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LISA VOL. 1:   A nice-looking housewife wearing a platinum blonde wig receives an ass-fucking from her husband, then sucks his cock, drooling brown spit all over it.   He squats over her and shits on her stomach, then she stuffs the turd in her pussy and puts some in her mouth, and he jerks off and cums in her shit-filled mouth.   Next, a slim brunette and another man piss on Lisa and her husband pisses in both women's mouths, followed by lesbian pussy eating, cock sucking, and a shitty ass-fucking.   The brunette receives an enema and expels a nasty pile of runny shit on Lisa's pussy.  Lisa's husband also expels an enema on her, then the two men piss in her mouth at once, and cum on the brunette.   In the bathroom, her husband and a man shit on Lisa, then she pushes out a big turd of her own, chews on it, and dribbles runny shit down her chin.   She fucks herself with the turd, then chews on it while her husband jerks off and cums in her mouth.   She pisses on the floor, a man pisses in her mouth, and she masturbates with a big dildo.   In the last scene, she lays on her back and pisses through her gold-colored panties, pulls them aside and shits, then rubs the shit on her pussy and tits, and reams her pussy and ass with a big dildo.   Nasty scat action, both solo and group.    [ 91 min....$10.00 ]

   Wearing her blonde wig, Lisa sucks her husband's cock and tongue-fucks his asshole, then he opens her pussy with a dilator and pisses inside.   He fucks her ass, then holds a glass underneath to catch the runny brown cum-shit mixture that dribbles out, along with some wet farts.   She pours some on her pussy, some in her mouth, then he pisses in her mouth.   Next, as a brunette, she sucks his cock over the toilet and he fills her mouth with piss, which she spits into the toilet.   She shits and pisses on the floor, smears it on her pussy, then fucks herself in both holes with a dildo and the toe end of a high-heeled shoe.   She receives a shitty ass-fucking in the bathtub, then shits and pisses on the tub floor.  He continues to fuck her messy ass in bed and on the toilet, then he pisses on her ass.   Wearing white gloves, she rubs shit on her pussy and jerks him off.   Next, wearing a business suit, she sucks his cock and he pisses all over her face, hair, and in her mouth, then she gets on all fours, expels some runny poop and a small turd ball, which he pushes back into her ass.   In the next scene, she's sucking his shit-covered cock, then she leans her head back over the toilet and he expels an enema in her face and shits in her mouth.  She sucks on the turds and he cums in her shit-filled mouth, then she licks the toilet rim clean.   Also a brief segment where she gets fist-fucked by a woman and ass fucked while wearing a fancy white gown.   Quite messy!
[ 107 min....$10.00 ]

 LISA VOL. 3:  
Lisa shits in a condom, sucks it like a cock, then shoves it in her pussy and pushes it out.   Then her husband the cameraman pisses in her mouth.   Next, with her blonde hair in pigtails, she watches scat videos on TV while talking to her stuffed animals.   She falls asleep and has a "dream" in which she sucks a guy's cock and he pisses in her mouth.   She squats over him to piss and shit on his cock, then she smears the shit on his dick and continues to suck him, getting shit all over her mouth.   She wakes up wondering if it was a dream, until she tastes the shit in her mouth and sees her shit-covered face.    Next, she kisses a redhead over the toilet bowl while her husband pisses on both of the women's faces and in their mouths.   She lays on the bathroom floor and he shits on her chest, then she licks his dirty asshole and smears the shit on her tits and pussy.   She shits some herself and puts it in her mouth, then she holds out chunks for her husband to cum on, and licks off the cum.   In another scene, she masturbates with a toilet plunger, then he pisses in her open mouth.   She eats his asshole, then he fucks her in the ass, and she sucks his shit-covered cock.   She lays back with her head over the toilet and he expels a messy enema on her face, then she licks the turds and he cums in her mouth.   Finally, she sucks cock and gets another oral golden shower, then drinks a brunette woman's piss from a cup before eating the woman's  pussy and asshole.   Nice, filthy video, good picture quality.
[ 97 min....$10.00 ]

   The kinky housewife returns for another great scat-filled video!   In the first scene, dressed in a schoolgirl's uniform, she pisses in the tub and sink, then her brunette friend (also dressed as a cheerleader) fucks Lisa's asshole with a big dildo.  Lisa shits as the dildo is being pulled out, and smears the mess on her friend's tits and face, then pisses on her.   Next, Lisa plays a prostitute, wearing a black wig.   She pisses in a bowl and a glass, drinks some, gives herself piss enemas, and expels the piss back into the bowl.   She sucks the cock of a man wearing women's lingerie, then gives him an enema with her piss.   He expels into a glass and she drinks the ass-piss cocktail, then he shits a big, soft turd into the glass.   She drinks the liquid, then smears the shit all over her body and inside her pussy, licking it off her fingers.   Then she smears shit on a big dildo and reams her pussy with it.   The cameraman pisses on her pussy, then she fucks her ass with the dildo and rips some wet farts.   In the kitchen, she turns a chair upside down, rolls a condom over the knobby chair leg, rides it in her pussy, then sucks it.    In the last scene, she masturbates on the toilet, wearing a red and white "Santa Claus" skirt and red panty hose, then she shits in the toilet.   She fishes out the turds with a fork and spoon, puts them in her mouth, and chews, with sloppy brown shit dribbling down her chin.   She stuffs shit in a condom and sucks it like a cock, stuffs it in her pussy, and fucks herself with a big, shit-smeared candy cane.   She empties the shit from the condom into her mouth and smears it on her tits, then her husband pisses in her mouth and she drinks his cum from a shit-caked glass.   In the bathroom, she drinks her own piss and sits in a tub filled with brown, shitty water.  Very good picture quality.
[ 92 min....$10.00 ]

TEENAGE  EXPERIMENTS -- SKYE:    Hot young blonde Skye rides a guy's cock, then she expels a shitty enema all over his cock and legs.  She smears the mess on his dick, then rubs it on her face.   Next, she sucks an uncircumcised cock, fingers the guy's asshole,  and sticks a coke bottle up his ass.   He expels a messy enema on he beautiful tits and pisses on her, then she pisses and expels an enema herself.   In the next scene, the cameraman smears runny shit all over Skye's pussy, shoves his whole fist up inside her cunt, fingers her asshole, and smears shit on her tits.   In the last scene, two Brazilian girls and a man shit and piss in each other's mouths, smear shit all over themselves and each other, then they suck and fuck.    All actors and actresses appearing in this video are over 18 years of age.
[ 89 min....$10.00 ]

NAUGHTY LISA  /  CARRIE:    "Is your mouth eagerly waiting for me to shit?" asks a brunette with a shapely ass, who pisses and shits in several different scenes.   First, she points her ass towards the camera and shits some big, dark brown turds that can be heard plopping onto the floor.  In another scene, she sticks a dildo up her ass and pulls it out covered with shit, smears shit on her ass, then pushes out some big turds.   She shits again into an aluminum pan.  Also includes some pissing, both standing up and sitting on the toilet, spraying the seat with piss.   Lisa has a tattoo on the small of her back, just above her ass, and talks frequently to the camera, saying things like, "eat it, you ass whore," while shitting.  Quite a bit of straining and pushing, too.  The last scene is filmed by a second person, while the first few appear to be shot by Lisa herself.   This is not the same actress as the housewife Pretty Lisa   (32 min.).   In the next video, a woman with nice tits, but who only shows a glimpse of her face, pisses and shits in the toilet while pointing the camcorder between her legs so we can see.   In another scene, she squats over the toilet to piss and shit again.   Afterwards, she takes the camera to her bedroom, where she changes into several different pairs of sexy thong underwear.   While on the toilet, she talks about shitting and how her asshole burns because of the spicy food she ate the night before  (19 min. ).   Excellent picture quality throughout.
[ 50 min.....$10.00 ]

HORNY LYNDA:    An older, thin, somewhat homely brunette with big tits fills a big glass with piss and drinks it all, pisses and shits in the toilet, and pisses on herself in the bathtub.   A fat woman (supposedly her daughter) and a man both piss in her mouth and on her body several times.   The man shits on her face and she smears it all over herself, then she pisses and shits in her own hand and covers herself with it.   She fucks her ass with a rubber cock, pulls it out shit-covered, and then licks off all the shit.   In another scene, she shits on a plate, then the man opens her asshole with a speculum and crams the shit back inside her.   She shits it out a second time and rubs the shit all over her face and body, then he gives her an enema.   He pisses on her face and she licks shit off the dirty speculum, then he expels an enema on her and she smears more shit on herself.  Covered with shit, she masturbates with a dildo.
[ 110 min....$10.00 ]

BECKY MURPHY:   A slim brunette squats in the bathtub and poops in a glass, then her boyfriend gives her enemas and she spews more water and shit into the glass.   He picks up some shit and smears it on her ass, feet and tits, then she grabs some and smears it on her body and pours the glass of brown water and shit on herself.   In another scene, he lays in the tub and she pisses and shits on him, then he fingers her shitty asshole to coax out more shit.   She poops on his belly and smears the shit on his cock and balls.   In the tub, she gets on all fours and he shits on her ass, then smears the dark brown shit all over her.  In the kitchen, she lays under a chair and he shits a runny pile on her belly, then rubs it all over her.   Also includes numerous other pooping scenes, as well as a lot of pissing -- in a bowl, a blender, through panties and shorts, on the porch, and in the grass.  Plus a couple of good ass-fucking scenes and blowjobs.  At the end, he ties her up with ropes and she shits in the bathtub.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

NICOLE  VOL. 2:   A cute, soft-spoken brunette pees and poops on the toilet, on the floor, in glasses and outdoors in the woods on a camping trip.  She gives and receives golden showers and gets lots of enemas with water, champagne, and chocolate & strawberry milk, expelling the liquid and shit in the bathtub.   Also features nasty talk on the phone while her boyfriend eats her pussy, and more.  Good picture quality,  lots of talking to the camera, and great close-ups.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

NICOLE  VOL. 3 & 4:    18 great scenes starring the cute and willing brunette, who is filming a custom video for  a guy named Paul.   She talks to him on the phone while expelling a strawberry milk enema and some shit, then pisses loudly in the kitchen sink.   Next, she pisses an enormous gusher into a big bowl while standing up, then fingers her shaved pussy in the kitchen.   She pees in the shower, talks on the phone while masturbating and watching porn, pisses again in the kitchen sink, squats over a glass dish and pees in it, squats in a hallway and unleashes a hissing fountain of piss that shoots out several feet all over the floor, pees through her red panties into a glass bowl, pisses and shits in a bowl, pees, farts and poops in the toilet.   She accidentally pisses on her boyfriend's crotch, pees in a Mason jar, and masturbates with a vibrator (with creamy white pussy juice oozing out of her cunt).   She lays on the bathroom floor and pisses in the shower, and pees in a glass plate while on the phone.   The next two scenes feature some great cock sucking action by Nicole, who also gives nice, spitty handjobs to her boyfriend.  He cums in her mouth (which she swallows), and, in another scene, all over her face.   She pisses wearing a sexy crotchless black lace body suit, and fucks herself with a dildo, pees in a glass, and lets her boyfriend shave her pussy using electric shears, and then a blade & shaving cream.
[ 112 min....$10.00 ]

  One of the classic American pooping videos!  A brunette with a real nice body shits huge turds -- onto the floor, many times while perched on a toilet, into a bedpan, in a yogurt cup, a flowerpot, on a tray, wearing a diaper, into a pizza box, and lots more.  Plenty of pissing, too, but no facial shots.    You'll be amazed at the size of the turds she squeezes from her ass while grunting!  Filmed by Simone herself using a stationary camera.
[ 75 min....$10.00 ]

SIMONE  VOL. 2:  This is actually the same as the above title, but also contains over a half hour of additional shitting scenes which don't appear in either of the other Simone videos, including two which are filmed by her girlfriend.  In one scene, she shits in the toilet, then masturbates to an orgasm, and flushes.  Also includes a scene where she sticks a rose up her ass, stem first, then shits it into the toilet, followed by a huge turd.  The picture quality isn't quite  as good as Volume 1, but this video is worth it for the additional footage.
[ 115 min....$10.00 ]

SIMONE VOL.  4:   Another solo pooping video from the shapely, curly haired brunette.   Lots of toilet pooping scenes, pooping on the floor, pissing in the toilet and in glasses, and another wine enema which she expels outside in the grass.
[ $10.00 ]

SIMONE'S WINE ENEMA:   Lots more shitting scenes from the shapely brunette, who pushes enormous turds out of her gorgeous ass.  This time she also gives herself a huge wine enema (during which we get to see glimpses of her face),  gets really drunk, spews wine and shit all over the toilet seat and the floor, slips into the toilet bowl a couple of times, and falls backwards off the toilet.  The picture in this video has a slight "twitch" every so often, but is still quite viewable.
[ 100 min....$10.00 ]
SIMONE'S WINE ENEMA  (Version 2):   This video contains only the enema and expulsion scenes from the above title, but has a steady picture and improved video clarity.   Specify which version you are ordering by listing the price.  [ 41 min....$10.00 ]

SIMONE: "FAIRY PRINCESS":   Simone waves her 'magic' wand, then shits a big turd into a fishbowl full of water.   She places a kids potty chair over the toilet seat, then shits another log into the water, before releasing a gusher of piss.   She poops again in the toilet while holding burning matches (the picture goes in & out of focus in this scene).   She takes an enormous dump while pointing at her ass with a cane, then pees and flushes.   For the next shit, she holds a big gold angel plaque above her ass.  Simone poops a log onto a paper-covered plate, then dumps it into the toilet.  She takes another big shit with a sign taped above her ass that reads "Do Not Enter This Way."   Wearing a sexy short skirt, she prepares a big wine enema in the kitchen, gives it to herself standing in the bathtub, then goes outside to expel forcefully in the grass (with some loud farts).   She poops again on the toilet with two big cat's eyes drawn on her ass cheeks, and also poops after poking a stick up her ass, poking at the turds in the toilet after she's done.  Almost every shit is done while squatting with her feet on the toilet seat, with her ass facing the camera.   Includes Simone singing, reciting the alphabet, and other silly talk, as well as her usual grunting, groaning and panting as she pushes out big turds that go ker-plunk  into the toilet bowl.   10 scenes in all.
[ 51 min....$10.00 ]

SIMONE'S GIRLFRIENDS:    This video features a shapely woman (supposedly one of Simone's girlfriends) in lots of shitting scenes, mostly into a clear glass bowl, and a couple of times onto the floor.   In one scene, she's wearing sexy red high-heel shoes, and black high heels in another.   The last few segments feature what appears to be a different  woman shitting in a potty stool, with her body facing towards the camera.   No facial shots from either girl, but lots of big dumps and large, thick turds.   Over 35 scenes in all.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

DAWN'S  BROWN VIDEO:    Outdoors at night, a girl shits a big, long, soft turd onto the ground while the camera man shines a flashlight on her ass.    Followed by another outdoor pissing and shitting scene, this time during the day.   Indoors, wearing a mask over her eyes, Dawn gets on her hands and knees to give herself enemas from a water bag as her man instructs her on what to do.  Then she stands up, pulls her panties on, and expels a gushing, shitty brown mess through her panties, with lots of gurgling noises and brown water streaming down her legs.    She gets back on her knees and continues to expel, then she picks up handfuls of her own wet shit and smears it all over her chest and tits.   Next scene, she pisses and shits on the floor, then rubs shit all over her ass and shoves four fingers up her pussy, masturbating to orgasm.    Next, the cameraman sticks an enema nozzle up her asshole and fills her bowels with warm water, then she blasts it out violently, grunting and groaning with each push as he tells her, "Squeeze it out -- get nasty!"    In another scene, he zooms in on her ass and instructs her to flex her asshole open and shut, then to finger her pussy and ass, digging out shit and smearing it on her ass cheeks.   In the bathtub, she rinses off and soaps up her asshole.   In the next scene, she pisses and expels a shitty enema into her white silk panties, then takes them off to show us her dirty ass and shitty underwear.    Next, she pees into a pan through her white cotton panties, sits in the piss, and masturbates with it, then the camera man pisses on her.    She pees and poops in her panties, takes them off and shows us the mess inside, then wipes the shitty panties all over her mouth.    Finally, she shits on a full-length mirror laid on the floor, then says "Looks good enough to eat!", and smears some of the shit on her face.   Good picture quality.
[ 88 min....$10.00 ]

MARY JANE:   Cute and talkative strawberry blonde with a shaved pussy gets naked in the kitchen and make a batch of cookies using special ingredients -- her own piss and milk from her big tits!   She pours in some milk from her breast pump bottle, and squirts more into the pan straight from her tits.   Later, she pisses in the toilet, and milks her tits again using the breast pump.   In the bathroom, she takes a big shit into a plastic cup, and pisses standing up in the shower.  She shits several more times into the toilet, facing both forward and backward, with the camera pointing between her legs.   In one scene, she shits into a ziploc baggie and seals it up, then wipes and shows us the dirty toilet paper.  She inserts tampons into her pussy, douches over the toilet, milks her tits again with the breast pump, masturbates feverishly while showering, and squats over the toilet to piss again.    Sexy outfits include short "schoolgirl" type skirts, tight jeans, and colorful panties.   Excellent picture quality.
[ 62 min....$10.00 ]

AMBER BROWN:   Numerous scenes featuring a slender, dark-skinned woman (whose face we never really get to see) peeing, pooping, douching, and giving herself enemas.   Includes drinking piss, smearing turds on her tits, opening her pussy and asshole with dilators, ass fucking, cum dripping from her asshole, piss enemas, a banana stuffed up her ass, shit out, dipped in piss and eaten, fist fucking, pussy farts, and more.   Gaping cunt close-ups, lots of piss, and enormous turds.  Picture quality is only fair, with some "snow" during the last half-hour, but there's lots of nasty action in this video.   [ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

CINDY: "LET'S POTTY":   In a public park, southern blonde Cindy pulls aside her panties to pee in the grass.  At home, she pees while having a garage sale, masturbates on the couch, pees in her backyard, and poops in the toilet.   Also features peeing at a phone booth, on a road, at a car wash, on a slide in a public park, through her panties, and on her fireplace.   She shits into a glass bowl, in her panties, and twice in the backyard.  Finally, she returns home from shopping, can't wait, and poops in her panties, then shits a big log on the floor, and again into her hand.  Picture quality is fair to good.     [ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

CINDY PEES /   TERRI:   The first half of this video features lots of pissing scenes by blonde Cindy.  She pees standing over the toilet, on her cement porch, on the kitchen floor, through her pants, shorts, and panties, in the bathroom sink, the bathtub, sitting in chairs, in bowls, and into a glass before drinking it all.   Also features some masturbation scenes.   In the second half, a petite, tiny-titted brunette cleans the house wearing sexy black lingerie, then she goes to the bathroom, pisses, and fucks herself with a dildo on the toilet.  Her husband arrives, and she sucks his cock, gets a mouthful of cum, then pisses again.   Also includes bondage and tickling with a feather duster, and more masturbation on the sofa.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

SARA /  MANDY:  In the first hour-long video, a  pretty, slender brunette shits numerous times, in a cat litter box, on the floor, in a flowerpot, on a glass table, and in the toilet.  She also puts suppositories in her ass and expels them onto a glass table before shitting, and gives herself two enemas, which she expels messily while standing in the bathtub, with brown enema water running down her legs.  Finally, she peels off her sweat pants and shits in her backyard.    The second short video features a heavy-set brunette, who stands over the toilet to piss, then lays on the bed and gives herself an enema, which she expels while standing over the toilet.   A few minutes of tracking distortion in the "Mandy" video, but you'll want this tape for Sara's shitting scenes.
[ 80 min....$10.00 ]

AMERICAN SCAT COMPILATION:    An attractive brunette sits on the toilet, pisses, cuts a loud fart, poops, and wipes her ass.   She poops again while reading a magazine, and the camera man later zooms in on the chunky turd he pulled out of the toilet.   Followed by more scenes of mostly faceless women shitting and pissing in the toilet, compiled from several different amateur American videos.   One woman sticks her ass out an open window and shits on the ground outside.   Also features some scat scenes by the thin brunette Sara, which are not in the video described above.  Mostly very good picture quality.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

LIZZIE /  SHIT CITY:   Several different American videos compiled on one tape.    First, a slim brunette flashes pussy, ass, and tits in some semi-public outdoor places.    She also pisses numerous times -- outdoors on the sidewalk, pavement, backyard patio, and on the ground, and indoors in pots and glasses.    She sucks a guy's cock, takes an oral cumshot, and pours the cum over her hair and face   [50 min.] .    Next, a plumpish, curly haired redhead shows us some solo pooping scenes.   She shits thick logs in the toilet, on the floor, and on a towel while laying on her back in bed.    She has a a big, round ass, and there are some good close-ups of it as she poops  [30 min.] .   Followed by another solo brunette pooper, who shits some nice-sized logs in the toilet and on the floor, and zooms in for close-ups of the turds afterwards.   In one scene she brags that it was a "clean poop," and that she left no mess on her asshole.    Also features 3 or 4 scenes of a guy filming his wife shitting from underneath a potty chair,  including a big turd that starts out dark, hard and knobby, then becomes light brown and soft by the time it's all out.   Followed by several more shitting scenes with other women.   Picture quality is fair at best.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

DIRTY LADY:    Scene after scene of a woman shitting into the toilet with her ass facing the camera.   She also shits once on the floor and once into an aluminum pan.   No facial shots, but lots of big turds.   About 25 scenes in all, filmed by the woman herself with a stationary camera on a tripod.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

MISTRESS CLEOPATRA  /  SCOOP OF POOP:   The first video features a vivacious black mistress wearing black leather, who pisses and shits onto the face and neck of a white male slave laying under her potty stool.   She squats on his face and makes him lick her shitty asshole, then rubs the shit all over his cock and balls with her gloved hand, before making him jerk off until he cums.  In the next scene, she pisses into a glass, then shits a huge pile of sloppy turds directly onto an older male slave's mouth and face.  She smears shit on him, then scrapes it up with a plastic knife and makes him eat it.  Lots of nasty talk throughout  [30 min].   In the second video, a young blonde with a nice body shits a big, soft pile into a hot dog bun and makes a man eat it.   He also lays under a potty stool to catch her shit, and drinks her warm piss from a glass.   She whips him with a cat-o-nine tails, then gags herself with her finger and pukes into his open mouth.    This one is worth it for the Cleopatra video alone!
[ 60 min. total....$10.00 ]

NURSE NANCY /   FANTASY:   A scat double-feature!   In the first 40-minute video, a mature nympho dressed in a nurse's uniform demonstrates fellatio with a rubber cock, fucks herself with dildos in both pussy and ass, and goes into the bathroom to give herself enemas, which she expels.  She also shits and pisses a couple of times, and brings in a male slave to drink her pee.  Lots of nasty talking to the camera throughout.   In the second video,  A mature redhead with a nice body and big tits pees numerous times, into glasses, on the floor, in her panties, shorts, and dresses, outdoors on rocks and steps, sitting at her computer, standing on a ladder, on her porch, and more.  Also features several good shitting scenes, on the toilet, the bathroom floor, in the kitchen, on a potty chair, and outdoors.    [ 97 min....$10.00 ]

DAN AND LORI:    Brunette with smallish tits rides her man's cock with her ass facing him, and shits on his belly while being fucked.  He also pisses on her body and in her mouth, which she swallows.  She shits while being ass-fucked, pees and poops onto a towel and on his belly, which he smears all over his cock and on her ass.  She deep-throats him nicely, too.    Good picture quality.
[ 110 min....$10.00 ]

DANIELLA & TOM:   A blonde girl with a shaved pussy fucks herself with increasingly larger dildos and vibrators while sitting on a couch.   Then she attaches an electric suction cup to her pussy, which causes her vulva to bulge way out.   She reams her asshole with a dildo, then squeezes out some shit, and rubs it on her tits, body, and face.   A man enters and she sucks his cock, then she sits on his lap and rides his cock in her pussy while he shoves a ribbed dildo up her ass.   Followed by lots more sucking and fucking in both holes.  She rides his cock again while facing him, and shits some more while he's fucking her pussy.  With previews of other messy scat videos.
[ 79 min....$10.00 ]

JAMIE GILLIS & CAROL  VOL. 1:  Although you don't see his face,  it's obvious from his voice that it's porn star Jamie Gillis behind the camera.  He totally humiliates a more-than-willing brunette, whipping her with a belt, kicking, slapping, and punching her, and spitting in her mouth.  He shits on her and forces her to smear it all over herself, makes her drink his piss, eat and masturbate with shit, vomit, and more.  Extremely nasty, good picture quality.  Also known as "Walking Toilet Bowl".
[ 52 min....$10.00 ]

JAMIE GILLIS & CAROL  VOL. 2:   More raunchy action similar to volume one. This time Carol also describes a fantasy she has about fucking a dog.  She licks Jamie's socks and masturbates in the bathroom, and he poops in her hand, after which she smears it on herself and eats it.  She also drinks from the toilet and receives oral golden showers and lots of verbal humiliation.
[ 58 min....$10.00 ]

JAMIE GILLIS & CAROL  VOL. 3:  Carol can't get enough!  At the beginning of this volume, she plays a keyboard and sings a church song called "Say Yes to Chastity!"     Afterwards, Jamie slaps her face repeatedly, pisses and shits on her, makes her smear shit on herself, and eat his shit.  Also plenty of verbal degradation, as usual.
[ 55 min....$10.00 ]

JAMIE GILLIS & CAROL  VOL. 4:   If you liked parts one through three... More brown showers and verbal and physical humiliation.  Jamie starts by making Carol lick his shoes like a dog.   Then he makes her stick her face in his crotch and farts in her face, spits on her, and gets quite violent, punching and slapping her face and kicking her tits.  She ends up in the bathtub, covered with shit.  Good video quality.
[ 55 min....$10.00 ]

HUMILIATED BLONDE:   Monica actually looks more like a redhead, but she definitely gets humiliated!  After a nasty interview, Jamie Gillis takes her to the bathroom, where he's saved two days worth of shit in the toilet.  She gets in the tub and masturbates with a big dildo while he scoops shit and brown water out with a pot and dumps it all over her body and head.  He degrades her verbally as well, and cums on her shit-covered body.   Excellent picture quality.
[ 50 min....$10.00 ]

   Wearing a rubber devil mask, Jamie Gillis breaks into the house of a nice-looking brunette.  At gunpoint, he forces her to get in the bathtub, then he pisses on her face and gives her enemas with a bag of water, slapping her ass occasionally.  She expels a stream of brown water in the tub, then he fills her up again and again, until she expels chunks of shit onto the tub floor and wall.  He makes her lay in the shit, then pisses in her mouth and hair, and rubs shit on her tits and belly.  She licks his balls as he jacks off, then he fucks her in the ass, cums, and makes her stick her face in the toilet while he leaves.  This time, Jamie has another guy operating the camera, who also pisses on the girl.   Good video quality.
[ 42 min....$10.00 ]

DADDY'S GIRL:   Another Jamie Gillis production, this time with Simone from the solo pooping videos (he calls her "Nancy").  Acting as her "daddy," he walks in on her in the bathroom as she prepares for a date and comments on how short her dress is.  Soon he's giving her an enema and laying in the tub so she can expel shit on him (for a change), all while operating the camera himself and jacking off.  Simone appears sort of reluctant to be involved, but she's hot-looking, and it does get messy.   Picture quality is fair to good.
[ 50 min....$10.00 ]

JAMIE & EBONY:   This time Jamie has found a fairly attractive black woman to abuse.  He makes her eat a banana and pretend to be a monkey while dishing out lots of racial slurs, makes her get in the tub, then shits on her belly and tells her to smear it around.  In another scene, the black woman has her hair in braids.  She climbs into the bathtub and Jamie shits on her,  forces her to put shit in her mouth, and verbally abuses her again.   Video quality is fair to good.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

JAMIE GILLIS & AFRICA:   Another rare video in which Jamie assumes the submissive role, this time playing slave to a voluptuous black woman with large tits and a big bubble-butt.   He eats her ass through her tight blue jeans while she verbally degrades him, shoves his face in her crotch, slaps his face repeatedly, spits in his face, and makes him bark like a dog.   He eats her ass again through her white cotton panties, then she pulls them down and makes him tongue her asshole and eat pussy.   She sits on a potty stool and tries to piss in his mouth, but can't, so he just eats more pussy while she slaps his cock and face.   Followed by more face-spitting, body and face punching, and asshole licking.   She takes a bowl of shit which she has removed from the toilet and shoves his face in it, makes him smear shit on his cock and jack off, then pisses on him through her panties as he lays in the tub.    She's in total command throughout!   Good picture quality.
[ 51 min....$10.00 ]

MOMMY, SHIT ON ME:    Mother-Son role playing video starring Jamie Gillis as "Tommy" and a slender, attractive black woman with short hair as his mother.   He feels up her legs and ass while she washes dishes in the kitchen, then in the bathroom she holds his cock as he pisses in the toilet.   He tells 'Mommy' that he went potty in his underwear, and she takes them off to reveal the shit in the seat of his shorts.   As punishment, she whips his cock with a cat o' nine tails, then she makes him get in the tub, where she pisses on him.   He asks her to get in the tub and she does, saying, "Pee on Mommy," so he pisses on her tight dress, panties and hose.    She sticks her finger in his ass crack, which is caked with shit, then she rubs shit on the crotch of her red panties.    She sticks a finger up his asshole, and he shits all over her hand, and she rubs it on her panties and dress.   She pulls down her panties and he shits some more on her bare ass.   She smears the sloppy mess all over her ass cheeks, then he pisses on her ass and on her small tits.   He shits even more in her hand, and she rubs it all over her pussy.   'Mommy' gets on her knees and he fingers her shit-covered pussy, then she cuts a few wet farts, pushes some more, and shits soft, stringy turds onto his crotch while he jerks off.   Afterwards, she turns on the water and cleans the shit covered bathtub.   Lots of nasty talk throughout.   Picture quality is fair to good.
[ 40 min....$8.00 ]

JAMIE, CAROL & MOESHA:    Starts off in the living room, where Jamie Gillis jerks off while a live cockroach crawls across Carol's bare tits as she lays on the floor, cringing.   A pretty, light-skinned black girl named Moesha arrives, and Carol helps her change into blue lingerie and black fishnet stockings.   In the bathroom, Carol lays in the tub so Jamie can piss all over her while Moesha sits on the toilet, smoking a cigarette.   Jamie forces Carol to sniff a pair of shit-stained underwear, then Moesha stands in the bathtub to shit chunky turds on Jamie's belly while he films and jerks off.   She wipes her ass with toilet paper, then sits on the toilet to smoke another cigarette.   Carol fingers and eats Moesha's pussy, then gets back in the tub, where Jamie spews some runny shit on her,  and she smears it all over herself.   Jamie pisses on Moesha's hand while Carol kneels behind, licking the black girl's asshole, then Carol gets back in the tub to play and wallow in shit again.   In another scene, Carol sits on the toilet and Moesha squats over her to piss on Carol's belly and pussy, then Jamie pisses on both girl's pussies.   Picture quality is fair to good, and the audio is a bit low.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

CINDY'S ENEMA DATE:    Another Jamie Gillis production, in which he finds another girl for scat and enema games.   Detailed review coming soon!
[ approx. 60 min....$10.00 ]

MODELING JOB:    Jamie Gillis and a good-looking black haired woman.   More scat play in the nasty Gillis tradition.   Detailed review coming soon!
[ approx. 60 min...$10.00 ]

MELENNA:   A cute, chunky black woman with a fat ass gives herself a couple of Fleet enemas, then, after some time, expels soft, light brown shit onto the floor (along with some loud farts), and pisses.   She smears the shit on her thick legs, then gets on her knees and expels another shitty mess into her hand.  Afterwards, she smokes a cigarette.   In the next scene, she takes a monster shit while standing in the shower (this time it's really dark brown).   Then she fingers her pussy and asshole and pinches her nipples while the shower water runs down her body.   Next, she squats over a blindfolded man and shits on his cock, then smears the shit all over his body.   She jerks off his rock hard cock, using her shit as lubricant,  then tries to lick his shitty cock, but the smell makes her gag and she spews puke all over him.   In the last scene, she takes another big, messy shit into a metal pan, then she mixes some yogurt, sliced strawberries, and bananas in a bowl, eats some, then gags herself with a spoon to puke some of it back up.  She dumps the pan of shit into the bowl and mixes it up, but unfortunately the video ends here, before she does anything else nasty.  Still, a good video, with fair to good picture quality.
[ 66 min....$12.00 ]

SWALLOW  PART 2:     An older gentleman takes off his shirt and lays under a toilet stool, and Mistress Sharon (seen only from the waist down) pisses into his open mouth, commanding him to swallow it all.   Followed by another oral golden shower scene under the toilet stool, with Mistress Sharon wearing black gloves and masturbating over his face.    In the next scene, the slave is wearing ladies lingerie, crotchless lace panties, a blonde wig and a collar.    Sharon sits on the stool to piss in his mouth through a clear funnel, then she takes a big shit in his mouth -- he chews and swallows it all.   Followed by another stool scene where she pees in his mouth through the funnel.   In the last scene, she stands directly over his head to piss in his mouth, making him swallow it all.   The first two scenes are shot from the front, head on, and the last scenes are shot from the side in nice close-up.   Also includes the video Shit Eating Grins , which features a guy eating shit from his woman in two separate scenes -- first under a toilet stool, and then laying on a bed in the 69 position, along with an 8mm loop in which two dominant women force a male slave to eat their pussy and ass, then shit into his mouth.
[ 57 min....$10.00 ]

NAUGHTY LISA  VOL. 2:   The freckled dishwater blonde fucks herself with a big rubber cock in bed with her panties pulled over her head,  stuffs her panties in her pussy and pulls them out, then gets on her knees and shits a long, dark, snaky turd into her hand and holds and holds it up to the camera, asking "Are you hungry, baby?"    She smells the shit , then stands up and smears it all over her tits and ass cheeks.    Next, dressed in a short checkered skirt with her hair in pigtails, she masturbates, sticks a pencil in her pussy and asshole, uses two more dildos, pisses in a glass and takes a drink, takes a big shit onto a plate while standing up, gets naked, and writes SLUT on her belly with the soft, warm shit.   In the last scene, she takes off her white halter top and panties, then shits into a Tupperware container.   Lots of dirty talk throughout.
[ 40 min....$10.00 ]

OLIVIA'S  PISS & SHIT  VIDEO:    An older brunette who wears glasses and has a saggy belly and tits fills up a mug and a wine glass with her piss.    She pisses again in the bathtub, masturbates with a silver vibrator, pees in the toilet, in measuring cups, bowls, coffee cups, plastic basins, a trash can, on a target,  and more.    She lays down and sprays piss all over newspaper laid out on the floor.   Wearing tennis shoes, Olivia squats on the toilet rim to shit in the toilet.   She also pisses in her panties, slacks, jeans, and cut-off shorts, and poops a load in her panties before peeling them off and showing it to the camera.    In one scene, she stands over the toilet with her ass facing the camera and says, "I gotta blow," before spewing a stream of runny diarrhea into the porcelain bowl.   In the bathroom, she gives herself water enemas and expels in the bathtub, smearing the shit around with her foot.   She lays on the bathroom floor and arcs a stream of piss up and into the toilet.   Later, she lays down and shits off the side of the bed.   In the kitchen, she takes more enemas, then sits in an office chair and expels repeatedly into a plastic basin.   A man licks her asshole in one scene, but other than that it's all solo action.    At least 15 shitting scenes, and too many pissing scenes to count!    The editing is a bit rough, but overall the picture quality is good.
[ 118 min....$10.00 ]

   A somewhat plump woman with long black hair shits a couple of times onto newspapers laid out on her bathroom floor.   Followed by lots of pissing scenes -- in the toilet (standing up and sitting down), in bowls, through her blue jeans while standing in the kitchen, pissing through her panties and soaking the sheets in bed, and more.   She also shits a small pile of turd balls outdoors on the ground next to a truck.   The woman has a pretty big ass, and a shaved pussy.   [ 90 min....$10.00 ]

RED CARPET:    A slender, short-haired brunette pees in her jeans, rubs it around, then pulls them down and masturbates her hairy pussy.  She also poops and smears it all over her ass.   It looks like she filmed this herself with a stationary video camera.    Picture is a bit dark, but the girl seems to enjoy getting kinky in front of the camera.
[ 30 min....$10.00 ]

TEENAGE EXPERIMENTS VOL. 3:   An attractive blonde with nice tits pisses in a red vase, shaves her pussy, pees again into a pan, then sucks up the piss through a straw.   She pumps an enema into her ass, shoves four fingers in her pussy, then pisses and shits in the pan.   In another scene, she uses her fingers to gag herself and puke into a black bowl.   Next, she strips out of her leopard skin one piece bikini, then takes a huge, messy shit into a plastic basin (big pile), then gives herself enemas and shoves a green beer bottle up her pussy.   In the next scene, a nice looking black girl with bleached blonde hair gives herself enemas and expels water and a long, soft turd into a plastic basin, along with some wet farts.   She takes numerous more enemas, expelling on her hands and knees and also laying on her back, then she goes to the bathroom to expel even more messy brown water in the toilet and on the seat.   Next, the blonde returns to expel a shitty enema into a plastic pan.  She expels another shitty mess into a pair of white nylons,  cuts a hole in the nylons to masturbate with a dildo, then gets on her  knees to expel some more in her hose.   She pulls down the hose and expels more on the bed, then takes the pan of shit into the bathroom, where she smears it all over her arms, legs and tits in the bathtub.  Then she masturbates with a big white vibrator.   Excellent picture quality.    All actors and actresses appearing in this video are over 18 years of age.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

AMATEUR  PANTY POOPING:    Homemade American video starring a woman who likes to fill her panties with shit.   In scene after scene, she poops big loads into ribbed blue panties, torn & tattered white panties, panty hose of different colors, biker shorts, and more.   Some turds are thick, hard and pointy, and create sharp bulges her panties, while other shits are squishier and form round, tennis-ball-sized lumps in her underwear, with shit oozing out through the fabric.   Sometimes she pulls the panties down to let the turds fall to the floor, showing her shitty ass cheeks.   Plenty of bare-assed shitting with no panties, too, including both hard, knobby turds and also soft loads of shit.   In many scenes, we can see the soles of her dirty feet as she kneels on the floor to poop, and a couple of times the cameraman reaches in to touch the bulging load in her panties.   Mostly full-screen ass close-ups, though there is a scene where we see the girl's face briefly (she's a short-haired brunette who wears glasses).   Lots of good scenes, recommended for panty pooping fetishists.
[ 42 min....$10.00 ]

   Hot redhead Randi (from the Nothing But Pee video series) displays her love for licking other girl's assholes!   Starts out with Randi fucking her own ass with a black dildo, taking it out and putting it in her mouth, then back up her ass.   Her cute redhead friend with a pierced pussy arrives, and the two girls make out, suck tits, and finger each other's pussy on the couch.  Then they head to the bedroom, where they lick and tongue-fuck each other's assholes in different positions -- 69 (trading places on top), licking from behind on hands and knees, and sitting on each other's faces.  In the bathroom, they take turns bending over the tub to lick and tongue their assholes.  Randi really gets into it, saying, "Your asshole tastes as good as it smells!" and "I love sticking my tongue deep in your ass!"   In bed alone, Randi pokes her pussy and asshole with a black dildo through her white panties, sniffs them, and seals them up in a baggie to send to a lucky fan.    Next, Randi pairs up with her friend Britney -- a brunette with a tattoo on her titty --  for more ass worshiping, tongue-fucking, and fingering.   A guy fucks Britney in the ass, cumming inside, then Randi slides underneath to lick and tongue Britney's asshole, saying, "I love your ass when it's full of cum!  I want every drop of Mike's cum out of your ass!"   Randi lays on her belly on the floor, and Mike and Britney both stand over her to piss into her asshole through a funnel.  Lots of ass cheek spreading and passionate licking & tongue-fucking of assholes.
[ 2 hrs., 8 min....$10.00 ]

LEIGH VOL. 1 /  MISS MISSY:   In the first half-hour video,  a fat brunette and her husband get in the 69 position, and he licks and fingers her asshole and eats the little turds she squeezes out.   Three or four different scenes involving this action, including in bed and on the floor.   In the second feature, a plus sized brunette with a shaved pussy takes a big, dark brown shit that plops into the toilet.   She squats over the toilet to gush a stream of piss, then outdoors she pees in the grass.   Back inside, she gets on all fours, with her ass to the camera, and pisses on the floor.   She sits on the toilet and points the camera between her legs, then shits a big, soft load, followed by a stream of piss.   She stands over the toilet naked to piss, and pees again on the shower floor.   She masturbates while showering, then soaps up her big tits and ass, and shaves her pussy.
[ 51 min. total....$10.00 ]

BOMBS AWAY:    A guy gets several different women (apparently prostitutes) to come to his high-rise apartment building to shit on plates and platters.  Most of the girls shit on a potty chair placed either on the living room floor or on the kitchen counter.   One blonde woman shows up a few different times, as well as some other hookers, one who is Asian-looking.   He talks to some of the women before and after they shit for him.  Also includes several peeing-on-the-toilet scenes and a segment where one of the women lays across his lap to be spanked.  He often zooms in on the turds after the girls have left.  About 10 pooping scenes in all.   Good picture quality.
[ 100 min....$10.00 ] 

VOMIT:    A platinum blonde gags and chokes as a guy rams his big cock down her throat, then he chokes her neck with his hands and she spits and drools all over his cock while she sucks him some more.   In another scene, she drools all over the floor as he films and coaxes her, then she sticks her fingers down her throat until she vomits stringy puke onto the floor and all over her hand.   Next, another hot blonde gets on all fours, then gags herself and vomits runny brown puke into a plastic bowl over and over.   She also jerks him off with her feet, and he pulls her lips and mouth open with his fingers.   Minor tracking problems for a couple of minutes early in the video, but otherwise good quality.
[ 35 min....$10.00 ]

MARY:   A 180-pound brunette comes home from work, sits on the toilet, pisses and shits, then the camera man (her husband) wipes her dirty ass.  She lays on the bed and shows her pussy and asshole, then pees and poops in the toilet again.  In another scene, she sits backwards on the toilet, cuts some farts, and shits in a bedpan.  Next, she lays on the bed, spreads her pussy, then pisses and shits on newspapers.  She sits on the bathtub ledge and shits in the bedpan, then lays in the tub and pisses, shits three more big loads in the bedpan, and several more times in the toilet.   Quite a bit of coaching and comments from her husband.
[ 73 min....$10.00 ]

BLACK EXPULSIONS  VOL. 1:   A "research scientist" named Dr. Lohimbe Dinbaro introduces us to all kinds of nastiness featuring black women.   They receive and expel enemas (sometimes in his mouth), drink enema water, eat shit, give blow jobs and get cum in their mouths; also anal fucking and oral golden showers.   The doctor and the women all wear sunglasses or masks over their eyes, but the action is really nasty.   The "doctor" is really just a black guy who pays street whores to shit and piss for the  camera
[ 105 min....$10.00 ]

  The doctor has recruited some more female talent (actually just some black hookers -- you can hear him talk about how much he's going to pay them) for more enemas and filthy stuff.   One woman drinks her own enema water, then vomits it back up.  Also more anal action, and one woman is even pregnant.
[ 114 min....$10.00 ]

BLACK EXPULSIONS VOL. 3:  More black women lather up their asses with soap and water, get fisted, expel enemas, get fucked in both holes by the doctor, and have dildos stuck up their ass.  Also oral golden and brown showers, cum facials, and more.
[ 84 min....$10.00 ]

BLACK EXPULSIONS  VOL. 5:    More women receiving and expelling enemas, drinking enema water,  pooping into boxes, and being fucked in the ass by the doctor.  He also positions himself under their chair to receive oral brown and golden showers from some of the women.   Picture is a bit light, but the action is nasty like the other Black Expulsion volumes.
[ 105 min....$10.00 ]

RONI:  A plus-sized black woman shits in various places around the house for cameraman Mike, who she talks to throughout the video.  She shits in a potty chair, on an exercise bike, on the bathroom floor, and in the toilet.  She has a big, round ass, and some of the turds look almost green!   Picture quality is only fair.
[ 61 min....$10.00 ]

JODI'S BROWN SUGAR /  BROWN SUGAR # 3:   In the first video, hot redhead Jodi gets naked and masturbates on the couch with her fingers.  She goes to the bathroom, sits backwards on the toilet, then pisses and shits a big brown log.   In another scene, she shits a sloppy mess into the toilet bowl.  Next, she sits forward on the toilet so we can see her gaping cunt as she shits.  Followed by another toilet shit, a scene where she shits stringy, soft turds into a blue bowl, and a scene where she poops two chunky turds into the bowl. Brown Sugar # 3   stars five women -- Misty, Wanda, Sara, Stacy, and Mona.  A black woman with a hairy bush cuts some juicy wet farts before shitting a big load into the toilet.  A short-haired brunette receives enemas from a man and blasts lots of water and shit into the toilet.   Followed by two scenes where a blonde sits backwards on the toilet and shits.  Then two women poop in the toilet, sitting forward.   Features some nice gaping pussy shots as the women strain to shit.   Good picture quality.
[ 70 min....$10.00 ]

ENEMA SHOW:  SHEENA & CELESTE:   A nice looking, short-haired brunette masturbates in a chair, then goes into the bathroom, gives herself enemas in the tub, and expels in the tub and toilet, after which she takes a bath and shaves her pussy.  Next, a blonde puts a suppository up her ass on the living room floor, masturbates with anal beads and a dildo, shaves her pussy, gives herself an enema, and expels soft shit into a bowl.  In another scene, she shits soft turds onto a paper plate, then gives herself enemas in the bathtub and expels water and more shit.
[ 49 min....$8.00 ]

BI  ENEMA SHOW:    With Jewelyn and Misty.  A nice, long-haired brunette receives enemas from another girl, and expels water and shit into a basin, then the girl giving the enemas receives enemas of her own and expels.  In the bathroom, both women take even bigger enemas, and expel lots more water and shit into the basin.  Also some wet farts.
[ 56 min....$10.00 ]

ELITE & MICKEY'S ENEMA SHOW:   Brunette Elite is given enemas by a man, and she expels messy brown water and chunks of shit, along with some wet farts, into a blue bowl.  Then she gives herself enemas with a hanging bag in the bathroom and expels messily into a punch bowl.  Next, a blonde gives herself enemas and expels soapy brown water into a punch bowl, then pours it in the toilet.
[ 53 min....$10.00 ]

JACKIE'S  BROWN  VIDEO #1:   Slim brunette comes home from work, gives herself an enema in the living room, and expels chunky turds into a plastic bowl.  She pees in the bathtub, gives herself another enema, takes a shower, and towels off.  Back in the living room, she strips, masturbates, shoves a string of beads up her ass, shaves her pussy, and gives herself another enema, expelling chunks of shit into a blue bowl.  She also sticks a thermometer and a butt plug up her ass.  She lathers up with shaving cream again, gives herself one last enema, and expels into the bowl.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

JACKIE'S  BROWN VIDEO  #2:   Jackie comes home, strips, and plays with herself on the couch, then gives herself an enema in the bathtub and expels water and some poop.   She showers and towels off, then squats over the toilet and expels some more water.  In the living room, she masturbates, gives herself another enema, and expels in the toilet, then goes back into the living room, takes more enemas, and expels water and poop into a bowl.
[ 50 min....$10.00 ]

SHANNON'S  ENEMA  SHOW  #1:   In the bathtub, Shannon gives herself a bag enema, squats, and expels water and shit in the tub.  She inserts the nozzle three more times, and expels until she's all cleaned out.  In another scene, she gives herself enemas and expels brown water and poop nuggets into a basin.   Next, she fills a bag with soapy water, takes it to the living room, fills her bowels, and expels about 15 poop nuggets into the basin, followed by more enemas.  Back in the bathroom, she gives herself enemas, squats over the toilet, and blasts water and poop into the bowl.  Lots of great expulsions!   [ 53 min....$10.00 ]

SHANNON'S  ENEMA  SHOW  #4:   In the bathroom, Shannon fills up an enema bag with water, then takes it to another room where she gives herself enemas and expels into a plastic basin.   Next, in front of the fireplace, she gives herself more enemas with an odd-looking device and expels brown water and poop into a blue bowl.  Back in the bathroom, a guy gives her enemas and she expels shit in the bathtub, then she expels some more over the toilet.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

SHANNON'S BROWN VIDEO VOL. 2:  Good looking redhead with a shaved pussy masturbates on the couch, then goes into the bathroom, squats over the toilet, and shits lots of turds. In another segment, she squats over a glass bowl to piss and shit a little.  She also poops into a plastic blue bowl and onto a paper plate.
[ 57 min....$10.00 ]

SHANNON:  "MOTHER NATURE CALLS":   Cute redhead Shannon takes off her dress and fingers herself on the floor, getting messy, since she's on her period.  She also pees and poops a bit into a blue bowl.  In the bathroom, she showers, shaves her pussy, pisses in the bathtub, then gives herself an enema, expelling water and chunks of shit in the tub.  She pees in the toilet, then, in the living room, she pees and poops a brown log into a blue bowl.
[ 49 min....$10.00 ]

CASSI'S  BROWN  SUGAR  #2:   Cute, busty brunette Cassi takes a bath, washes her hair, then stands up and shits a big log in her bath water.  In another scene, she poops in her white panties, then takes them off to reveal the load of shit inside.  In bed, she wakes up, grabs a small trash can, and poops in it.  Outdoors, she poops on the ground, and pisses and shits in a park.  Back at home, she sticks a thermometer up her ass and poops again in the trash can.   Big, chunky turds, good video quality.
[ 40 min....$10.00 ]

DE DE  AND  CINDY  EXPEL:   First, redhead De De sticks a few grapes up her ass and poops them out, then she does the same thing with small carrots and sausages.  In another scene, she gives herself an applesauce enema and spews it onto a paper plate.  Next, cute, curly-haired brunette Cindy pushes grapes, baby carrots, and small wieners up her asshole and expels them onto a plate.  Both women also finger their assholes repeatedly.
[ 55 min....$10.00 ]

ELITE'S  BROWN  VIDEO:   Brunette Elite poses in a black thong Bikini, then a man ties her arms to the ceiling, whips her, puts clamps on her nipples, then unties her, spanks her bare ass, and gives her enemas, which she expels into a plastic basin and in the toilet.  In the next scene, the guy takes her clothes off and administers more enemas, which she expels into a blue bowl.  Then he fucks her in the ass with a dildo while fingering her pussy.
[ 60 min....$10.00 ]

DE DE'S BROWN VIDEO:    A decent-looking redhead masturbates with anal dildos and beads, shaves her pussy, sticks a suppository up her ass, expels an enema, and takes two big shits into a blue bowl.
[ 57 min....$10.00 ]

CONNIE'S BROWN SUGAR:    Short-haired brunette woman who looks about 40 years old masturbates with a dildo, vibrator, and anal beads, then shits on the floor.  In the bathtub, she shaves her pussy and legs, puts on make-up, pisses in the toilet, and gets dressed.  Then she gives herself a Fleet enema and expels a big pile of shit into a bowl.  Finally, she gives herself a bag enema and expels into a basin.
[ 55 min....$10.00 ]

CASSI AND SHANNON'S BROWN SPORTS:  Brunette Cassi, wearing only a blue halter top, cleans the toilet, then, since she doesn't want to mess it up again, shits a big load in the bathroom sink. Next, she masturbates on the living room floor with fingers and a dildo, then pisses and shits into a large vase, and masturbates some more.  The last segment features Shannon shitting into a plastic bowl.
[ 46 min...$10.00 ]

JEWELYN & MISTY'S BROWN SPORTS:   A Tall brunette and a short-haired blonde walk through the woods, then squat to piss and shit in the grass.  Followed by more scenes of each girl shitting alone outdoors.  Inside, the brunette wraps herself with toilet paper, masturbates, then pisses and shits in a plastic basin.  She also pisses and shits twice in the toilet, once facing the camera and once with her back towards the camera, followed by another outdoor scene where she shits onto a fallen tree.   Very good picture quality.
[ 49 min....$10.00 ]

SHERRIE AT HOME  VOL. 1:   A slim, forty-something housewife with reddish blonde hair and little titties shits and pisses in various locations throughout her house.   She wakes up and takes her morning shit while standing in front of a full-length mirror, fills a clear bowl with water and shits in it, poops in her panties, shits while squatting over the toilet, and shits on a towel while sitting backwards on a chair.   In the bathtub, she expels an enema and fucks her ass with a dildo.   She also pisses standing over the toilet, pisses through her denim shorts, blue slacks, green pants, and multi-colored panties, pees in a glass bowl in the kitchen, pisses standing up in the tub, and through a funnel into the toilet.  She climbs a ladder and pees on the floor, inserts a tampon in her pussy and pulls it out while pissing, fucks herself with a mop handle, then pisses on the floor.   Also a desperation scene where she pisses her pants because she can't get into the bathroom.   Excellent picture quality.
[ 105 min....$10.00 ]

  Another video featuring Sherrie shitting and pissing all over her house -- she shits in a bowl, in the toilet, while masturbating with a carrot, on a pink towel in her bed, and more.   There's a heavy emphasis on pissing in this edition, with Sherrie peeing on her bathroom floor, on the kitchen floor, standing on a ladder, in bowls and on plates, in a supermarket parking lot, outdoors in the woods and in the grass, and more.   Also pissing in her panties and jeans, fleet enemas with messy expulsions, and masturbation with dildos and vegetables.   Excellent picture quality.    [ 93 min....$10.00 ]

  More emphasis on shitting in this edition.   In the kitchen, Sherrie shits on a plate, supposedly for her husband to eat for breakfast.   She poops again in the dining room, and on a newspaper laid out on the floor.  Many more pooping scenes follow --  on the bathroom floor, in the living room, in the tub, sink, and toilet, and other places around the house.  About 25 scenes in all, including several diarrhea blasts -- in the bathroom sink, through her white panties, and splattering the back of the toilet.  This is a longer version of a previously available title, with improved picture quality and extra shitting scenes.
[ 95 min....$10.00 ]

SHERRIE AT HOME VOL.  7:  Another video filled with scenes of Sherrie pissing and shitting all over her house.  In one of the opening scenes, she squats over the toilet, farts several times, then shits and flushes.  She also shits on plates, in bowls, on a slice of bread, on the floor, on paper towels and aluminum foil, and pisses in glasses, standing in the tub, and in the toilet.  She pisses on a lit candle, masturbates with dildos, fingers and a carrot, gives herself fleet enemas and expels, shits in a glass, and more.   Over 25 scenes in all.  The picture shakes a bit here and there, otherwise the video quality is good.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

SHERRIE:  "POOP AND PEE":    Sherrie lays on the floor, farts, and shits a log.   She shits again in the living room, then squatting over the toilet.   Standing above the bathroom sink, she lets loose with a runny blast of diarrhea, and squirts another runny mess through her panties onto the bathroom floor.  She fucks herself with dildos and a carrot while shitting on a towel, shits in the toilet, squirts diarrhea on the kitchen floor, messes her panties again, and shits numerous other times throughout the house, including two enormous logs.   The second half features Sherrie showering, pissing in her shorts, through her panties, and on the floor, fucking her ass and pussy with dildos, and dancing erotically.   Very good picture quality.    Probably another one of the " Sherrie At Home"  series, volume unknown.
[ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

SHERRIE: "PANTY POOPING":    In this edition Sherrie poops her panties in many different scenes, in various rooms of her hose, usually pulling the panties down for a look at the mess she's made.  Sometimes she wears "panties" fashioned out of saran wrap.  Quite a bit of smearing, too  and she even licks and tastes her own shit a few times.   Also features a spanking scene in the bedroom administered by her husband.
[ 91 min....$10.00 ]

SHERRIE AT THE MOTEL:    Sherrie leaves the confines of her house to conduct her piss and shit play at a local motel.   First up is an extreme close up of her pussy as she pisses a gusher in the tub.   In the next scene, she pulls off her slacks, squats, and shits a small turd on the bathroom floor, then pisses all over.   In bed, she fingers herself, then fucks her pussy with a long yellow dildo.   Also includes a rare scene of Sherrie sucking her husband's cock and getting a mouthful of cum.   Followed by more pissing -- in the tub, all over an open umbrella, on the motel table, in the sink, and more.   Her husband pisses in a glass and Sherrie drinks from it, she shaves her pussy, dances on the dresser, masturbates again, expels a shitty enema in the bathtub, and more.   Some scenes are filmed from outside the motel room, through the window, for a voyeuristic feel.   Excellent  picture quality.
[ 100 min....$10.00 ] 

SLOW MOTION SHERRIE:    Sherrie wakes up and puts on rubber underwear, then proceeds to shit in them, and shows us her messy ass and panties.   Other scenes include shitting in the toilet, on newspapers and paper towels, pooping on a slice of bread, pissing while standing up, putting out a lit candle in a bowl of piss, fleet enemas, pooping in plastic panties, and more.    Most of the shitting scenes are shown in slow motion.
[ 68 min....$10.00 ] 

BOAT  SEX:    On a floating boat, a woman masturbates while her husband films.  He eats her pussy, she sucks his cock, and he cums in her mouth.  In another scene, he sticks two dildos up her ass at once and fucks her.  Back on dry land, she pisses on the grass and while squatting on a large boulder, masturbates with a big vibrator, and sticks the wide end of a bottle up her ass.   He pours champagne through a funnel into her ass, then she does the same to him and fist-fucks his asshole.  He pisses through a funnel into her ass, she pisses some more, then opens her pussy with a speculum so he can piss in it.  Followed by more champagne enemas and anal fisting.  All shot outdoors, with good picture quality throughout.
[ 110 min....$10.00 ]

EXPULSIONS:    A "best of" video, nicely compiling scenes from several American enema movies.  Five different women receive and expel enemas, indoors in bathtubs and showers, and outdoors in the grass and on a wooden deck.  Some "clean" expulsions, but also some brown enema water and chunks of shit.   About 15 scenes in all, featuring attractive women.    Picture quality is a bit fuzzy, but definitely watchable.
[ 2 hrs....$8.00 ]

ENEMA COCKTAIL:    An attractive couple give each other enemas with beer and hard liquor, then fuck and suck with the enemas still inside them.  Then she puts on a rubber glove, lubes up her hand, and fingers his asshole before cramming her entire fist up his ass, jerking him off at the same time until he cums.  Then he paddles her ass, licks and fingers her asshole, and fucks her with a dildo and his cock in both holes.  She handcuffs him and sticks a string of beads up his ass, and they suck each other's toes.  Then she reams his asshole with a dildo and they fuck in different positions.   Also features a half hour excerpt featuring Felashia and another blonde eating pussy, fucking each other with dildos, and three-way action with her husband Scratch.
[ 115 min....$10.00 ]

FANTASIES OF BROWN AND GOLD:   Amateur video filmed by an American couple with their stationary camera, which features the woman (seen mainly from the waist down) squatting to piss and shit numerous times, mostly on the guys hairy chest, once into a hat, and a couple of times over the toilet.  Lots of runny piles of shit from the  woman, who has a very nice ass, and good sound as she's shitting.   [ 40 min....$8.00 ]

EROTICA IN BROWN AND GOLD:   Various scenes of Mistress Ann Murray pissing and shitting on several male slaves, usually while she's sitting in a chair with the slaves positioned underneath.  Some oral brown showers, and one brown scene with just two guys.  This tape also includes another Mistress Ann video called Baby Doll , in which she plays the "mother" to a male baby, dressing him in diapers, feeding him from a bottle, giving him enemas which he expels messily, and finally shitting a long, soft turd on his cock.  Picture quality is only fair, and a bit better in the first video than in the second.   [ 110 min....$10.00 ]

TOILET SERVITUDE VOL. 3   THE TOILET SLAVE:    In the first video, slender brunette Mistress Danielle fits her male slave with a collar and leash, ties up his cock and balls, attaches clamps to his nipples, puts out a cigarette on his tongue, pisses through a funnel into his mouth, and expels a long, creamy pile of shit into his mouth and on his chin.  She spoon-feeds him the shit that he missed, sticks needles in his balls, then pisses in his mouth again.   Later, she whips him with a riding crop, ties up his cock and balls with her nylons and attaches clamps, drips hot wax on his cock and balls, sticks ice cubes up his ass, rides him like a horse, and walks on him with her spike heels  [52 min].    In the second video, an old guy lays underneath Mistress Ann Murray's portable potty chair to drink her piss and eat shit directly from her ass.  Then she rubs shit all over his face, body, and cock, until the smell makes her step off camera to puke.  In another segment, she gives oral golden showers to the slave,  directly and through a funnel.    Also includes face-sitting and harsh cock & ball torture with spiked tongs, fingernails, hot wax, fire, and a whip.
[ 92 minutes total....$12.00 ]

MISTRESS DANIELLE AND NICOLE:   Dressed in their black latex dominatrix outfits, Mistress Danielle LaCourte (from the Toilet Servitude video) along with her friend Mistress Nicole, bring a heavyset male slave into their dungeon.  They make him lay on the floor, where they each piss into his mouth through separate funnels.  They whip him with riding crops and make him lick their high-heeled shoes, then Danielle squats over his face and shits soft turds in his mouth while Nicole pinches his cock with kitchen tongs.   Then Danielle makes him lick up and eat some of her shit that fell on the floor.   They piss in his mouth again through the funnels, sit on his face and cock, drive their high heels into his body and cock, stand on him (barefoot and in high heels), tie his wrists behind his back, put clamps on his nipples, tie his cock and balls with twine, and smash his cock on a stool with  their bare feet and shoes.   Picture quality is fair to good.
[ 48 min....$10.00 ]

GRANNY'S  ENEMAS /  PLUMPER'S  ENEMAS /  SOPHIA:    A woman who looks about 60 years old (but who still has a decent body) strips, lays on a bed, and shits a big turd into a clear plastic bowl held out by a man.  Then she receives about ten enemas from a water bag and expels more shit and brown water into the bowl.   In the second part, a slightly chubby brunette with a tattoo on her tit lays on a bed and spreads her pussy and asshole for us to see, then the guy opens her pussy with a speculum.  She gives herself enemas with a douche bottle and expels into the toilet, then receives more enemas with the bottle and from a water bag, and expels into a clear plastic bowl.  Finally, a guy opens her pussy with the speculum again.    Also includes a half hour lactation video featuring Sophia, a very cute brunette with big, milky tits.   [ 2 hrs....$10.00 ]

FAT FISTER:    A tubby woman fists her husband's asshole, often pulling out a shit-covered hand.  He sticks a big bottle up his own ass, fucks her with his dick and a big cucumber, fist-fucks her pussy, and fucks her again with the cucumber stuck up his ass.  Also a couple of slow-motion cum shots, into a glass and on her face.
[ 65 min....$10.00 ]

JULIE'S FIRST ENEMA:    Slender, long-haired brunette sits on the toilet, removes her tampon, squeezes it, and licks her fingers. She pisses into her hand, then gets into the tub to receive an enema, which she expels.  The cameraman gives her an oral golden shower, then, in bed, she removes another tampon and masturbates with a dildo while sucking the tampon.
[ 48 min....$8.00 ]

FILIPINO ENEMAS:    An asian woman with long black hair (who looks Filipino, anyway) gives herself many enemas using a hanging bag of water while her boyfriend or husband films, and spews the messy brown water again and again into a plastic basin.  Good video for those who like to see nothing but enemas and expulsions.
[ 45 min....$8.00 ]

MARBLE ENEMA /   TRIPLE ANAL DILDO:  A short brunette masturbates in bed and fucks her ass with a ribbed vibrator, then sticks about a dozen marbles in her asshole.  She goes downstairs into the kitchen, where she expels some of the marbles onto the floor, then gives herself an enema and expels water and the rest of the marbles into a bowl.    In the next segment, a curly-haired brunette kneels on the bed, ass in the air, and a man injects whiskey into her asshole with a syringe.  He pushes a long string of beads into her ass and pulls them out, then sticks one, two, and finally three anal dildos in her ass at once.  She also masturbates anally with a big rubber cock and a beer bottle, then he fucks her in both holes.   Good picture quality.
[ 106 min....$10.00 ]



A LIFE OF SERVICE:    All-male scat video starring about ten different men, some dominant and some submissive.  The dominant guys (many wearing black leather, smoking cigars, and with pierced cocks and nipples) shit, spit, and piss in the slave's mouths, whip and cane their asses, and administer lots of verbal abuse.   Also includes cock-sucking, ass-fucking, shit smearing, group action, and more.  Plenty of oral brown shower action in this video, which appears to have been made during a weekend scat party.
[ 106 min....$10.00 ]

A LIFE OF SERVICE: "ALL YOU CAN EAT":   Starts with two young guys eating ass, then one of them sits on a bar stool and shits in the other man's open mouth.   He sits on a potty chair and shits another huge turd into the bottom's mouth, then they put the shit on a plate, and the bottom eats the shit while the other guy licks his asshole and fucks him in the ass with a shit-covered dildo and smears shit all over him.   The next scene features a dominant guy wearing a black mask with two submissive young men.   They eagerly suck his cock, lick his asshole, drink his piss, and take his big cock up their asses.   He pisses in one guy's ass, who expels it on the other submissive's chest.   The master shits big turds in both men's mouths, and they gladly chew and swallow the shit.   In the next scene, a man lays on his back and another guy shits a huge, thick log on him, pisses in his mouth, makes him suck the turd, and smears shit on his body.   Another man also pisses in the guy's mouth and smears shit on his body.   In the last segment, a masked guy pisses in the mouth of a submissive, who sucks his cock, tongues his asshole, eats a big load of shit straight from his ass, and gets fucked while suspended from the ceiling.   The master pisses in the guy's ass while fucking him, and he expels it on his cock and the floor.  Finally, the master crams his whole Crisco-covered fist up the guy's ass.
[ 110 min....$10.00 ]

BROWN OUT:    A collection of solo scat scenes that includes guys shitting on the floor, outside on the ground, and on a table, smearing shit on their cocks and bodies, riding dildos, and more.   One man shits in bed, smears himself with it, then fucks a stuffed animal and cums all over it.   Another guy pisses on the floor while sitting on the toilet, then shits in his hand and smears it on his cock.   Also features a man expelling a messy enema in his underwear, a guy giving himself an enema with his own warm piss and blasting it on the floor, then blowing cigarette smoke up his ass through the enema tube and farting it out loudly.   Another dude shits a big, soft log on a closed toilet seat, then smears it on his cock and jacks off.   Several big cum shots too.   A few of the more memorable scenes are repeated.
[ 64 min....$10.00 ]

THE REALITY OF DOCTOR BOB:   This entire video takes place in the bathtub of a fairly muscular and bearded man.   Starts off fast, as he takes a big, runny shit onto one of several dildos stuck upright to the bathtub floor.   Bob gives himself an enema while he fills the tub with water, reams his asshole with the big dildos, yanks on his cock, lays down in the murky, shitty brown water, attaches clamps and weights to his cock, balls, and nipples, ties up his balls tightly with twine, flogs himself with the enema tube, and continues to fuck himself in the ass.   He gives himself more enemas and expels in the tub, plays with a rubber duck and plastic ship floating in the shitty water, and jerks off.   Lots of cock pulling and stretching throughout.
[ 57 min....$10.00 ]

BASIC TRAINING /  RAGE:   Two all-male American amateur scat videos.  In the first, an eager bottom eats shit straight from guy's assholes, receives oral golden showers, drinks a glass of piss, eats shit off a plate, and sucks cock.  Another hooded guy also eats shit.  In "Rage", a guy dreams of numerous gay episodes that include whipping, bondage, masturbation, anal dildos & ben-wa balls, oral cum, anal fisting, golden showers, hot wax, and candy bars shoved up a guy's ass.  The first few minutes has slightly shaky picture.    [ 117 min....$10.00 ]

A DREAM WITHIN A DREAM:   Action-packed video compiles a number of scenes that include domination/submission, whipping, mouth gags, rope bondage, blowjobs, oral & facial cumshots, a guy riding a big rubber cock in his ass and then licking it before jacking off and cumming on himself, a man reaming another guy's asshole with a huge rubber cock, large ben-wa balls inserted and pulled out of an asshole, pissing in a champagne bottle, anal fisting, golden showers, hot candle wax, and more.   One man receives a golden shower, then his master pisses in a leather boot and pours it all over his head.   In bed, a guy shoves a chocolate candy bar up his ass, then shits it out into another guy's mouth.   Good quality.
[ 57 min....$10.00 ]

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