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   Starts with two hot blondes pissing together into a big metal tub.   Followed by scene after scene of solo women pissing in the shower, in the bathtub, in buckets, glass vases, goldfish bowls, sinks, toilets, and more.   One girl removes her dirty tampon before pissing in the bathroom sink, another pees in the grass outdoors at a park.   Several scenes feature an Asian woman pissing in various places.   Three cute blondes in cheerleader outfits piss into glasses at the same time, and another blonde wearing a nurses uniform pisses through a hole cut into her panty hose, into a large glass vase.   Many scenes, lots of attractive women, good close ups, and great picture quality.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

PEEING VOL. 14:    Another great video featuring good-looking women pissing in metal tubs, trash cans, outdoors in the grass, in alleys, on the pavement next to trash dumpsters, in bathtubs, on the floor, in cat litter boxes, in the toilet, in mop buckets, in glasses, in the back of an El Camino, and more.   Includes two scenes of an attractive black woman pissing, in a litter box and outdoors.   Also has previews of another video featuring bloody tampon removal, fisting, and fucking.   Very good picture quality.
[ 59 min....$10.00 ]

A WEE BIT OF EVERYTHING:     At least 15 different women piss in many locations and situations  --  on the toilet, in glasses, jars, and pitchers, in the shower, in goldfish bowls and litter boxes, outdoors on the pavement, in the grass, in parks, on bleachers, on tree stumps, and more.   Great variety of girls, including blondes,  a redhead, a Hispanic girl, an Asian girl, and a couple of different pregnant women.   One hot brunette hikes her leg and squirts piss in a men's urinal.   A roller-skating blonde veers off  the path, then pisses in the grass.   Another hot blonde pisses while seated on a children's swing, and a girl walks up to an office building at night and pisses on the potted plant in front of the door.   One women drops a load of runny shit into the toilet as she's pissing.    Also includes dirty tampon removal.   Very good picture quality.
[ 62 min....$10.00 ]

DO IT IN THE ROAD:    As the title suggests, this video contains many scenes of women who need to pee while riding in cars or vans, so they pull over and piss on the pavement or on the side of the road.    Also includes several scenes of girls squatting between two cars in parking lots to piss on the blacktop, women pissing in playgrounds and parks, on children's slides, through their panties and cutoff jeans, into jars, and more.    Great video for fans of outdoor pissing.   Lots of attractive women, and very good picture quality.
[ 55 min....$10.00 ]

PEE  TOGETHER:    Pissing video featuring more than one girl urinating at the same time.   Two brunettes and a blonde all piss into measuring cups, and again in a fancy bathtub.   A huge-titted blonde and a brunette pee into cups, then two brunettes have a contest to see who can piss more, by using measuring cups.   Three cuties in cheerleader outfits piss on the floor at the same time.   Three girls wearing roller blades piss into a bathtub simultaneously.    Also features many scenes in which a man holds a woman's pussy open while she pisses, then she holds the guy's cock while he pees.    Also some solo pissing in the toilet, outdoors in the grass and on the pavement, pissing in the shower, and more.    Very good picture quality.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

PEEING VOL. 3:     A blonde (with huge tits that rival Chessie Moore's) pisses outdoors on some steps, and again in the bathtub.   While washing her truck naked, she soaps up her body and pisses in the driveway.   A plump blonde in a purple corset (who also has big tits) pisses in the bathtub.   A black woman also pees in the same tub.   A woman hops out of her truck, squats, and pisses all over the pavement.   Also many more scenes featuring attractive young women pissing in bowls, cups, toilets, bathtubs, sitting in chairs, and pissing while masturbating with a dildo.   Includes about a dozen scenes of an amateur woman pissing on towels and in the toilet, and a couple of "creampie" shots with cum oozing from her pussy.   Very good picture quality.
[ 63 min....$10.00 ]

   Nonstop parade of pissing scenes, all featuring attractive girls peeing in tall vases, glasses, goldfish bowls, toilets, showers, and bathroom sinks.   One woman pisses on an elevator floor, and another pisses in a mop bucket.   A brunette climbs up onto the top of a refrigerator to piss on the floor, then a blonde enters to piss on the brunette's black shoes.   Another woman sprays piss all over the place while masturbating with a silver dildo.   Excellent picture quality.   [ 60 min....$10.00 ]

PISS OFF:    A sweet blonde sits on the edge of a bed to piss in a metal pan.   In another room, she pisses in a cat litter box, then wipes her pussy.   While smoking a cigarette, she pisses in the bed of an El Camino truck.   Another hot blonde pisses in a parking lot, and again in the grass at a park.   Two really hot girls in cheerleader outfits squat at the same time to piss in champagne glasses until they overflow.    Later, they are joined by another hot cheerleader, and all three girls squat to piss into glasses at once, then get topless and perform some cheers.   Other attractive women piss in the tub, shower, sink, and toilet.   Excellent picture quality.
[ 61 min....$10.00 ]

NOTHING BUT PEE:    A strawberry blonde with small perky tits and a pierced clit stars in a collection of peeing and golden shower scenes.   She pisses in her own mouth, gets pissed on by her boyfriend in her mouth, face, and on her body, pees in a big wine glass, pisses outside next to a car and between two trucks, lays in bed and pisses in her own mouth, pees in the toilet, in the shower, and bathtub, pisses standing in the bed of a pickup truck, on tables, in the backyard, in front of an ATM, into a trash can while standing up, pisses on a dildo while masturbating, climbs out of a window and pisses off the roof of her house, and receives a golden shower from a female friend.    Also features jeans, and  panty wetting.  Lots of great scenes from an enthusiastic girl who enjoys piss.   Good picture quality.
[ 75 min....$10.00 ]

ANOTHER  NOTHING BUT PEE:    More great pissing and golden showers featuring the smiling strawberry blonde.   Her boyfriend pisses on her while she masturbates with a dildo, pees outdoors in the grass, pisses on a pane of glass with the camera positioned underneath, pees in her own mouth while laying in the tub, pees in parking lots, in glasses and bottles, sucks her boyfriend's cock while he pisses in her mouth, pisses in the backyard, in front of a park sign, and more.   Also includes scenes with her male and female friends, featuring oral and body golden showers in the bathroom and on the back deck, pissing on articles of clothing and piles of underwear, and more.   She really seems to like pissing on herself.   Good quality.
[ 82 min....$10.00 ]

JUST THE SQUIRTS  VOL. 4:    Homemade video starring a slim, long-haired brunette who pisses on the floor, sitting in chairs, in bed, on towels, in the toilet, bathtub and sink, in a bowl, in front of the Christmas tree, and more.   She pees in her boyfriend's mouth and on his cock, receives golden showers on her tits, pisses on her own hand, and in her panties.   In some scenes, her boyfriend uses a turkey baster to spray her own piss all over her tits.   She also likes laying on her back, hiking her legs over her head, and pissing in her own face.    In some scenes, she's bound with ropes or has her wrists tied to the ceiling.   Also includes masturbation with fingers and dildos and some whipping.   Towards the end, she squirts an enema out of her ass onto the hardwood floor.  Over 30 different scenes, filmed with two cameras.   Good picture quality.
[ 85 min....$10.00 ]

FELASHIA: "DEVOTION VOL. 1":   Starts off with the beautiful blonde Felashia wearing chains and masturbating with dildos.  Lots of her spraying cum, oral golden showers, drinking her own cum from a dog bowl, cum facials, and more.  In part two, she's in bed, her hair in pigtails.  She uses toys,  sprays cum, gets fucked by her man Scratch, and pees in her own mouth.  Picture quality is fair, but this video is loaded with great action!
[ 110 min....$10.00 ]

FELASHIA: "DEVOTION VOL. 2":   Another nice Felashia release, with dildos, cum spraying, her arms chained, anal fucking, oral golden showers, and pissing outside. The end has still shots of Felashia as a brunette.  Picture quality is fair to good.
[ 108 min....$10.00 ]

FELASHIA: "FAITH":    Beautiful Felashia dances in front of a mirror, turning herself on and caressing her pussy. She fills her panties with whipped cream, then screws her cunt and ass with dildos, sprays her cum juice, and sucks cock. She has whipped cream put in her mouth, followed by an oral golden shower, and gets fist fucked by Scratch. She sucks his cock flavored with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, topped off with cum. Outdoors, she gives herself enemas, gives another blow job, and gets a mouthful of cum.
[ 55 min....$10.00 ]

FELASHIA: "CHARITY":    Starts off with Felashia using dildos on herself while taking an enema, with lots of pussy squirting. Soon she's also sucking cock and getting fucked by Scratch, ending with a cum facial. The second half features pissing in the woods, taking and expelling another enema, getting a golden shower from Scratch, and more cock sucking. Back home, she sucks more dick, pisses in the backyard, receives another golden shower, and uses dildos to bring herself to gushing orgasms. Good picture quality.
[ 90 min....$10.00 ]

FELASHIA: "TRICK OR TREAT":   An all-masturbation, no-peeing video, apparently made for Halloween -- she has a "patch" of little pumpkins clipped to her pussy.   She rides a broom with a dildo attached to the end of it, covers herself with lots of whip cream, gets messy with a pumpkin pie, and drips hot wax on her own tits.  She sprays and drinks her own cum, uses vibrators and dildos, and climbs up into a tree to masturbate.  Then she goes to the bathroom, where she sticks her pussy under the bathtub faucet and lets the running water get her off, then masturbates to gushing wet orgasms in the bathroom, and again outside by the swimming pool.    We've included this one in the golden shower section just to keep the Felashia videos together.    Good picture quality.
 [ 101 min....$10.00 ]

FELASHIA: "THE PRINCESS & THE  FUCK  BUNNY":   Another excellent release featuring Felashia locked in a dog kennel, receiving golden showers from Scratch, pissing, using dildos and spraying cum all over.  She also wears a cute bunny outfit (complete with ears), takes and expels many enemas with several different colors of Kool-Aid, shoves eggs into her cunt and ass and shoots them out, talks dirty on the phone while giving head to Scratch, pisses, and more!   Picture quality is good, and the action is great.
[ 100 min....$10.00 ]

FELASHIA: "SACRIFICE":    Wearing a sexy white loin cloth outfit, Felashia pisses in a glass pitcher, then licks pee from a sheet on the floor.  Scratch chains her arms to the ceiling, fucks her with a vibrator, pours piss on her, paints her face and body, sticks a rose up her ass, pisses in her mouth, and makes her suck cock.  He suspends Felashia from the ceiling, gives her an enema while she sucks his dick, and frigs her pussy with a vibrator.  She's released from her chains, then he fucks her ass and cums on her face.  Next, she's chained and shackled outdoors, where she fills a pitcher with piss, which Scratch pours on her body and in her mouth.  He sticks another flower up her ass fucks her with a big dildo, and whips her with a cat 'o nine tails while she sucks his cock.  She masturbates, sprays cum, receives an oral golden shower, then he puts clothespins on her nipples.  In the yard, she masturbates, pisses, has her piss poured in her hair and on her body, receives another golden shower, whips herself, dances, pees, pours oil on her body, receives enemas, gets chained to a post like a dog, sucks cock, and gets a mouthful of cum.    Picture quality is fair, but there's lots of good action in this one.
[ 130 min....$10.00 ]

FELASHIA:  "COURAGE":    Wearing sexy red lingerie, beautiful blonde Felashia pours oil on herself, then fucks her pussy with a black dildo while rubbing her clit with a vibrator.  She frigs her pussy with the vibrator until she sprays cum, then goes back to the black dildo.  She fucks herself while sucking cock, then Scratch pisses on her face and in her mouth.  In another scene, she dances seductively on a table while pissing in her blue jeans.  She gets another golden shower, sucks cock, eats cum, pisses while sitting on a stool, pees all over herself, receives another golden shower, lays in bed, hikes her legs back, and pisses on herself again.  Next, she's led in on a dog leash, pisses on the floor, then masturbates with a prickly dildo while sitting on a mirror, after which she licks her juicy cum from the mirror.  She sucks cock again, gets fucked roughly from behind, and eats more cum.  Also features a short scene from a European video, with four women getting nasty in the shower.  Picture quality is fair to good.
[ 115 min....$10.00 ]

FELASHIA:  "RAINY DAY":   Stuck at home on a rainy day, Felashia masturbates on the living room table, gushing cum onto the glass, then scooping it up and pouring it on herself.  She sucks Scratch's cock and gets a mouthful of cum as a reward.  Next, wearing sexy black lingerie, she masturbates with a dildo and gushes more cum, then gives another blowjob and receives a cum facial.  She does a striptease and dances around the house, then it's back to her trusty dildo for more intense masturbation.  Followed by another loving blowjob filmed close-up, more erotic dancing, and dildo-fucking.  The last half hour features Felashia with a hot brunette -- they eat each other's pussies, then Felashia straps on a dildo to fuck her female friend from behind and in the missionary position.  No pissing this time around, but still hot.  Picture quality is good for the first 90 minutes, and fair for the last half hour.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

DIRK AND RAESA VOL. 1:    Dirk has a big dick, his wife Raesa has huge, pillowy tits!  They enjoy role playing (boss/secretary, door-to-door dildo saleswoman & customer), oral and body golden showers in the bedroom and kitchen, panty peeing, sucking and fucking, and anal sex.  In one scene, Dirk and the camera man both take turns pissing on a fully-clothed Raesa as she sits on the kitchen floor.  Good video quality.
[ 70 min....$10.00 ]

DIRK AND RAESA VOL. 2:   In this edition, Dirk shaves Raesa's hairy armpits, ties her up with ropes, and gives her an enema in the bathroom, which she expels into a bucket and in the toilet.    Also includes more golden showers, verbal abuse, anal sex, and lots more.
[ 109 min....$10.00 ]

SCARLETT: "X-STREAMS 1":   First, the kinky strawberry blonde squats on her kitchen counter and pisses.  Next, wearing a sexy maid's outfit, she sits on the table and masturbates, then opens her pussy with a pair of tongs.  She fucks herself with a light bulb of some sort (lit up), and a basting tube, then pisses on the living room table, gives herself an enema with a clear jug and a plastic hose, crawls down to the basement with the device still hanging out of her pussy, and expels the enema on the floor.  On the sofa, she fucks herself with a hammer handle, sucks cock while her husband smears Vaseline all over her face, and eats cum.  Sitting in a chair, she masturbates with a vibrator, douches her pussy, gives herself enemas, and expels while pissing.  She pisses on the floor, gets an oral golden shower, and eats more cum.  In bed, she fucks herself in both holes, sucks cock, and pisses on the sheets, followed by another messy Vaseline blow job.   Also includes a short segment where a brunette smokes cigarettes, pees on the toilet, and spouts lots of filthy obscenities at the cameraman, before fucking and sucking him off.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

SCARLETT: "X-STREAMS VOL. 2":   The raunchy redhead pees, humps and pisses on a bike seat, uses an inflatable, balloon-type vibrator, receives oral golden showers, masturbates with a carrot and cucumber, gets in the bathtub fully dressed, uses an anal dildo, and masturbates with  Ken dolls in her pussy and ass!
[ 105 min....$10.00 ]

SCARLETT: "X-STREAMS 4":   Scarlett prances around in an office setting, fucking herself with fingers, dildos, and vibrators.  In the bathroom, she gives herself numerous douches and enemas, spraying in the toilet and on the floor.  Also oral golden showers, blow jobs, cum facials, dressing up like a cowgirl, acting like a horse, pretending to be a baby and drinking piss from a bottle, being written on with a red marker, pissing outside, and more.   The last 20 minutes features Bree, a short-haired brunette who fucks herself with dildos, sprays cum on a blanket, and rides a guy's cock.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

SCARLETT:  "TUBES 3":   Scarlett pulls up her skirt to masturbate with her fingers, then she pisses on the floor.  She fucks herself with a weird tube-shaped vibrator in bed, suck cock, gets a faceful of cum, then hikes back her legs to piss in her own mouth.  Next, she's tied to the bars of her cage in the basement, and Scratch reams her with the tube-dildo,  Sitting in a chair, she gives herself an enema while fucking herself with a dildo, then sucks cock and gets a cum facial, and Scratch pisses in her mouth.  With her legs chained to the ceiling, she covers herself with shaving cream, masturbates, sucks cock, and eats cum.  Followed by more masturbation, oral cum, and golden showers.  The last 45 minutes features Felashia and Angela eating ass and pussy, fucking with a strap-on dildo, and three-way action with Scratch.
[ 115 min....$10.00 ]

SCARLETT:  "TOILET  WHORE":   At home, Scarlett masturbates with a Reach Easy vibrator with another dildo stuck up her ass.  She steps right into the toilet wearing high heeled shoes, pisses, and masturbates with one of her shoes.  She gives herself an enema and expels in the toilet, receives oral golden showers and sucks cock with her head on the toilet bowl, and sticks her face in the toilet water.  She cuts a hole in her panty hose and pisses through it, licks and kisses her own feet, receives a facial golden shower, pisses in her blue panties and then pulls them over her head, takes more enemas, eats cum, and gets vaseline smeared on her face.  Picture quality is fair to good.
[ 88 min...$10.00 ]

SCARLETT: "YELLOW JELL-O":   In this installment, Scarlett makes Jell-O with her own piss, eats it, and shoves it up her pussy. Also features oral golden showers, douching, bondage, her arms in stocks, blow jobs with oral cum shots, and nasty aerobics.    Good picture quality.
[ 114 min....$10.00 ]

SCARLETT:  "TUBES VOL. 3":   In the bedroom, Scarlett lifts her skirt, masturbates, pisses on a towel, then sucks on the wet towel.  She strips and masturbates with a big vibrator/tube, sucks cock and gets a faceful of cum, pisses in her own face, gets tied up with ropes and has clamps put on her nipples, then her husband sticks the vibrator/tube and a spoon up her ass and cunt.  She sucks water through an enema hose, then is gagged and receives a douche with the hose, then she sucks more cock and gets more cum in her mouth.  He pisses in her mouth, then she rubs shaving cream all over her body and gets pissed on again.
[ 73 min....$10.00 ]

BAD GIRLS VOL. 4:    In a backyard, a brunette lays in the grass, rubs baby oil on her body, then masturbates while the cameraman pisses on her pussy.   Later, she takes a piss of her own in the grass.   In the bathroom, she hold his cock while he pisses in the sink, then she sucks his cock.   She pisses in the toilet, fucks herself with a dildo in the bathtub while he pisses on her, fucks herself with a butt plug in bed, pisses again in the backyard, sucks the cameraman's cock again, and masturbates with a vibrator and butt plug in bed while he smacks her with a riding crop.   Finally, she takes a soapy bath and he pisses on her again as she sits in the water.
[ 74 min....$10.00 ]

SWEET  PEE:    This video features six different women.   First, a very sexy brunette pisses into the toilet while looking at the camera.  Next, a woman sucks off the cameraman and he cums on her chest.   Then an attractive blonde with long, braided hair and nice tits pisses in a number of places -- in the toilet, in trash baskets, and outdoors in the Hollywood hills.   She often fingers herself deeply after pissing.   Next, a cute brunette squats to piss on a paved  ocean side trail, catching piss in her hand, splashing it on her tits, and tasting it.   She gets naked on a rocky beach and pisses, and also pees on the ground in the California hills.   Followed by a couple of other women pissing on the floor.   Also includes several solo masturbation scenes that end in wet female ejaculations and squirting.
[ 83 min....$10.00 ]

DAISY DOES THE GIRLS:    In the first scene, a blonde with long, wavy hair and big tits gets it on with Daisy, a short-haired blonde with smaller tits, but big nipples.   They kiss, lick and finger each other's pussy and asshole, then ride the ends of a big double-headed dildo.   Then they lube up their fingers and slide their hands into each other's pussy.   Afterwards, they piss on each other in the bathtub.   In the next scene, Daisy is paired with a slim brunette with a pierced tongue, for more pussy eating.  They ride the same double-headed dildo, then the brunette pumps Daisy's pussy with a big rubber cock while holding a vibrator to her clit, and shoves four fingers and most of her hand into Daisy's wet pussy.   Also includes video footage shot at an adult nightclub, where Daisy watches as two hot brunettes bump and grind, suck tits, and lick pussy while other people watch and film.   Daisy puts on her own show, sliding out of her panties and leaning over a bar stool to pose for pictures.   Then she teams up with one of the hot brunettes for tit sucking and pussy licking on a couch and on a pool table.   Very good picture quality.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

TAWNI & TIFFANY TINKLES VOL. 2:   A somewhat plump blonde with big, fake tits and a big ass squats to piss in a plastic pan, then she masturbates on the couch.   In the bathroom, she showers, then pees standing in the tub.   She pisses again standing up into the drain of a basement floor, then fucks herself with a vibrator.   Next, she pisses in the toilet and masturbates with the same vibrator while sitting on the bathroom floor.   She takes a shower and pisses in the tub again, soaping up her big tits, legs, and body, then masturbates under the spray of the shower.   Next, another hot brunette wearing sexy white nylons pisses in a bowl and masturbates with her fingers.   In the bathroom, she spreads her pussy and pisses again while standing in the tub.   Good picture quality.
[ 55 min....$10.00 ]

TINKLE BELLES:    A busty blonde lays in the tub and pees, then a tiny-titted brunette does the same. They take a soapy shower together, after which there are many more pissing scenes -- in the toilet, bathtub, in pants and panties, and outdoors at a lake.   Also includes some nice masturbation with dildos, as well as pussy shaving.  Excellent picture quality.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

MICHELLE & TAMI:  In a hotel room, a mistress named Michelle disciplines her sexily dressed brunette maid, Tami.   The maid massages Michelle's feet and legs, eats her pussy, sucks her tits, and sits in her lap as Michelle pisses on the chair.   Michelle puts on a pair of jeans and gets in bed, and Tami massages her mistresses' ass while pissing on the carpeted floor.   Michelle wets her jeans, then both women masturbate in bed, and Tami pisses all over the sheets.   In another scene, Michelle makes Tami get on her hands and knees to clean the bathroom floor.   While she's cleaning, Tami pisses all over the floor, then Michelle stands in front of her and pisses a gusher while standing up.  They both finger themselves, and Michelle sits on the sink to squirt another big stream of piss all over the floor.   They sit on each end of a whirlpool tub, masturbate, and piss in the water.   Also includes some "outtakes" at the end.
[ 70 min....$10.00 ]

LANCE & G.S. BRUNETTE:    A woman with short black hair pisses, masturbates on a ladder in the kitchen with a knife handle, pisses from the top of a flight of stairs, fucks herself with dildos, gets peed on by Lance and his Mexican friend, and lots more.
[ 110 min....$10.00 ]

LANCE & G.S. BRUNETTE  VOL. 2:   More action with the brunette, Lance, and his Mexican friend.  Starts with fucking and sucking, then she pisses into a jug, fucks herself with a traffic cone and pees on it, pisses on the toilet seat and floor, receives a long oral golden shower, and pees on the bed.  He pisses in her cunt, directly and through a funnel, then she pisses in his mouth, followed by more blow jobs and fucking.   Good picture quality.
[ 58 min....$10.00 ]

VANITY AND LANCE:   A cute brunette with a tattoo on her butt, (and who resembles Gillian Anderson from The X Files) spreads wide and masturbates with the handle of a small plunger in her pussy and ass, a traffic cone, and dildos.   She also stuffs a long piece of heavy chain in her cunt and uses a dilator for a deep look inside her pussy.    She squats and pees several times, sucks and deep-throats a big cock, gets fucked, pees on a guy's cock, and gets golden showers on her mouth, tits, and pussy.  At the end, her diaphragm pops out of her pussy  while she's pissing!
[ 50 min....$10.00 ]

MARIA AND LANCE:    A pregnant, Hispanic-looking woman sucks Lance's cock while she masturbates with a dildo.  She reams her ass with a vibrator while he fucks her pussy with a dildo, then she rides his cock and he fucks her in several different positions.  She masturbates with another monster dildo, he shoves a beer can up her cunt, she pisses in the toilet, he sticks half of his foot in her pussy, and pisses all over her as she lays in bed.
[ 50 min....$10.00 ]

GO WITH THE FLOW:    Several nice-looking American women piss in various locations, mostly outdoors on rocks, steps, beaches, in streams and woods, with some indoor scenes, too.  Also quite a bit of masturbation with fingers and dildos, some cocksucking, and a couple of golden showers from a guy.  Picture quality is fair to good.
[ 108 min....$10.00 ]

TIFFANY PEES:   This video stars a cute girl with curly brown hair and nice tits.   In bed, wearing sexy white nylons, she masturbates with her fingers and then pisses all over the sheets.   Followed by some outdoor scenes where she steps into a small stream and pisses into the water while standing up.   Later, she sits on a log, masturbates, and pisses on the ground.   She returns to the stream, where she squats to piss in the water.   Back inside, she opens her silk nightgown and pisses in the bathtub, pees again sitting on the toilet, and pees on the floor while laying on the edge of the bed.   Also includes an up-close scene where she pisses on the camera lens, followed by more masturbation and pissing in bed.    Good picture quality.
[ 51 min....$7.00 ]

TIFFANY -- PISSING OUTDOORS:    Tiffany returns, this time wearing a long, dishwater blonde wig and pissing in a variety of outdoor locations.   She leans against a tree and pees on the ground while standing up,  masturbates while sitting on a picnic table in the woods, sits on a tree stump to masturbate and piss on the ground,  and sits on a cement drainage pipe to piss.   She pulls down her jeans to squat and piss on the dead leaves, stands in a stream wearing a cute short dress and pisses in the water, pees standing up while wearing a long white dress, and pisses while sitting on a brick wall.   While driving, she pulls over, opens the car door, and pisses on the road.   Followed by more pissing scenes while sitting on a picnic table and squatting in the woods.    Good picture quality.
[ 55 min....$7.00 ]

COMFORT  INN:    Amateur American video featuring a brunette with big tits who pisses in the bathtub, toilet, and on her husband.  In a couple of scenes he pisses on himself in the tub.  Other couples also join in for fucking and sucking, lesbian action, anal and vaginal dildos, and more golden showers in the bathtub.  Also includes scenes featuring a different couple fucking and sucking, pissing, and playing with dildos.   This video is somewhat roughly edited, but overall picture quality is good.   [ 96 min....$10.00 ]

KATRINA'S WET & WILD WATERSPORTS /  KATHY:  Slender blonde in an endless series of pissing scenes, in the toilet, sink, and bathtub, on the floor, in a glass, a bucket, an ice cube tray, and outdoors in the Arizona desert. She also fucks and gives and receives golden showers from a guy, and there are even bloopers at the end, with Katrina flubbing up her lines and falling into the tub and toilet.  Also includes additional wet scenes from Kathy, a full-figured, long-haired blonde with a pierced pussy, who pisses in the bathroom sink, outside on the sidewalk and in the grass, in plastic basins, on the couch while masturbating, and on her waterbed.   Good quality.
[ 71 min....$10.00 ]

GOLDEN  OUTDOORS:   Mostly outdoor pissing video starring two different girls -- both are plump, and the cuter of the two appears in the most scenes.   She pisses on the ground by a lake, pees squatting next to a car, and on the cement in a park shelter.   She pisses in a bucket, cutting a couple of farts and laughing about it.   Inside, she pees while standing in the tub and in a bucket.  Back outside, she pisses in back of a log cabin, standing in front of a car's headlights at night, several times in the dirt, and on a rocky cliff.   At a car wash, she holds a vacuum hose up to her stream of pee, then uses it to suck up more piss from the ground.   The heavier girl straddles a cannon in a park and pisses on the barrel through her white shorts, pisses standing up a few times, and pees on the sidewalk while a car passes by on the street.   In a park, she's joined by an older woman, who pees with her on the ground, in the park bathroom, then indoors in a bathtub.   In a motel, the girls pee in each others hands, piss all over the bathroom floor and on the carpet, and in the sink.   At one point, the plump girl slips and falls on her ass into a big puddle of her own piss.   Good picture quality.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

RAINY DAZE  VOL. 1 & 2:   Two volumes on one DVD!   Seven different women piss in the bathtub, the toilet, in bowls, sitting in chairs, through their panties, and more.  Features some great close ups of gushing piss while the girls sit on the toilet with their legs spread.  Also some hot masturbation with dildos and a candle.   Good picture quality.
[ 65 min....$10.00 ]

RAINY DAZE  VOL. 3 & 4:   Five different good-looking women piss in toilets, tubs, plastic basins, outdoors on a picnic table, and perched in a tree.  About 20 different scenes in all.
[ 80 min....$10.00 ]

MARTHA'S GOLDEN MOMENTS:   Nice looking, young brunette masturbates with kitchen utensils and pees in a bowl, followed by more peeing (indoors and out), golden showers with two different men, fucking, and more. The girl resembles Hollywood actress Martha Plimpton.
[ 50 min....$10.00 ]

FANTASY PEES:    Busty, mature redhead pees many times, into glasses, on the floor, in her clothes, outdoors in a parking lot, a garage, and more.  She also acts like a dog, lapping up piss from a bowl, pours her own piss in her hair, and gives and receives golden showers with her husband.  Good picture quality.   If you like this actress, check out  "Fantasy Pees and Poops" in the Scat Video section.
[ 90 min....$10.00 ]

AMERICAN PEE CLIPS /  FANTASY PEES:    Starts with many scenes of women peeing on the floor, in toilets, tubs, in bed, in jeans and panties, outdoors, and more.  The last 80 minutes features Fantasy, the big-titted redhead, in pissing scenes, golden showers, giving blow jobs to her husband, wearing nipple clamps, and more.  Picture quality is fair to good.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

 LIQUID GOLD VOL. 1:    A very cute blonde with her hair in pigtails and wearing a short skirt asks a group of men, "Do you wanna watch me pee?" before sitting in a chair to piss on the driveway outside.   Another girl finds a  sign on the toilet that reads "Broken," so she takes off her panties and squats to piss in the shower stall.   A mature blonde with big tits pisses in the grass outside by a motor home, then a nice brunette pees on the pavement.   Blonde Zoe squats to piss in the grass, then luscious blonde Alison pisses on a pile of leaves in the driveway.   Regan pisses standing up next to a swimming pool, followed by a "gotta go" scene starring a redhead who can't get to the bathroom and has to piss outside.   Four more girls piss in the toilet, with one getting piss sprinkles all over the inside of her thighs.   At least six more pissing scenes follow, both indoors and out, including one girl with wildly teased hair and green body paint, who crawls towards the camera before squatting to piss in the grass.   Excellent picture quality, and very attractive girls.
[ 45 min....$7.00 ]

DOUG AND LORI:    This video actually features two couples.  First, a slender blonde in white nylons and high heels masturbates and pisses on the floor, then a guy pisses on her and another woman in the kitchen.  One girl pees on the other, then both women receive mouthfuls of piss from a guy wearing women's undergarments.   Another man shows up, followed by sucking and fucking, strap-on dildos, lesbian action, pissing in the girl's hair and face, oral cum, and ass-rimming.
[ 118 min....$10.00 ]

THE LAST FEW MOMENTS /  GIRLS WHO DO IT:  Many different women in various pissing scenes -- bare pussy, spread pussy, in panties, pants, skirts and nighties, indoors and out, by themselves and on each other, and in their hands to pour on themselves.   The second half is another golden video with lots of bare-pussy peeing, some toilet sitting, and pants and panty wetting, a few douches, and quite a bit of lesbian action and showers, mostly on tits.
[ 116 min....$10.00 ]

AMERICAN GOLDEN SHOWERS VOL. 1:   The first half of this video features a couple.  Both the man and the woman piss alone, and he pisses in her mouth and on her face in numerous scenes.  Also includes cock sucking, mouth fucking, pussy eating, shaving, and oral cum.  In one scene he tongues and sucks her asshole, then fucks her, leaving cum running out of her pussy.   The second half features an attractive, sandy blonde who pisses outdoors wearing a variety of different lingerie outfits, as well as indoors in the toilet and bathtub, often pissing through her panties.  She also pisses in a cup, on the hood of a car, through a patio chair, and in her hands, before rubbing it on herself.  Many pissing scenes.  Picture quality is fair in the first half, and good in the second.
[ 100 min....$10.00 ]

JAMIE'S  GIRLS  VOL. 2:    Jamie Gillis follows a blonde into an alley, where she leans up against a building to piss on the pavement.   A black girl named Sugar lowers her red slacks to piss in a parking lot, then she sits in the back seat of Jamie's car and talks about peeing.  Later, she pees again on the pavement.   Jamie picks up another well-dressed brunette in his limo, and gets her to piss on the ground.   A hot, curly haired blonde is next -- first she pees on the ground, wearing only a black bra.  She pisses again on the pavement while smoking a cigarette, saying "I'm a bad girl" as the piss puddles around her feet, before she puts out the cigarette in the puddle.   One scene is directed by a guy with a British accent, who talks to an attractive blonde about pissing in public places.  Then she strips and crawls on all fours to another room, where he has newspapers laid on the floor.  She tries to pee but can't, so he pisses on her, then after some more straining she manages to piss on the newspaper, and he gives her a milk bone as a reward.   Finally, Jamie talks to another young blonde about pissing outdoors, then she crawls on all fours to the backyard, strips, pisses in the dirt, puts on her clothes, and crawls back inside.   Picture quality is fair to good.
[ 58 min....$8.00 ]

GOLDEN GIRLS /  DIANA:  A nice Asian-looking woman pees lots of times, indoors and out, often by or in a lake and a stream.  Also features two different blondes peeing in similar locations.   In the second half, the shapely blonde Diana from "Golden Girls" stars in her own video. She talks to the cameraman, then pees in a plastic basin, the tub, toilet, and many different outdoor locations, including in a lake and a stream.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

STACY  PEES:   A pretty brunette pisses in her backyard,  on a rocky beach cliff, in the toilet, in the sand, in the shower, in a motel sink, an above-ground parking lot, in the grass, in a bowl, on a desk, into a bidet, all over the kitchen floor, squatting between two cars, at a storage rental facility, into a jar, in the woods, and more.  Includes a scene where she pisses off a motorboat into the lake, and a scene where she pisses into the kitchen sink through her black panties.   Good picture quality.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

SHANNON'S WATER SHOW:   Cute brunette Shannon sits in a chair and masturbates, then pulls her lace panties aside and pisses all over the floor, takes off the panties, and masturbates some more.   Next, she lifts her skirt, takes off her panties, and pisses into a glass bowl, pees in the bowl again with her panties pulled aside, and fingers her pussy.   She masturbates again in a black leather chair, pisses while laying on the floor, gets on her hands and knees to piss, pees in her panties while sitting on a linoleum floor (in panties, then again bare-pussy).   In the bedroom, she lays on her back on the bed, stuffs a dildo up her asshole and masturbates, then squats to piss in a bowl.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

MISTY'S TINKLE TIME:   A shapely brunette with a shaved pussy pisses in a glass, standing up, in the bathtub and shower, in a cat litter box, and in the kitchen sink.    Also lots of scenes where she pisses in the toilet while spreading her pussy.   Includes a shot from underneath a glass bowl as she fills it with gushing, frothy piss.   The woman has a small tattoo on her pussy, and another on her left tit.   Good picture quality.
[ 42 min....$10.00 ]

PEEING  VOL. 1 & 2:   Women piss indoors in basins, trash cans, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, cat litter boxes, and in glasses, and outdoors in the grass, perched in a tree, and on the pavement.  Over 50 scenes in all, including several tampon removal scenes.  Fair picture quality, but lots of good pissing scenes.   [ 117 min....$10.00 ]

TAMMY AND TINA:   Lots of action with a stocky "butch" lesbian and a nice looking brunette.  A third girl is also involved in some scenes.  Golden showers, dildos, pussy eating, and bondage are the main themes.  A few scenes are in slow-motion, and picture quality is fair to good.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

LADIES ROOM PART 2:   Hidden camera video in a women's rest room, filmed from a grate in the ceiling, looking down.  About 30 different scenes, including one tampon insertion.
[ 37 min....$10.00 ]

LADIES ROOM PART 3:   More scenes shot from above the toilet.  One woman looks up and appears to see the camera man!  Mostly peeing, with a couple of pooping scenes.  A few scenes are shot from the side, through a small hole in the wall.   No audio.
[ 36 min....$10.00 ]

BROWN EYE EXPRESS /  LADIES ROOM  PART 5:    Hidden camera women's restroom video, mostly shot with a camera directly behind the toilet, with a few scenes filmed from overhead and from the front.  Many of the women don't sit down all the way on the toilet, so we get clear shots of the piss streaming from their pussies, with some very good close-ups for this type of video.  Also some maxi-pad and tampon changing.  Good video quality.
[ 76 min....$12.00 ]

USING THE LADIES ROOM VOL. 1:   High, front-view angle gives a great shot of the action in a women's toilet at a health spa.   It catches dozens of attractive women in exercise outfits using the facilities.  Some of them are naked after lowering their one-piece leotards!   Picture quality is good, but filmed in black and white.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

CANDID LADIES ROOM #3:   Starts with a "review" of Candid Ladies Room  #1 and #2, then features more women of all shapes and sizes using a public restroom, filmed from a peephole on the left side of the toilet.  Some women hover over the toilet to piss, without actually sitting down.  Lots of good ass shots towards the end.  With a Gloria Estefan soundtrack!
[ 72 min....$10.00 ]

CANDID LADIES ROOM #4:  Many scenes of women of all shapes and sizes using a public restore, videotaped with a hidden camera from the side. No real close-ups, but the camera follows them around as they come in, sit down, check themselves in the mirror, etc.  Musical soundtrack with no "real" sound.
[ 52 min....$10.00 ]

CANDID LADIES ROOM #6:  More women using the same public restore. One lady picks her nose and eats boogers while sitting on the toilet!  Includes a segment at the end called "Watching Her Wipe", with wiping scenes from various other Candid Ladies Room videos.
[ 70 min....$10.00 ]

HIDDEN BATHROOM CAM:   Features women of all shapes and sizes using a public rest room, filmed mostly from the front & below the toilet.  The women's faces can be seen in most scenes, some even appear to look directly towards the camera!  Some women sit down to pee, while others hover over the toilet or squat with their feet on the seat.   Includes tampon and maxi pad removal, women lining the seat with toilet paper, spitting in the toilet, singing while pissing, and a couple of scenes featuring girls pissing in alleys, which appear to have been filmed without the girls knowing.
[ 57 min....$10.00 ]

PEE  IN PUBLIC VOL. 2:  Women piss in various public locations -- on the streets, apartment stairways, parking lots, beaches, railroad stations, airplane hangars, and more.  Also some fucking and a messy oral cum shot.  Over 20 scenes.
[ 48 min....$10.00 ]

PISS GIRLS /   WET  T-SHIRTS:   The first half features some truly gorgeous women pissing outdoors, in the bathtub, toilet, kitchen sink, in a lake, on a balcony, and more.  Includes a beautiful brunette with huge tits, and many scenes appear to be filmed with a hidden camera in someone's home.   The second half features footage of wet T shirt and thong bikini contests, as well as a bachelor party, with hot, slutty women and lots of cheering guys.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

PISS GIRLS VOL. 2 /  DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE:    In the first segment, many attractive and eager women piss on the ground, soak their bedsheets with piss, pee on the kitchen floor, standing next to cars, in buckets, on newspapers, and more.   Includes a lesbian golden shower and several scenes featuring a hot brunette with huge tits pissing, as well as a few hidden camera scenes.   In the second half, Jodi and Rose (a blonde and a short-haired brunette) pee outside in the snow, indoors in toilets, the bathtub, cans, bowls, in a washing machine, and on a mirror.  Includes both solo peeing, as well as scenes where the girls piss at the same time.  Also a couple of segments where they masturbate together, in bed and in the bathroom.
[ 90 min....$10.00 ]

PISS TALK WITH JULIA:    Julia is a cute brunette who invites a group of her female friends over to talk about peeing and to piss on the floor while the others watch.    They sit in a circle, drinking champagne and talking about pissing outdoors, on other people, in the water, and more.   During the discussion, the girls take turns squatting in the middle of the circle to piss on the floor.    Includes a heavy set but cute black woman who pisses two different times, and a femdom who allows her collared and leashed female slave to piss in front of the other girls.   Also features plenty of pissing scenes in other locations -- in a basement room, one of Julia's friends pisses standing up while Julia watches, then Julia hikes her leg up against the wall to piss on the floor herself.    Other girls piss outside in the grass, on the head of a statue in a backyard, in a men's urinal, in the shower, in the sink, and sitting on a flight of stairs.   One girl stands directly over the camera to piss a loud gusher all over the lens.    Picture is somewhat grainy, but the candid piss discussion and mostly attractive amateur girls make this one worth owning.
[ 50 min....$5.00 ]

GOLDEN  GUYS VOL. 1:    An all-male golden shower and pissing video featuring three clean-cut guys and one heavily tattooed and pierced man (he has two big rings through the head of his cock and about ten in his scrotum).   The men piss on each other's cocks, chest, faces, in their mouths, face, and hair,  and on themselves.   One guy pisses in the other guy's asshole while he's fucking him, the bends down to receive the piss expulsion on his chest.   Also fucking in a suspended hammock, French kissing, deep asshole licking, oral cumshots, spitting in mouths, and jacking off.   The tattooed guy gets his asshole fisted, and another guy is nearly fisted as he fucks another man in the ass.   Good picture quality.
[ 100 min....$10.00 ]

GOLDEN  GUYS VOL. 2:    Another all-male, piss-filled amateur video.   Starts with a guy pissing into a glass and then gulping down the whole thing.     Also features lots of  men pissing into other men's open mouths, facial cum shots, a guy fucking his ass with a zucchini, foot worship, men pissing on themselves, and yes, anal sex.  Mostly very good video quality.
[ 115 min....$10.00 ]

PISS-PIG FANTASIES:    Three men in a public bathroom suck each other's cocks and trade golden showers on their bodies and in their mouths.  One guy also fist-fucks another guy's asshole as he lays on the bathroom floor.  Also features another segment starring one of the men from the bathroom video with a guy in a hotel room, with more golden shower and man-on-man action.
[ 45 min....$10.00 ]



   Great video for lovers of Japanese girls and piss !   A woman pees on a man's chest and licks some off, then she pisses in a big glass, gargles, and drinks most if it.   Another woman pisses into a condom and sucks on it, then a man pokes a hole in the condom and squirts the piss into her mouth.   Another cute girl squats on two chairs to piss in a guy's mouth.   A girl pisses into a condom, then a man slaps her face with it until it breaks, then he splashes piss on her body.   She pisses into a big glass and he pours it in her mouth, then she spits it back into his mouth.   A short-haired cutie pisses into a wine glass and tastes it, then takes a mouthful of cum from a guy.   A man fingers a hot chick until she gushes cum all over the sheets, then she pees through a funnel into a condom, sucks on it, pokes a hole, and drinks the piss.   A woman with big tits sucks a guy's cock, then he cums in her mouth and pisses all over her tits.  She pees on his crotch, and pisses again all over the floor while he holds her in his lap.   Another girl fills a glass with piss, gargles and drinks, eats cum, and pees into a condom, then a man squirts the piss on her body.   A woman pisses into a wine glass, then a guy sticks a tube from her ass into the glass and she blows fart bubbles in the piss before they both drink it !   A girl is led in on a leash, then she hikes her leg like a dog to piss in a bowl, and laps up her own piss.   Followed by several more great pissing and golden shower scenes.   Excellent picture quality.  
[ 128 min.... $15.00 ]

    Five girls in matching shorts and T-shirts go jogging through the city while their coach rides alongside on his bike.    At the top of a flight of stairs, one girl bends over and pisses through her shorts onto the sidewalk.    The other girls gather around while she holds her head down in shame.    In class, wearing matching dresses, one of the girls needs to piss while taking a test, and lets loose at her desk.   Piss runs down the seat and all over the floor.   Later, one of the girls kneels on the sidewalk and pisses through her panties as cars drive by.   Another girl can't find the keys to her apartment and pisses through her denim shorts onto the floor outside her door.    One girl pisses in her pajamas while sleeping, soaking her pajama bottoms and the blue bed sheets.   Some nice "can't make it" scenes, good quality.
[ 58 min....$10.00 ]

OMARASHI  CO-ED:     A schoolgirl paces and fidgets while standing next to a window, finally pissing through her panties onto the floor.    As she's working out a problem on the chalkboard for the teacher, she needs to pee again, but can't leave, so she squats and pisses a big puddle on the floor while her teacher watches.    Next, she changes into her gym shorts and a T-shirt, and puts her hair in pig-tails.   She has to pee yet again in gym class, and does it on the floor.   Her male teacher makes her soak up the piss with a rag.   She can't make it to the bathroom coming home, and pisses in her blue jeans on a flight of stairs, with piss streaming down both legs.   Followed by yet another wetting accident at home when she can't get into the bathroom.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

CJ - 002:   A cute girl stars in a variety of pissing and sex scenes -- first, wearing a pink kimono, she serves dinner to two men.   She sneaks into a side room and pisses into two glasses, then brings it back to the men, and they drink it.   One guy makes her suck his cock and 69's her, cumming in her mouth.   The guys pass out on the floor, and she stands over them, lifts her kimono, and pisses all over their faces.    In the next scene, she plays a schoolgirl who has to piss in class, so she takes a funnel and tube, sticks it down the pants of a male student, and pisses a gusher that runs into his slacks and onto the floor.   In an office setting, a businessman lays on a table and she stands over him, lifts her dress, and pisses in his open mouth, which he swallows.   Dressed as a maid, she sucks a man's cock and takes a load of cum in her mouth, then she pulls her panties aside and pisses in a glass until it's overflowing (filmed from the front and also from underneath, with piss splashing all over the camera lens).   He fucks her on a leather couch and shoots a big load of gooey cum on her mouth and face.   Finally, with her hair in pigtails, she lays in bed with a guy and fondles his cock through his underwear.   She stands over him wearing pink panties and pisses on his face -- the piss seeps through her panties and cascades all over his face like rain -- then she giggles at what she's done.   Excellent picture quality, nice looking girl.
[ 58 min....$10.00 ]

MAID'S PISSING SERVICE:    A woman wearing a frilly maid's outfit squats over an Asian style toilet and pisses a long stream, most of which misses the toilet and splashes all over the floor, then she puts on rubber gloves and cleans up the puddle with towels.   Next, she stands up, hikes her leg up like a dog, and pisses another big gusher.   She squats again to piss in a different toilet.   Wearing sexy black lingerie on a rooftop, she squats on a pedestal and pisses another long, arcing stream onto the roof, then wipes her pussy.   Back inside, she leans back into a man's lap and pisses another stream into a bottle held by another guy, who gulps it down, then she masturbates with a vibrator and tastes a bit of her own pee.   A man picks her up from behind and she shoots another big gusher of piss into a guy's face, then he eats her pussy.  Followed by more toilet pissing scenes.   This woman pisses some of the longest streams ever captured on tape!   Excellent picture quality.
[ 43 min....$10.00 ]

SERIOUS TEACHER:    Young woman with long hair and wearing a business dress needs to pee, so she climbs up on a table, squats, and pisses into a bowl held by a man, who dips his fingers in the piss.   Outside, she pisses a puddle on the asphalt while leaning against a wall near a schoolyard.  Back inside, she plays with her pussy on the couch, then the man lays on a coffee table and she stands over him and pisses in his face.   In another scene, he fits her with an adult diaper and she pisses in it, then he removes the diaper and wrings the piss out onto the table.   Next, wearing only white panties, she pisses through her panties into a clear jug and on the floor, then she sucks the guy's cock and he cums in the bottle of piss.   In a different room, she stands on a leather couch and pisses into a cup, splashing some on the couch.   She sits on a foam mat and pisses a puddle around herself, then the man pisses all over her nice dress.   Outside again, she pisses a big puddle on the ground while sitting on a bench.   Excellent picture quality.
[ 58 min....$10.00 ]

GND - 02:   Great pissing video features lots of cute girls squatting forwards and backwards to piss in both Asian and American style toilets.   The girls wear many different outfits, including colored panties, nurse uniforms, panty hose, green vinyl sci-fi looking costumes, wrestling masks, a Cat Woman costume, and more!   Several girls also squat to piss on the floor and in the shower stall, and some like to flash their cute tits to the camera after they finish peeing.   Other highlights include girls pissing while standing up, a girl in a cute pink outfit pissing all over a guy's face, a woman wearing only several gauze bandages and an eye patch pissing while standing up, masturbation on the toilet, and a woman wearing a nun's outfit with a big cross around her neck pissing into both American and Asian style toilets!   Non-stop pissing action, and excellent picture quality.
[ 90 min....$10.00 ]

FO - 02:   An attractive young Japanese woman with gorgeous big tits pisses into a large wine glass until it overflows, then a man pours the piss on her tits, and she pushes her tits together so he can pour the pee into her cleavage and drink it.   He fucks her between her tits and cums in her mouth, then she spits the cum into her cleavage and sucks it up through a straw.   Next, another guy fingers and eats her pussy, she sucks his cock, they fuck, and he cums in her mouth.   In another scene, she pisses through a funnel into a condom, squeezes the piss-filled condom between her tits, then pricks a hole in the condom and drinks the squirting piss.   Also includes unique shots of the inside of her mouth filmed with a special camera.  Followed by more cock sucking, drooling, oral cum, spitting cum into a spoon and slurping it back into her mouth over and over.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

MESS AT GARDEN PARTY:    In this Japanese peeing video, a female tour bus guide can't wait, and pisses on the ground in front of the bus.  She also lets loose on the side of the road, through her nylons in a ski lift tram, and atop a flight of steps with people nearby.  Includes a blow job scene outdoors at night while she pees, and a scene where she pisses while wearing a diaper.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ] 

MESS OF BUS GUIDE LADY:    Another panty peeing video similar to the above title, in which a young woman at a garden party can't hold it in and soaks her skirt and pantyhose. She just can’t seem to keep control as she publicly pees herself again and again on the sidewalk, in a rowboat, on a aerial tram, and back at the party.  8 wet scenes in all.  Good picture quality.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

FACIAL PISS GIRL:    A woman wearing a business dress pisses in an Asian style toilet, then, in another room, she hikes he leg on a chair and pisses on a man's face while a room full of men watch.   Still dressed, she sits in a fancy bathtub, and all of the men step up to piss on her face, hair, and body, two guys at a time.   It's hard to keep count, but there appear to be between 30 and 40 men who piss on the young lady.   In the middle of it all, she stands up to piss in the tub herself.   After all the men are finished, one guy uses a bucket to scoop the piss out of the tub and pour it on her.   Great close-ups of the warm piss splashing off the girl's face and mouth.
[ 57 min....$8.00 ]

GYS - 01:   Non-stop piss action featuring lots of different girls pissing in public -- on the street, in parking lots, on train tracks, sidewalks, bridges, park benches, and stairways.    In some scenes, the girls lift their skirts or open their overcoats to piss, but in other scenes, they're completely naked and piss while cars, bikes, and pedestrians pass by only a few feet away.   Some of the girls hike their leg up on railings or posts to piss like a dog, and in a couple of scenes they have a collar and leash around their neck, held by a man.   Lots of pissing while standing up, but plenty of squatting, too.  One girl pisses gushing fountains that shoot out farther than a man can piss!    Many of the scenes are shown from 2 or 3 different camera angles.   Excellent picture quality.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

YH - 01:   A slim girl with small breasts flashes her tits and pussy on a sidewalk as cars drive by only feet away, then she pisses on the sidewalk and wipes, strips naked, and runs down the sidewalk.   Standing on a bridge over a freeway, wearing a short skirt, she she spreads her legs and pisses on the concrete, then wipes.   Sitting on a curb, a man feels her up and licks her ass while cars pass nearby.   In another location, she stands on the street median, takes off her skirt and panties, squats, and pisses a big puddle.   Standing next to the ocean, she gets naked, spreads her legs, and pisses standing up.  Then she sits down and masturbates.  She flashes some more from a van, followed by some upskirt shots as she masturbates and eats at a crowded restaurant.   Next, she unbuttons her blouse and walks around in a grassy field, then leans over a fence while a guy checks out her bare ass.   She strips naked in a public phone booth, walks around town with her blouse open and tits exposed, and squats to piss on another road overpass.   Most of the pissing scenes are shown from multiple angles.   Excellent picture quality.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

ASIAN SEX THERAPIST:   A female "doctor" instructs a young woman in the ways of hetero and lesbian sex in a series of "lessons" that include blowjobs, toe sucking, anal play, oral cum shots, and cum play.   One guy spits in the girl's mouth while he fucks her.  In another scene, she changes the diaper of a male "baby", then jerks him off.  He cums all over his belly, then she slurps it up.   Next, dressed in a shiny black dominatrix outfit, she fucks and sucks a blindfolded male slave and takes his cum in her mouth.   Outdoors, she squats to piss all over the pavement.   Back inside, she and the female doctor French kiss, eat and grind pussies, and ride both ends of a two-headed dildo, before the doctor fucks her with a strap-on.   In the last scene, the women take on two men for fucking, sucking, and oral cum.   Includes previews of several other videos.   Excellent picture quality.
[ 103 min....$10.00 ]



   Two brunettes enter a seedy-looking backroom, where several men are waiting.   The women suck the guy's cocks and the men piss in their faces, fuck them, and cum in their mouths.   One woman leaves, and the other continues to give blowjobs and eat cum, then the men all piss on her face, in her mouth, and on her hair.   She takes turns licking the men's assholes, sometimes while the other men  are still pissing on her face.   They sit on her face, she sucks their toes, they fuck her, and continue to piss all over her.   This must  have been filmed in several different segments, because the men never seem to run out of piss.   Also includes previews of other gang-bang, B&D, public flashing, and golden shower videos.
[ 117 min....$10.00 ]

BRITISH PISS SISTERS, PART 1 & 2:   Two stunningly blonde young British women -- real sisters, according to the credits -- piss all over the place at a historic English castle.   The girls relieve themselves on steps, walkways, ledges, stones, in the grass, and more.   Lots of pissing through panties, panty hose, shorts, and on dresses, as well as bare-pussy peeing.   Often the girls stop to kiss and rub each other's pussies.   In some scenes, there are other tourists nearby.   Includes previews of another public pissing video featuring a brunette.
[ 85 min....$10.00 ]

BRITISH PISS SISTERS, PART 3:   In bed together, the two blondes piss on the sheets, both sitting down and standing up, soaking the sheets and making puddles on the bed.    Outdoors at a boat marina, they lean against a rail and piss together on the ground.    Then they go to a clothing store, where they take undergarments into the dressing room, try them on, and piss in them onto the dressing room floor!   Afterwards they hang the pee-soaked undies back on the racks!    In a restaurant, they piss all over the seats while they're eating, French kiss, and pee again outside the restaurant as people walk by.   Back inside, they kiss, suck tits, and eat pussy in bed.   One of the girls squeezes some milk from her tits, then they take a soapy bath together.   Picture quality is a bit grainy, but good.    [ 90 min....$10.00 ]

REAL PISSING SISTERS:    A blonde pisses in a glass bowl, then is joined on the couch by a brunette (supposedly her sister) for some pussy and asshole licking.   The brunette lays on the floor and the blonde pees all over her, then in the bathtub the blonde gets peed on.   In another scene, the blonde girl pisses all over a glass table, then rubs her feet and hands in the piss, and licks it with her tongue.   The girls piss on each other on the stairs and in bed, piss in bowls, cups, and a vase, in the toilet, and on the table again.    The brunette pisses while dressed as a nun, then whips the blonde's ass with a belt, before the blonde pisses in the nun's mouth.   Also features foot play and toe fucking.   With previews of several other nasty lesbian piss and scat movies.  Very good picture quality.
[ 67 min....$10.00 ]

3 BLONDES PISS PARTY:    Two of the blondes from the above video get naked on a couch and eat pussy, while the third girl fills two glasses with piss in another room.   They all get together to pour champagne on each other and piss on each other's bodies and in mouths.   In an inflatable pool, they rub chocolate syrup and pastries on each other, finger and eat pussy, then one girl pisses in a flower watering jug and they sprinkle it on each other, then piss directly on each other, before rinsing off in the shower.   Followed by more scenes of pissing on the floor, in cups, a coffee pot, in mouths and on bodies.   Also toe sucking, more chocolate and whip cream play, and three-way sex.   Good picture quality.
[ 70 min....$10.00 ]

3 BLONDES PISS TOUR:    Three good-looking blondes meet outdoors, where one of them pisses in a bottle, then the others drink some.   Next, one of the girls squats on a car to piss all over the windshield, shown from both outside and inside the car.    On a dirt road, two of the blondes take turns pissing in each other's faces.   Followed by more scenes in which the women piss on the ground and again on the car windshield.   They get naked on a blanket by the lake and eat pussy, suck toes, and piss in each other's hands and faces.   A couple of brunettes also show up towards the end to piss on the ground.   Good picture quality.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

3 TIGERS FOR CHARLIE VOL. 1:    Three men take a short haired, dark skinned brunette to an apartment.  In the bathroom, she strips naked to expose her big tits.   They shave her pussy, then give her enemas, which she expels in the toilet.   They shackle her wrists, then force her to crawl down the hall and into the living room on her hands and knees, smacking her ass with a riding crop.   The men all piss into her open mouth, then she sits in a chair to suck cock while they knead her tits and finger her pussy.   They bend her over to fuck her doggy style, then she lays on the floor to take more mouthfuls of piss.   The men ream her asshole with their fingers and cocks, make her lick their assholes, and fuck her in her pussy, ass, and mouth at the same time.   Followed by more anal, cocksucking, ass licking, oral golden showers, and cum shots in her mouth.   In the second scene, the same guys recruit a young redhead dressed in sexy black fishnet stockings and a tank top.   They put mouse traps on her small tits, clothespins on her ears, and a circular spreading clamp on her pussy.  Then they whip her, force her to suck cock until she gags, stuff objects in her mouth, smear lipstick on her face, piss into her open mouth, shove an inflatable dildo in her pussy, make her piss in her own face, fuck her in pussy and ass, spit in her mouth, write "OINK" on her forehead with lipstick, pour hot candle wax in her mouth, and give her milk enemas, which she blasts into the air and all over herself.   Finally, she licks the guys' assholes and takes three loads of cum in her mouth.   Very good picture quality.
[ 130 min....$10.00 ]

3 TIGERS FOR CHARLIE  VOL. 2:    A man dressed as a cowboy, another guy who looks like Elvis, and a man dressed as a priest bring a strawberry blonde back to their apartment.  She puts on a sheer white top and panties, then they make her do push-ups, squat-thrusts, and toe-touches while beating her ass with a riding crop.   She sucks cock while being fucked and whipped, then they take her into the bathroom, where they all piss in her mouth over the toilet bowl.   In the living room, she receives enemas and hikes her legs to expel into the air, followed by lots more cock sucking, ass fucking, double penetration, pussy and ass fingering, tit pinching, and hair pulling, ending with three messy cum shots on her face and mouth.   Then the men all piss in her mouth at once.   In the second part, the men find a young brunette with big tits who wears glasses, and bring her to the apartment.  They take photos, then she squats to piss in a bucket.   They ream her pussy with a big, battery powered dildo, then she sprays a fountain of piss on the floor.   They stuff a butt plug up her ass, then she deep-throats cock until she gags and vomits all over the floor, then they fuck her ass and pussy, sit on her face and make her lick their assholes, force her to suck cock, put mouse traps on her tits, piss in her mouth and on her tits, then spew cum on her face.   The girl has a killer body and a shaved pussy.  Lots of wild fucking and sucking in this one!   Very good picture quality.
[ 2 hrs, 16 min....$10.00 ]

   A tall, leggy girl (Francis) is probably the hottest woman to appear in a Kit Kat video, with a pierced belly and nipples.   After taking an enema, she sucks off two guys while sitting on the toilet.   They put a butt-plug in her ass, then she performs some rough oral.   Back in the office, she takes two streams of piss in her mouth while playing with a dildo.   Next, she licks ass and gets face-fucked with the dildo in her ass.   The men finger-fuck her hard, with 4 in her pussy and 4 in her ass!   She gets on all fours and sucks cock while they slap her ass with a riding crop, then they both fuck her red ass.   Back on the couch, she takes 2 streams of piss, then sits in the puddle while they shove fingers down her throat.   The guys cum on her face, then she gargles and blows bubbles with the sticky cum as she drools it down her chin.   It ends with 3 guys pissing on her at once.   The next victim is Johanna, a trashy looking blonde who sucks and fucks the three sadists.   They spank and beat her ass with riding crops, then she kneels on the floor and takes 3 loads of piss,  looking very disgusted and afraid.   She swallows most of the piss, then they shove a butt plug up her ass and whip her some more.   The butt-plug is taken out and put in her mouth, then they  fuck her in the ass and a guy pisses in her mouth.    Lying back on the couch, she gets more piss and some really hard, fast ass fucking.   They spit on her face and drip hot candle wax on her tits, body and pussy, and even into her mouth!   After some more rough anal fucking, the guys take their cocks out of her ass and shove them in her mouth, and she takes 3 more loads of cum.  Very good picture quality.
[ 2 hrs., 10 min....$10.00 ]

KATIE & EMMA SOAK THEMSELVES  (DAY 2):   Two British girls -- 22 year old brunette Katie and 30 year old blonde Emma -- piss in their panties while sitting on a bench outside a museum.   Katie stands over Emma and pisses all over her leg, then Emma stands up and pisses a long stream that splashes on the pavement.   Indoors, they take turns standing over each other to piss on their red dresses.   In bed, they kiss, finger and eat each others pussy, followed by a candid interview with the girls.  With previews of many other solo and lesbian pissing videos.   Some of the audio appears to be dubbed.   Very good picture quality.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

   Stars 23 year old brunette Helen from London, and cute brunette Liz from Holland.   The girls are interviewed, and Helen talks about accidentally pissing her pants one night when she was drunk.   They go to the London subway, where they piss together on the pavement through their panties while standing up.   They sit on top of a big concrete spillway and let loose with another stream of piss, which runs down the slope with quite a few other people nearby.   Near the Thames river, they lift their skirts and piss through their panties and hose onto the pavement.   Indoors, they kiss and feel each other up, then Liz pulls aside her panties and pisses on Helen's leg.  With previews of other pissing videos.   Very good picture quality, but there's quite a bit of walking and talking between pissing scenes.
[ 55 min....$7.00 ]

KARI & CLAUDINE /  SWEDISH PISS GIRL:    The first 90 minutes of this tape features a slim blonde who masturbates in the kitchen, then calls her brunette friend over to join her.  They play with each other's pussies, piss through panties onto the floor, insert a tampon, pull it out, and use it to soak up piss, then go to the living room for more pussy fingering and eating, asshole licking, and pissing in each other's mouths.  They finally end up in the bedroom to finish their wet piss games.   Next, a plump blonde is featured in many nice pissing scenes, in bowls, on the floor, in the bathtub, toilet, and various outdoor locations.   She dips her tits in bowls of piss, licks piss from her fingers, and pours piss on her face and in her hair.   Over 2 ½ hours of wet action on one DVD or tape!!
[ 160 min....$10.00 ]

PISS CRAZY:   Action packed compilation tape featuring lesbian pissing, group golden showers, people smearing cake all over a girl's body, girl-girl fisting, a woman being fist-fucked by a female midget, double penetration, oral cumshots, male-to-female oral golden showers, dildos crammed in both holes, solo pissing in the toilet, ben-wa balls stuffed in a woman's asshole and pussy, outdoor pissing, three-ways, and more!   A light skinned black woman smokes a cigarette with her pussy, a brunette licks the assholes of two men, sticks her finger in their asses and licks it.   A man cums into a spoon and a girl eats it, then he pisses in her mouth.
[ 101 min....$10.00 ]

CATHETER FANS:    A woman sticks a tube into a guy's pee hole, drains piss into a plastic bag, then jerks the guy off with the tube still inserted in his cock.   Next, a woman runs a tube up another girl's urethra, then uses a syringe to pump a dark liquid into her bladder.   Another man gets a catheter stuck up his cock by a woman, then drains his piss into a colostomy bag and sucks piss directly out of the tube, before giving him an enema with a big syringe.   A woman receives a catheter by a man, then pisses all over.   Another guy gets his dick sucked by a woman, who runs a tube up his cock then jerks him off while he pisses all over himself.   Followed by more scenes with catheters, suction cups on nipples, oral golden showers, anal dildos, speculums, enema expulsions, pissing, masturbation with metal tongs, and more.  All of the people receiving the catheters are laying on examination tables with their legs in stirrups, and many are wearing latex masks.   Very "medical," and not for the squeamish!
[ 81 min....$10.00 ]

BRITISH PISSING BABES:   Action-packed video starts with a hot blonde licking an ice cream while a brunette sprays a fountain of piss into her face, then they trade places and the brunette takes a mouthful of piss, smears ice cream on the blonde's pussy, and slurps it off.   Next, a woman gets on all fours to piss on the floor, and a big-titted mistress stand over her to piss on her ass, finger her pussy, and piss in her mouth.   In another scene, the same two women piss in their blue and pink panties and on each other's bodies and mouths.  They drink piss from a glass, and spit it in each other's mouth, on their tits, and in their hair.   The woman with big, pierced tits fucks herself with a dildo, then they wring the piss out of their soaked lingerie, and one girl pisses on the other's back and in her face and hair.   Two more women piss in the toilet, shower together, and piss in the tub.   Another pair of hotties kneel in an inflatable pool and piss in the water.  The brunette squirts a big stream of piss while the blonde licks her pussy, then the blonde pisses in the other girl's face.   A girl pees in a glass and another woman gargles with it, pours it over her tits, and on her head.   Then they trade places and do it all over again.   The blonde fucks the other girl with a full bottle of Bacardi Mixer, pours it on her ass, and receives a piss shower on her tits and face.  Then she pisses on the other woman's fishnet stockings and in her face.   A woman pisses in a garbage can, the cameraman pisses on two girl's asses, then they wet their jeans on a park bench and piss on each other's body and mouth.  With previews of many oral cumshot videos.   Wet !  Very good quality.
[ 90 min....$10.00 ]

3 BLONDES PISS TOUR:    Three good-looking blondes meet outdoors, where one of them pisses in a bottle, then the others drink some.   Next, one of the girls squats on a car to piss all over the windshield, shown from both outside and inside the car.    On a dirt road, two of the blondes take turns pissing in each other's faces.   Followed by more scenes in which the women piss on the ground and again on the car windshield.   They get naked on a blanket by the lake and eat pussy, suck toes, and piss in each other's hands and faces.   A couple of brunettes also show up towards the end to piss on the ground.   Good picture quality.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

AUSSIE PEE GIRLS:    Features a number of different Australian girls -- blonde, brunette, and redhead -- in public and private pissing scenes.  Includes women pissing through their panties while standing at public telephones, pissing while sitting on stairs and ledges, in alleys, pissing on a dildo while masturbating, and peeing in the toilet.  Also some masturbation while riding in the back seat of cars,   and a lesbian scene that ends with one of the women pissing in the bed.   One girl pisses in her panties while "sleeping," wakes up and sees what she's done, and pisses some more.   Also includes a scene featuring a brunette who pisses through her panties onto the floor while she's gagged and bound to a metal stair railing.   Finally, the girl from the sleeping scene returns to piss a gusher all over the bed sheets.  Then she masturbates and rolls around on the piss-soaked sheets, talking about what a naughty girl she is.
[ 65 min....$10.00 ]

KELLY  PART 1:   Stars a nice looking, short-haired British woman who pisses through her white panties onto the ground.  On a blanket in the woods, a man feels her up, then they masturbate together.   She sucks his cock, then he pisses all over her dress and stockings.  She squats over him to piss all over his crotch, soaking his blue jeans, then he cums on her tits.   She pisses in her purple panties, then they meet another couple.   The two girls make out and eat pussy, then piss on the ground together.   Finally, Kelly pisses on the side of the road through her white panties.   With previews of other solo and lesbian pissing videos.   Excellent picture quality.
[ 53 min....$10.00 ]

KATHY:   Even though this video is named after one of its blonde stars, it actually features many different women, and action that includes masturbation with dildos and fingers (including anal),  solo pissing, girls peeing together, lesbian action, showering, and more.  Great pussy close-ups.  With previews of other pissing videos.  Very good picture quality.
[ 80 min....$10.00 ]

YELLOW  PEE:    A blonde and a brunette make out in bed, then the blonde girl pisses in a paint can while the brunette pees on plastic tarp laid on the floor.   A cute woman with a shaved pussy pisses a long stream off a bridge into the river below, then masturbates with a chicken leg, ben-wa balls, and her fingers.   Another girl gushes piss all over a tennis racket, then pisses again in the tub.   A brunette pisses off a spillway outside, then a cute, short-haired girl pees in the grass, and again inside while laying on her back.  She pisses once more all over a green towel while lifting barbells and smiling.   A dishwater blonde pees in a paint can, on the bathroom floor, then masturbates her hairy pussy.   A blonde masturbates at the top of a flight of stairs, then another woman comes up behind her to piss over her shoulder and onto her chest.   Another cutie pees outdoors on some steps, and again in a bowl.   Three woman all squat on a bench to piss together, then they pee again in the grass at another location.   The action cuts back from time to time to the blonde and brunette from the first scene, who French kiss, eat pussy, and fuck each other with dildos.   With previews of other pissing videos.   Good picture quality.
[ 76 min....$10.00 ]

RUSSIAN PISS GIRLS:   Attractive young Russian women pee in bowls and pans, in sinks, toilets, and on shower floors.   Includes several lesbian golden shower scenes and two pooping scenes. Also features a nice series of close-ups of piss gushing from pussies at the end.   Over 50 scenes in all.    [ 56 min....$10.00 ]

PISSY GIRL VOL. 2:   A foxy brunette climbs into a tree to piss outside.   Indoors, she sits in a chair to piss on the floor, and masturbates with dildos in her pussy and asshole.   A hot blonde with killer tits also masturbates and pisses.   Another blonde fingers herself while squatting over a big, stuffed Grumpy doll.   A girl squats to piss on the floor, followed by a weird scene where a woman masturbates with several different-sized hoses (including a vacuum hose).   A blonde uses a tire pump to blast air on her pussy, then she pisses in a bowl.   A redhead masturbates and showers, then a cute, raven-haired girl fingers herself and pisses on the floor, wearing red platform shoes.   Another woman with a shaved pussy masturbates and pisses, a girl masturbates wearing a fuzzy yellow hand puppet, followed by more solo pissing and masturbation scenes, pissing outdoors in the grass, in a stream, pissing while hanging from a tree, and more.  Lots of attractive girls, and good picture quality.   Musical soundtrack, with no real audio.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

PISSIN': Nearly an hour and a half of wet scenes from many different German videos, featuring women pissing on glass windows, in bowls, men pissing on women, women pissing on men, lesbian golden showers, B&D with pissing involved, dildos, piss drinking, anal, five people pissing on a bald woman's head, pissing through a funnel into a woman's pussy, and more.  Get out your umbrellas for this one!   [ 80 min....$10.00 ]

TRAUM  PUSSYS:   Lots of good-looking actors in a movie filled with fucking, sucking, golden showers, and fisting.  Much of the action takes place outdoors.  Dialogue is dubbed, but there's lots of hot sex.   [ ~ 80 min....$10.00 ]

DIRTY  WOMEN:    Interesting video featuring two huge-titted women dressed in black latex, who piss outdoors in the country, fuck each other with a rubber cock, then drive to a farmhouse, where they meet another attractive brunette maiden.  Followed by more pissing and golden showers, three-way lesbian action, dildo fucking, boot licking, topless horseback riding (with a dildo attached to the saddle), and more kinky action.
[ 85 min....$10.00 ]

THE RUBBER CLINIC VOL.  1:  Bizarre video featuring a dominatrix-type woman, with everyone wearing latex suits and apparatus. Lesbian action, dildos, golden showers, anal, 3-way, a piss enema, and enough rubber to start a tire factory!
[ 85 min....$10.00 ]

THE RUBBER CLINIC VOL.  2:  More action similar to the first volume, with lesbian action, busty women wearing latex, golden showers, medical devices and hoses, and previews of other kinky videos.   [ 85 min....$10.00 ]

GERMAN GOLDEN SHOWERS VOL.  1:   A compilation made from many different European videos featuring scene after scene of girls and guys pissing, with lots of oral golden showers, facial cum shots, lesbian golden showers, B&D themes, latex & rubber outfits, group pissing and golden showers, fist-fucking, and more.   Picture quality is fair to good.
[ 2 hrs...$10.00 ]

GERMAN GOLDEN SHOWERS VOL.  2:   Features less emphasis on pissing than the above title, but includes a strong S&M theme, with group sex, latex outfits, enemas, anal sex, fucking and sucking, double penetration, and even a bald woman in golden shower action.   One segment appears to be from a German scat video.
[ 2 hrs...$10.00 ]

YELLOW RAIN:     A redhead eats a blonde's pierced pussy, opens her cunt with a speculum, then sticks a dildo in her ass and three more in her pussy at the same time.   Two more couples enter, and a guy fills several champagne glasses with his piss, and they all drink it.   Two men piss on a woman at once, followed by fucking, sucking, group action, anal, oral and body golden showers (male to female and female to male), fist fucking, and oral cum.   Two guys piss into a blonde's pussy through a funnel, then other people drink it through long straws and spit piss on her.   Ends with a bunch of group golden showers.
[ 89 min....$10.00 ]

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