 6 cum shots, swapping and spitting the globs.   Next up is Annette, who fucks and sucks, takes a cumshot and 7 streams of piss to her face.  She spits a mouthful (in slow motion) onto the glass of a window, then licks it up slowly for the camera.   She sucks piss from the dirty floor and spits it again, then a group of guys shoot loads of cum on the glass and she licks it up as it runs down.   These cumshots and licking are shown twice -- once from underneath the glass, and again from the other side.   The third scene has a tall, dark black girl lying on the floor for at least 10 gushing piss showers to her face, mouth, and body.   She spits piss and cum onto a glass table and licks it up.   The next scene has Annette back, wearing a nose ring and green eye shadow, plus a ball gag in her mouth.   She sucks and deep throats the guy with the huge cock, then he fucks the hell out of her on a table, then pisses in her mouth, pulls her hair, and cock-slaps her.   Then she lays on the floor for 6 loads of piss.   The first three men piss slowly into her mouth, and she gargles and swallows each time her mouth fills up.  Very wet, with LOTS of piss!   With previews of many other bukkake videos.   German title is Piss & Sperma Bestier, Volume 63008.   Very good picture quality.
[ 105 min....$10.00 ]

PISS & SPERM FRIENDS:    A good-looking brunette with shoulder length hair and a shaved pussy fucks herself with a big black dildo, then she sucks one guy's cock while another man fucks her hard, and both men cum on her face.    She lays on the floor with her arms chained to a post, and about a dozen men piss all over her face, mouth, body and pussy.   Then a familiar hot, saucy brunette from other GGG titles crawls in to eat the woman's pussy and spit piss all over her face.   Next, a short-haired redhead with a clean shaven pussy masturbates in a chair and sucks a guy's big cock while another guy fucks her.  Then she and the saucy brunette from the first scene poke their heads through holes in a lace curtain while a group of men piss in their mouths.   They gargle with piss, swallow mouthfuls, spit piss on each other, eat pussy, then take load after load of cum on their faces and pussies, swap cum, slurp piss from the floor, and spit it on each other.    In the last scene, a hot blonde pisses a looong stream into the open mouth of a well-built black girl wearing a green bikini, then a group of men  shower the black girl with lots and lots of piss, and she swallows many mouthfuls.   The men spew cum into her mouth, then she slurps up more piss from the floor and from a glass table.   She spits piss on a mirror and licks it off, then she takes about 15 more messy cumshots all over her face and in her mouth.   With previews of many other similar videos.   German title is Piss & Sperma Freundinnen.   Very good picture quality.
[ 100 min....$10.00 ]

  19 year old Anette returns for another wild cum-fest!   In the first scene, Annette, Anje (from Sperm Kitchen) and another girl all suck and fuck, with Annette taking 6 loads of cum to her face and scooping it from her cheeks to put in her mouth.   She sits in front of a large glass window and spits it out (filmed from behind the window to look like she's spitting it in your face), then licks it up as the slime glob runs down the glass.   She does this a few more times before swallowing it all.  Then she gets fucked by the guy with the enormous cock, and takes 3 loads of cum to her mouth, which she spits through a tube into her own pussy!    In the next scene, she makes out with another girl,  then they both get fucked, and Annette takes 17 more loads of cum to her face, until her face and chest are shining with jizz, and she swallows a lot.   In the last scene, she sucks 3 guys' cocks -- at one point she has 2 in her mouth while the other slaps her forehead!   The guys fuck her, with the first one cumming in her pussy.   The next guy plunges right in after, turning the jizz into a creamy froth, then he pulls out and she sucks his cum-covered cock.   He cums on her face too, then 7 more guys unload cum on her.  Nasty!  
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SWALLOW LESSONS:   The theme of this volume seems to be women teaching each other to take cumshots.   The blonde cover girl and Maria (from Cute, Sweet & Cum Covered ) have a little lesbian fun to start things off.   Then the older woman lies on a table and takes cum shots while Maria helps,  scooping up the jizz and putting it in her mouth, spitting, and cum-kissing.   Then it's down on her knees for more cum shots.   She takes plenty of good, thick loads, and the camera gets a great shot of the cum in her mouth, which she gulps down!    Next up, two new girls dance and lez out --   the younger of the two is real cute, with a chubby babyface and big tits.   She licks ass and pussy, sucks cock, and gets fucked, then the two girls kneel side by side to take about 25 cumshots, most of which end up in their mouths and on their faces.   In the last scene, the cover girl returns with a cute blonde.  They both suck cock and get fucked hard, taking numerous cumshots on their faces and mouths.   With previews of many other bukkake videos.   German title is Schluck -- Unterricht, Volume 25084.   Very good picture quality.
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18 YEAR OLD JEN'S GANGBANG:   A young brunette with long, curly hair and a clean-shaven pussy is interviewed in a motel room, tells us her birth date, and talks about her first sexual experiences, then a group of mostly older men enter for fucking and sucking.   Includes a scene where she sits on the toilet to pee, and a good look at her feet and toes, which she says were sucked by a man when she was only 13 years old.   She takes a couple of the men's cum shots on her belly and tits, and another messy one on her nose and face.    After the fuck-fest is over, she walks out to the motel parking lot completely naked to see the men off.   Back in the room, she showers, pisses in the toilet again (which we get to see clearly), and gives the audience her e-mail address, asking everyone to write to her.   Good picture quality.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

FAR EAST PREVIEW VIDEO:   Trailers for over forty videos featuring beautiful women from the Philippines, Thailand, Korea, and Japan, all fucking and sucking a white guy with a huge cock.  Includes lots of cum shots, threesomes, anal, and even some peeing.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]



AROMA LACTATION: "YURI":   Great lesbian lactation video!   The first segment stars Mayu and Fujiko, two very hot Japanese women.   They start off with lots of passionate kissing, tongue sucking, and spitting in each other's mouths.   They suck each other's tits, then Mayu squeezes her tits to squirt jets of milk all over Fujiko's face and in her mouth.   She sits on Fujiko's belly and squirts more milk on her chest and tits, followed by more french kissing and sloppy spit & milk swapping.   Mayu sucks milk from her own tits, and Fujiko sucks milk directly from Mayu's nipples.  They eat each other's pussies, then Mayu squirts milk on Fujiko's pussy and licks it off.   The next scene stars Ryoko and Marie.   The girls rub their big tits together and french kiss, then Ryoko squirts milk from her tits into Marie's mouth and face, followed by lots of wet, milky kissing.   Marie sucks milk from Ryoko's tits, then they pass it back and forth between their mouths.    They eat and finger each other's pussy, and Ryoko squirts milk on Marie's pussy and licks it off.   Then they grind pussies together while Ryoko continues to squirt milk.  Lots of passionate moaning from both girls throughout!   Finally, there's an outdoor scene where Mayu squeezes lots of milk from her tits, then indoors Ryoko squeezes milk from her tits into a champagne glass, pours it in her mouth, and lets the milk run down her tits.   Very good picture quality.
[ 2 hrs....$12.00 ]

AROMA LACTATION: "MAYU":   Incredible Japanese lactation video starring a sensuous, long-haired woman with big, milk-filled tits.  After an interview, she squirts endless streams of milk from her tits onto the plastic tarp  covering the floor, scoops it up, and pours it on herself.  She sprays milk on the camera lens, in her bath water, and onto the glass shower door, then licks it off.   She milks her tits into a small glass and drinks some, sprays breast milk onto a chocolate bar and strawberry, then eats them.  Next, she sits in a chair while a man squeezes milk from her tits into her lap,  on the floor, and into his hands (which she licks up).  She sucks milk from her own nipples, then the man lays on the floor, and she sprays milk all over his chest, cock, feet, and toes, and licks it off.   Then she sprays milk all over the camera lens again, and licks it off.   In another scene, she milks her tits into a big glass jar, then pours the milk into two glasses and tastes some.   Enormous amounts of milk, and several jets streaming from each nipple --  the streams of milk are so forceful that they shoot halfway across the room, and can be heard spraying onto the floor and into the glasses and jars!
[ 2 hrs....$12.00 ]

   Another milk-filled lesbian video starring two young Japanese women, Misa Saotome and Hirome Matsuwaga, both of whom have milk-filled tits.   They lez out in the shower, rubbing tits and french kissing, then, on an outdoor patio, they suck each other's nipples, squirt breast milk on their bodies, mouths, faces, and hair.   They take turns squirting milk into each other's cupped hands and tasting it.   Back indoors, against a black backdrop, it's more tit-milking, with lots of squirting milk and spitting milk into each other's mouths, french kissing, pussy grinding, and other hot lesbian action.   One of the girls is a bit plump, but she's also the one with the biggest and milkiest tits.   Good picture quality.
[ 90 min....$10.00 ]

JAPANESE LACTATION:    A Japanese woman squirts long, endless streams of milk from her swollen tits, into a guy's mouth and all over his face.  You can actually hear the milk squirting into his mouth!  She squirts milk on his cock and sucks it off, then fills a glass about halfway with milk, and squirts milk on a window in front of the camera.  She masturbates with a vibrating egg, then the guy returns to eat her pussy and fuck her as she squirts more milk.  In the tub, she squirts clouds of white milk into the bath water.  A must for lactation fans!  Excellent picture quality.
[ 49 min....$10.00 ]

9 MONTHS PREGNANT & MILKING:   Nice American video starring a big-bellied pregnant girl with short dirty blonde hair who rubs oil on her body in bed, squeezes milk from her big tits on the camera man's cock, and then fucks him in several positions, then takes his load of cum on her pussy.   The girl has a big tattoo that reads "Daddy's Girl" on her left tit.   Also includes a masturbation session with a hot blonde wearing white lace-up boots.   Good picture quality.
[ 60 min....$5.00 ]

PRECIOUS PREGNANTS:   Brunette Isabella, age 23, and blonde Diane, age 22, both with really big, pregnant bellies, get naked on a couch.   They kiss passionately, suck each other's tits, eat pussy, and rub baby oil on each other's body.   Then they move to the bed, where they use vibrators and a strap-on dildo on each others pussies.  Finally, they take a soapy shower together.  Good picture quality, lots of nice close-ups.   [ 48 min....$5.00 ]

LANCE  &  PREGGER:   A pregnant, hispanic-looking woman fucks her ass with a dildo while Lance sticks another dildo in her pussy.  They fuck in several different positions, then Lance fucks her with an even bigger dildo and a beer can.  She gets up and pisses in the toilet,  then he fucks her with his foot.   [ 50 min....$5.00 ]

DUSTY & JAZZ:    Nice video for lactation fans:  A cute, plump redhead with big brown nipples sucks milk from her own swollen tits and dribbles it down her chest.  She uses an electric pump to coax more milk from her tits and collects it in a bottle, then she masturbates with fingers and a big dildo, pouring the milk on her pussy for lubrication.  Lots of dirty talk to the camera throughout.   Next, Daryl Hannah look-alike Jazz squeezes milk from her tits and it soaks through her blue T-shirt, then she fucks and sucks a guy in bed, squeezing milk on him.   In another scene she squirts milk on her boyfriend's cock, then fucks and sucks him.  The last scene features a hot brunette masturbating with fingers, anal beads, big dildos, and a butt plug.
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PREGNANT FLASHER:   A cute, expectant brunette lifts her dress to show off her big belly, tits and pussy on a public beach, in a park, an apartment courtyard, and more. At home, she gets naked in bed, and takes a soapy bath and shower.
[ 82 min....$10.00 ]

PREGNANT PISS:    American video which features a woman with black curly hair and her pregnant brunette girlfriend.   The girls eat each other's pussies in the bed, on the couch, and in an office, and give each other numerous golden showers.  The pregnant woman eats the other girl's pussy while she's menstruating, pulling a dirty tampon out before continuing.  Also includes pissing in blue jeans, dildo play, and more.   [ 78 min....$10.00 ]

SOPHIA LACTATES:    A cute, long-haired brunette with big pink nipples, who just had a baby two weeks prior, squeezes her tits and squirts streams of milk, first topless, then wearing her nursing bra, then into a glass.  Seductive talk and lots of eye contact throughout the video.
[ 30 min....$5.00 ]

MILK BUCKETS:  Nice compilation of big tit and lactating videos.   In "Milk Eruption," a light skinned black woman with HUGE tits sucks her own nipples and squeezes milk from her tits.  A white man enters and helps her milk her tits, then she sucks his cock and he fucks her between her tits while she squirts breast milk on his cock, until he cums on her tits.   In "Bigger Than Watermelons," another  black girl with enormous tits and wearing an Indian feather headdress gets fucked by a white guy in a cowboy hat.   He ties up her tits with ropes, then fucks her, cums on her belly, fucks her again, and cums on her tits.   In "Nursing Bra," a blonde squeezes milk from her big tits, then a salesman arrives and she squirts breast milk in his coffee.  They suck and fuck, and he cums on her tits.   A redhead named Dusty sucks her own milk-filled tits, extracts milk from her tits with a battery operated breast pump, masturbates, and pours the milk on her pussy and tits.   In "Honey Melons," another huge-titted black woman pours honey on her tits and pussy, then a man enters, pours more honey on her tits and body, and fucks her.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

   In this German video, a big-bellied pregnant brunette gets fingered by a guy in the kitchen.  She sucks his cock, gets fucked doggy-style and missionary, and he cums on her belly.   In the bedroom, he eats her pussy and ass, gets another blowjob, fingers her asshole, fucks her, and cums on her belly again.
[ 48 min....$5.00 ]


RED AND YELLOW: A slim, curly haired brunette pisses into a glass bowl, then scoops piss out with her hands and pours it on her pussy as she masturbates.  She pulls out a dirty tampon, fucks herself with it, and drops it into the bowl of piss.  Next, with her tits bound in ropes, she rubs her bloody pussy and slides her fingers inside until they're red and messy.  She puts clamps on her nipples, shoves a butt plug up her ass, fucks herself with dildos, and pisses.  Her boyfriend steps in and pisses all over her body.  In the next scene, she's tied to the bed, her tits bound with rope, and her boyfriend tickles her with a feather duster, pulls out a dirty tampon, sucks her tits, puts clamps on her nipples, and fucks her with a dildo.  She pisses in his mouth and into a plastic bag, then he pokes holes in the bag and lets piss dribble onto her pussy as she masturbates.  Next, she pisses again, removes another dirty tampon, and pisses all over his face and in his mouth.  He pisses on her body, then fingers her asshole as she's bent over.  She pisses a couple more times, through her panties and on the floor, receives another golden shower, and squeezes out a small turd.   Good video quality, nice close ups.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

CORI: "MOTHER NATURE CALLS":   A brunette shits a runny puddle onto a styrofoam plate, takes a steamy shower, expels an enema in the bathtub, takes a bath, and shaves her legs and pussy.  In bed, she removes her tampon, squeezes blood on her tits and belly, and sucks on the dirty tampon.  Next, in front of the fireplace, she removes another tampon, squeezes blood on her body, masturbates, and plays with her stained panties.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

AMBER'S PERIOD /  SAMANTHA & JAMIE:    A blonde wearing black lingerie talks about her period, removes a tampon, masturbates with a dildo, inserts another tampon, shows how a maxi pad is used, puts on a different outfit, fucks herself some more with the dildo, then removes and inserts another tampon.   Next, a nice blonde in cut-off jeans peels them off to show her shaved pussy, pulls out a tampon, squeezes the blood on her body, then masturbates with her fingers while laying on the floor.  Next, a slim brunette masturbates with a big dildo while on her period, then inserts a tampon, leaving a red stain on the bed sheets
[ 65 min....$10.00 ]

JAPANESE MENSTRUATION:   A pretty Asian girl is interviewed, then she shows her messy Kotex and masturbates through blood-stained panties. She inserts a small vibrator "egg" into her pussy, then pulls it out, and the cameraman rubs some of the blood on her tits. A man finger-fucks her and sucks his messy fingers. They suck and fuck, and he lays the bloody, cummy condom on her belly. Next, another girl is interviewed, then felt up by the cameraman. She sucks his dick, and he fucks her tits and cums on her chest. She talks some more, then inserts a tampon in the shower. In bed, the cameraman pulls out the tampon, fingers her pussy, fucks her, and shows us the blood-stained sheet.  Mosaic censoring.   Also includes another video which is more documentary than porn  -- an expectant Asian couple is shown practicing La Maz, shopping for baby items, and having sex. The video documents labor, the trip to the hospital, and eventually the actual birth, including the cutting of the umbilical cord (it's a girl).  Also breast feeding after the baby is brought home.   Mosaic censoring, but the baby can be seen coming out.   Each video runs approximately 60 minutes.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]



PAMELA ANDERSON & TOMMY LEE -- HARDCORE AND UNCENSORED:   This is it, the video that was so incredibly popular a few years ago.  Frankly, it's nothing to get excited about -- there are a couple of good scenes, including Pam sucking Tommy's cock while he drives down the freeway, and a great shot of her shaved pussy before Tommy fucks her as she's laying spread-legged on the boat.  But be ready to sit through scenes of the happy couple fishing, roasting marshmallows by the campfire, Pam playing an acoustic guitar, and plenty of sappy romantic drivel, like "I love you honey,"  and  "I love you too, baby."   Other sites are selling this video for as much as $40.00 -- please don't pay more than $5.00 for it.
[ 50 min....$5.00 ]

JEFF & TONYA HARDING'S HONEYMOON NIGHT:   After their wedding nuptials, Tonya does a strip-tease and removes her wedding gown while Jeff videotapes, then it's off to bed for some relatively tame fucking, sucking and 69ing by the newlyweds.   Actually a bit sexier than the Pam & Tommy video, but don't expect any close-up hardcore action -- most of this video was shot with a stationary camera facing the bed.  Again, don't pay more than $10.00 for this video.
[ approx. 45 min....$5.00 ]

MADONNA -- THE MAKING OF "SEX" HOME VIDEO:   Filmed during the making of Madonna's infamous "Sex" book, this tape features scenes of Madonna dressed in a dominatrix outfit with her tits hanging out, skinny-dipping in a pool with other women, hitch-hiking naked on a busy street, pumping gas topless, riding around on a bicycle topless, smoking cigarettes naked, sunbathing nude on the beach, and posing seductively with other men and women.   The video looks sort of grainy, as if it were shot using 8 mm film, and there is no real sound or dialogue, just a french music soundtrack.   No hardcore sex at all, but lots of naked Madonna, for those who like her.
[ 60 min....$5.00 ]

JAYNE KENNEDY:  "LOST XXX LOVE TAPE":   Supposedly found in the attic by the condominium owner after they moved, this video features 70's actress and sportscaster Jayne Kennedy and her husband Isaac in their homemade sex movie.   Jayne gets fucked and sucks her husband's cock, and moans loudly in pleasure and agony as he crams most of his black fist up her pussy.   Probably the most erotic of all the celebrity videos, but quality is lacking -- the picture is a bit grainy and rolls in numerous places.    There don't seem to be any high quality copies of this tape available.   May be of interest to those old enough to remember Jayne's squeaky-clean image when she was a sports commentator for CBS.
[ 60 min....$5.00 ]



SUBWAY GIRLS:    Unusual video in which four naughty girls prowl the subways of Japan for unsuspecting men, whom they surround, grope and fondle.   Outdoors, they suck a guy's cock, then one of the girls spits his cum into her hands and plays with it.   They approach another man outside the crowded terminal, then take him back to an apartment for sucking and fucking.   Followed by more subway molesting and outdoor cocksucking.   In one scene, one of the girls makes a guy cum in her hand, then rubs it on his face.   Most of the men appear genuinely surprised at what the women are doing, but don't seem to mind.   Three separate videos compiled on one tape.   Picture quality is good.   [ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

JAPANESE  FARTS:    Two separate videos.  The first features scene after scene of Japanese girls farting, mostly through their panties and nylons.  Lots of long, loud, ripping farts, some of which appear to be "artificially" induced with a hose and small air pump.  Most of the fart scenes are repeated three or four times.  The second video features one girl in a school uniform who farts many times for the camera, through her panties and bare-assed.  She also farts in a guys face several times and removes a bloody tampon from her pussy before inserting another one.  Picture quality is fair to good, with some minor tracking lines at the bottom of the screen.
[ 2 hrs...$10.00 ]


DIRTY GIRLS VOL. 1 & 2:   This "messy" video features several hot women -- a couple of brunettes, a blonde, a and a redhead -- all playing with custard and champagne.   First a hot brunette in a see-through black outfit eats custard, dripping it down her chin and smearing it on her chest.  She drinks champagne and dribbles it all over herself, then pours a bowl of custard on her tits.   She pours champagne all over her tits and pussy while masturbating, then shoves her panties inside her pussy, pulls them out, and pisses.   A blonde masturbates on a leather couch with her fingers and a dildo, then she pisses through her black panty hose, and pisses again naked.  Someone pours custard all over her body, pussy, and face while she masturbates.   A slim redhead gets custard poured on her ass, masturbates while covered with custard, shoves her black panties up her pussy, pisses, and rubs the panties on her face.   Next, the brunette from the first scene gets her pussy eaten out by a sexy black-haired woman while she pours custard on herself.  Also includes more lesbian action with two different girls, a woman pissing in her own face, expelling an enema, pouring champagne on herself and masturbating with the bottle, and more.  With previews of another messy & pissing video.   English dialogue.   On a 160 minute tape.
[ 2 hrs.  25 min....$10.00 ]


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